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File: 1544812578820.jpg (680.89 KB, 685x1200, 4d3ea7aeebefd41c71a5c40a12….jpg)


Adding another game to the growing collection of "Kill The Above".

Victims typically don't want to die, but willingly enter into, or agree to, a scenario which will result in their deaths. This can include the victim offering their life as a sacrifice. They could also have entered into a deadly competition or fight to the death, and lost.

The victims just have to be somewhat reluctant to die, but they willingly offered up their lives anyway. How seriously they take their death is up to you; can be however you would expect a real person to act, or the victim could act as if it's just an inconvenience.


1. While you don't have to write a novel, at least get to around 100 words in your response.
2. Respond to the previous entry before making a new one. You can disregard this rule if more than 30 days have passed since the last entry was posted.
3. You may do multiple victims, but no more than 10 per entry.


Here is the template;
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File: 1545645932866.jpg (131.68 KB, 517x850, 72194814_p11.jpg)

Name: Miriam Watson
Age: 18
Sex: F
Description: See image
Scenario: Eldest daughter in a large, extremely poor family, Miriam has volunteered herself to be processed as meat in order to raise money for her family.

"Welcome to another episode of Cum Bunny!" the PA system blared. Linda Birch tugged at her large bunny ears and fidgeted with the pink skintight one-piece that showed off her full figured curves."Y'all know the terms and conditions, folks! One pretty young girl has the chance to walk away with 500,000 dollars, as long as she can masturbate on camera without getting caught by our dedicated team of hunters", the enthusiastic MC continued. Linda blushed as the CCTV cameras swiveled around and focused on her moist crotch. "So far, out of the 24 episodes we've aired so far, only 6 girls have survived to spend the dough. Will Linda be the seventh? Let the show begin!"

The buzzer beeped, signalling to Rothko that the target was active and on the move. He checked the tablet and saw Linda's location marker move towards the bathrooms. He shook his head. Classic rookie mistake, that. Rothko readied his crossbow and headed for the bathrooms as well.

Linda huddled in one of the booths, furiously rubbing herself as intense fear and arousal combined. This was the most intense sexual shlick session the girl had ever experienced. She heard the heavy clomp of combat boots enter the bathroom. Unfortunately, she reached climax at the very same moment. A strangled moan emerged from her mouth as she desperately tried to silence her orgasm. Her heart pounded in her chest as the boots stomped ever closer to her booth. The clomping stopped.

Rothko suppressed a giggle. The dumb slut hadn't even bothered to step up onto the toilet seat. He gently pushed open the door to her booth, and saw the wide eyed girl huddled in the corner, one hand still deep inside her pussy, the other clamped over her mouth. Her eyes were wide open, with a kind of "deer in headlights" look to them.

Rothko raised his crossbow and with an aim honed from two decades hunting big game animals and escaped indentured workers, let loose an arrow. The stainless steel broadhead sank deep into her soft chest, its cutting head puncturing her heart in the right ventricle. The girl raised her hand and grabbed at the shaft. Slowly, she sagged and fell overPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


This story might be a disappointment to some, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"The next item is a voluptuous brown haired lass by the name of Miriam. She's selling herself in order to raise money for her poor family."

Miriam strode unto the stage, half naked - only her privates covered by a thin skirt. As she strode,moving from the hips, her tits jolted up and down sporadically.

The men and few women in the room looked at her with disgust - just another meatbag with a pair of tits - no exceptional beauty, no mistique, no charm, just a pair of big fat tits.

"Auction starts at $1000." the host stated.

A long silence.

"$700. I'll take her for $700." a tall bald man in the back said.

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File: 1545949125654.jpg (291.95 KB, 816x900, character02.jpg)

The next possible victim.
Name: Aori (there might be some japanese in the pic that suggests otherwise, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
Age: 20, maybe.
Scenario: Aori has been part of your house girl menagerie for quite a while and she is bored. She feels that her life won't really matter past cleaning furniture and sucking dick so she asked you to end it for her.


File: 1545970698006.png (399.15 KB, 707x1000, 65707658_p0.png)

Name: Asuka
Age: 18
Sex: (f) futa
Description: dark skinned, long blonde hair
Name: Sayaka
Age: 18
Sex: (f) futa
Description: light skinned, brown hair in a pony tail

Scenario: Each year, a small theocracatic nation in the desert regions chooses two futa girls to sacrifice in a ritual. Asuka and Sayaka, two lovers, choose to volunteer themselves.

"Master, kill me".
Marcus looked up from his book and saw Aori standing in front of him, completely nude. "Why?", he asked. He already knew why. Aori had been acting listless all week. She had complained to the other girls about her intense boredom during that time, and Marcus knew she wanted to be snuffed. But he asked anyway. It was always good to listen to your house slaves, his father had taught him that.
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File: 1547346780881.png (2.07 MB, 1608x1068, 69629836_p0.png)

Name: Matthew
Age: 15
Sex: M
Description: see image
Scenario: Gameshow called "Dash or Die!" using juvenile convicts where said convicts have a chance at winning their freedom by running a deadly obstacle course.

Sayaka tenderly caressed Asuka's engorged penis. She looked up at her girlfriend, suspended from a noose, her normally bright face contorted in agony. "It'll be alright, Asuka. I'm coming soon", Sayaka whispered as she fingered the detonation necklace that had been locked around her slender neck.

Asuka shivered, her tied together arms and legs straining in a last desperate ploy to break free. The dark skinned beauty gurgled her last breath and went still. Despite her previous willingness, Sayaka felt a twinge of fear flutter through her heart.

She exhaled, then gathered up her courage and pressed the detonation button on the necklace. The shaped plastic explosive charge ignited, blowing Sayaka's head apart while leaving her shapely young body untouched. Sayaka's headless corpse twitched, then crumpled to the ground. Blood pooled around the ragged stump of neck where her head used to be.

File: 1547309247034.jpeg (14.94 KB, 236x425, 418A0F8B-982F-4E14-B477-8….jpeg)


Hello I’m NeoTheGuardian.

Some people know me as Elijah and told I came here looking for a male partner for Scat RP.

You must be at least 18+ to RP with me.

My Kik is NeoTheGuardian.

File: 1547308414319.jpeg (14.94 KB, 236x425, 63E25F62-3929-45F7-845C-6….jpeg)


Hello my name is NeoTheGuardian.

I am a 23 year old male and I'm currently looking for a guy to play with that likes scat RP. You must have kik and be at least 18 years old.

File: 1547247827177.jpg (213.52 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_ovseup84Vi1ue0w43o1….jpg)


Looking for a female rp partner.
hard limits are pedo, beastality, scat, and not much else. I have a lot of ideas that I can send your way. E-mail me if you are interested.

File: 1545937349755.jpg (178.35 KB, 1170x827, 1496632894473.jpg)


Discord: Skye#4252

I'm looking for a partner for snuff RP. I want to play the victim, and you my murderer or executioner. I'm new to guro and RP, but I have writing experience and learn fast. Just know I'll be a little green and probably a bit shy to begin with.

I'm 23 and Bi, I would probably feel safer with a female partner but I don't mind.

My main kink is asphyxiation, but I'm curious to explore my fetish. I'm not fussy on the setting either, be it an execution or murder or a cons pact. Nor do I mind what fun you have with me after I die.

Turns-Ons: asphyxiation. wetting myself, slowly fading out, being pleasured or fucked as I die, detailed writing.

Turn-offs: fire, instant deaths, torture, inconsiderate jerks, lack of detail.

Don't even ask: No scat, furry, bestiality or under-age. Nope.


Are you still looking for a rapist to snuff you? I want to do the nasty with you before and after death. I want to put my bare hands around your throat and make you struggle for air.

File: 1546838651244.jpg (94.2 KB, 1000x765, 428ec02.jpg)


Seeking a submissive literate player for a DND based RP
Not actual dice ( unless requested ) but a dark gritty campaign of murder and lust. I'm not going to fill this space with kinks however I will say scat and vore is a Huge turn off.

I'm open to ideas and suggestions
Kik vendar113
Discord vendar113#1633

File: 1429239607497.jpg (182.94 KB, 1200x649, 1406342787491.jpg)


Here's a dead loli being the victim of necrophilia, what sort of things would YOU do to her dead body?
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File: 1474029575152.jpg (107.98 KB, 850x531, __ichinose_kotomi_clannad_….jpg)


/ Apologize for the delay, I was a bit busy /

I was assigned this case, or at least I have been made to assign in the district are famous for wanting to find out who killed girls and women and consgnarlo to justice.

Analyze the victim's body with a sigh care for the brutal way of running some have not really compared to the beautiful maidens. I analyze the crime scene, and do all the tests to scentifica. In fact, I extract the stick from Makie ass and then free it from the tape that strangles.
knoll her body along the cabinet, as I look at the empty eyes of her. I already have my suspicions and or already got everything I needed from the scene so we put her body on the stretcher and bring to ubitorio.

I pay them handsomely for the doctor who goes away leaving me alone with her. I caress the hair and then Makie game with her tongue. I take attletiche massagiandole legs and moving them doing the same thing with arms and neck so as to break the rigor mortis. same thing I do with her back.

Now that he has again the ability to move freely before I clean the chin and then kissed her and put in he poses very athletic snapping several photos to show the flexibility of Makie movements and then dance with her and play a little to the doctor with her.

with scissors to take off the dress to accarezare and smell her tender pussy before use and keep his fingers to get me pleasure while I shake small breasts. I can not come in her unfortunately for now. but I already agree with the doctor who will send me the girl once you are beautiful to me.

I'm home and I'm in MioStudio when I hear the bell the doctor comes to see me bringing me a beautiful little girl in a wheelchair. Makie and wearing a stylish white dress lolita, I thank the doctor for his services and accompany the little Makie together with my other trophies, of which women and girls or solved the murder case.

Now in a row as if it tratase a museum case is not yet resolved, but they are close, and why I have not made love with my new little angel. but I tell her sweet words while I sit on a chair legs crossing them and giving her a kiss on the forehead, soon you too can give me pleasure to thank the excellent work.

found this young student who was accampta in the library . After a quick check you notice that there is no heartbeat ,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1474103336601.png (1.48 MB, 892x878, 6bedda7c0b18db3b22e9231c0c….png)


After taking some pics of her from various distances and angles as well as taking pics of select body parts, I caress her long dark blue hair and sweet face while whispering "Sleep well my angel....." before I start to caress her lovely legs and feet as well as kiss and massage them.

Next, I open up her top and strip her down to her blue bra and panties which deeply arouses me. Giving into my urges, I strip her nude and have my way with the dead girl's body and do my usual routines to her. After I'm done, I redress her, gather up her stuff and carry her home with me.

Once at my place, I place her on a morgue table and in front of an eager audience of horny perverted guys proceed to strip her nude gradually and do an external examination of the dead girl's body. When I'm done, they pay me for my performance and with advance science, create replicas of parts of her outfit for them to take home with them as mementos with one even purchasing a duplicate body of the dead girl.

Once the dead girl and I are alone, I bathe and dry her off before dressing her up in a pretty dress /with no sleeves and a short skirt/ and matching boots and play with my new prize.

Now then, here's a cutie laid out in eternal slumber. What sexual adventures await her cute body?


File: 1534001119853.jpg (409.61 KB, 1200x691, dfd60d4f71cd9747fdbdb04830….jpg)

I'd probably cuddle with her, kissing her on the forehead and having my legs touch hers. After a bit of being promiscuous with her, I inadvertently tipped her body and find out that she's not responding.

I shudder and feel up her legs, touch her feet, and probe the cameltoe that are pronounced by her bloomers. I then use her limp feet to give myself a footjob. Just before I climax, I pull down the bloomers and then have sex with her. I'd ride her for a bit before I cum inside her. I kiss her on the lips before I put the bloomers back on. I lay her to the side and feel up her ass, kissing her ass cheek before I head off...

You were on an adventure with a close friend who you've had a crush on... One night, as you woke up, you noticed she's unresponsive...


File: 1545278385348.jpeg (334.63 KB, 1280x1657, 1723186__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Bumping this with another prompt.

You enter your sister's room and find her on the bed, unresponsive.


File: 1546232855949.jpg (38.76 KB, 400x225, cossette2.jpg)


I sadly caress her lovely face and nice hair before I french kiss her.

Next, I intimately caress, kiss and lick her nice long legs up and down before I stand her up and dance with her dead body. Even in death, she moves with a certain elegance that I'm drawn to so I passionately make out with her corpse and strip her nude and then pump into her pussy with my dick which causes her to limply move and then unload into her vagina. Once I'm done, I redress her, cast a spell on her body and then make her into a love doll for me to cherish forever.

Now then, here's Cossette in eternal slumber mindlessly waiting for someone to make love to her pure angelic body. Do it!

File: 1546142121401.jpg (587.02 KB, 1000x707, 1527350788067.jpg)


Here's a little simple game - it's another kill the person above thing but with a Mortal Kombat theme.

Each person posts a fighter & a stage/arena and describes them. The next person kills them in a spectacular fashion in the style of Mortal Kombat Fatalities (after their presumed defeat in a match at your hands).

Let's start.

Next Opponent
Name: Jade
Age: 27
Sex: F
Description/Bio: Jade is a stripper and an assassin. She enjoys showing off her athletic moves and assets. She resembles the Jade from the Mortal Kombat series and uses that in her stripper and assassin theme.
Stage: A Mortal Kombat style 'Pit' stage - a narrow bridge over a pit of spikes.

File: 1434600539632.png (573.62 KB, 702x1080, Cordelia (Fire Emblem 13 A….png)


In similar vein to "Finish Her!" only the victims willingly offer themselves up to you for you to kill.

I'll start us off.

This is Cordelia. After dealing with an unrequited love for her Prince, she found true love with another, only for her lover to be slain in battle after the two of them had conceived a child.

After ensuring the daughter conceived with her lover had been born and raised properly, Cordelia is ready to join her lover in the afterlife, and has sought you out for that purpose. How do you help her rejoin her true love?
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File: 1544903463158.jpg (684.85 KB, 756x1052, bf18d3020428613a30bbd7d0cf….jpg)

As the last one has been done and there isn't a new entry, I should post one.

Name: Jane Antoinette (Original Character)
Age: 17

Jane, at a rather early age, discovered that thinking about her own death was a turn on. Though, she preferred the idea of being killed by somebody else; which is why she never did it herself. In recent months news of a serial killer operating in a nearby forest; a dozen bodies of young teenage girls, like herself, have already been discovered. So, one Saturday evening, she hiked to a secluded part of the forest and camped out. She laid down on a blanket and began to rub one off as she waited to see if she could be the next victim.


File: 1544979004350.jpg (60.8 KB, 637x895, Deed.jpg)

The Spice Rack Killer heard a rustling in the wood and a muffled moan. Excellent, another foolish victim. The Spice Rack Killer adjusted his hockey mask and raised his dagger as he burst out of a patch of dense foliage.

Before him was a teenage girl masturbating alone in the forest on a blanket. The Spice Rack Killer raised his dagger but something was… wrong. The girl was masturbating more furiously and looked like she was enjoying herself.

The Killer coughed and cleared his voice.

"Prepare for your doom!", the Killer growled as he waved his knife menacingly.

"YES!!!", Jane yelled in excitement, "DO IT NOW!!! I'M READY!"

The Killer was taken aback.

"You're… Ready?", He replied.

"YES!", Jane squealed in excitement.
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File: 1545037727653.png (446.25 KB, 680x765, 8lixf7mn62e01.png)

Name: Saki
Age: 19
Appearance: See picture
Scenario: The nihilistic girl is wont to loudly proclaim her intent to kill herself about the smallest of grievances or inconvenience, but will just as quickly change her mind or be distracted by something. How about this time you help her go through with it? (She is going to be cooperative/compliant about it, so be nice)


“Finish Her!” Jayna heard the announcer call out as she sank to her knees, bruised and bloodied from her hopeless battle. After somehow being drawn into a massive life-or-death tournament, she'd handily won the first round against some upstart boxer chick, but it looked like this was it. Her enigmatic opponent, only going by the moniker 'The Witch', a tall, curvaceous woman with pale almost ashen skin wearing little more than a bikini and a long cape, its hood somehow covering most of her face in darkness, was looming over her, a triumphant smirk barely visible on her face.

Jayna's rather mundane martial arts had been no match against the Witch's flight, telekinesis and conjuring some kind of hard energy constructs, so now the blonde could only wait for her end, hopefully it was gonna be a good one at least. As if she'd heard her thoughts – and who knew, maybe she had, Jayna wouldn't even be surprised – the Witch leaned down, her slender fingers with finely manicured nails groping her breasts until Jayna gasped in pain, then tearing at the thin fabric of her top, quickly freeing her sizeable breasts with a small bounce.

Forcing Jayna forward so she was on her hands and knees, the Witch summoned a mass of energy in a lengthy shape, right in front of her crotch, grabbing Jayna's hair to pull her closer to it, as she commanded in a deep, sultry voice. “Suck it.”

This was just what she'd been hoping for. Jayna complied almost a little too eagerly, licking the oversized dildo for a few seconds to get it all nice and messy, then took it into her mouth, all the way to her throat until she almost had to gag. Continuing to suck the dildo deep and fast, Jayna quickly noticed her pussy getting wet, until the Witch stopped her after a few minutes, with a snap of her fingers conjuring shackles around Jayna's wrists and ankles, lifting her into the air a few centimetres with her arms and legs spread – and her clearly damp panties on full display.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Jayna was completely powerless to hardly even move as the Witch started raping her, the dildo seeming to grow even more as she kept painfully thrusting into her, capable of little more than pained gasps and bouncing along with the Witch's movements, her large breasts swaying quite beautifully. Yet this was just the sort of end she'd been hoping for, so despite the pain and without even touching herself at all, Jayna felt herself get rather close to one final orgasm.

A fact the Witch seemingly picked up on as a tendril of energy wrapped around Jayna's neck, not tight enough to choke her, but very clearly noticeable, as the Witch leaned closer to speak into Jayna's ear. “The moment you orgasm like the whore you are, this will tighten and crush your neck. How long do you think you can last?”

By this point Jayna was more moaning than gasping, her face flush in pleasure, so 'not very long', the answer would have to be; this was going to be the ultimate humiliation death, dying as she came, because she came, so if anything the prospect drove Jayna to her final climax even faster.

And true enough only a few minutes later Jayna felt her orgasm build up and reach its peak, shamelessly moaning as her whole body clenched and shivered in pleasure – only for the tendril around her neck to snap shut, cutting her moans off into a choked gasp before tightening even further, swiftly snapping her neck with an audible crack. As Jayna quickly faded, her face frozen in an expression of utter pleasure, her body continued its orgasm, her pussy visibly squirting, before her shudders were replaced by the twitches of her death throes, a stream of pee arcing from her pussy to only add to her final humiliation as the Witch continued raping her body until she was completely limp, then just dropped her onto the ground like a ragdoll, triumphantly leaving the arena.

The Witch ultimately went on to place second, only meeting her similarly undignified end at the hands of the final victor, but the recording of her finishing Jayna would go on to be one of the highlights of the whole tournament.

(Two parts because ffs, smh, and other acronyms, character limit)


File: 1546109917144.jpg (47.48 KB, 393x618, Mami_Tomoe_Original_Design.jpg)


(I couldn't figure out how to do italics here, so please read *text between asterisks* as italic)

"I failed my math test! I'm going to kill myself before my parents find out!" said Saki.

"My parents want me to mow the lawn! I'm going to kill myself instead." said Saki.

"Jasmine didn't invite me to her party. I'm going to kill myself, then she'll regret it!" said Saki.

"My parents think I'm too irresponsible to get a puppy. I'm going to-"

"Kill yourself, I know." I cut her off. "You say this every time anything bad happens, and you never go through with it."

"This time I really mean it!"
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File: 1546098158363.png (1.66 MB, 1448x1642, F18C940E-1CBE-41F2-8A1D-46….png)


Looking to do a rp with farts and scat fetishes, email me at girlgotdiarrhea@gmail.com if intrested?

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