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We can do the thread here if you want, I dont care.

Dammy is an asian twink, he's a bit of a cry baby and extremely submissive.

I prefer short drop hangings, but being hoisted is fine as well. It will be noncon so Dammy will try to put up a fight.

If interested just drop a starter here. Male or Female OC is fine, but male is prefferred.




I have a Kik as well, My username is NotSoPunky

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Looking for an RP who does fart, toilet use, scat?


Yeah. I'm interested. Although I'm not gay, :-) . I'm 18, male.

Kik- luketony13
Email- Danted037@gmail.com

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Looking for a rper who does farts and scat role plays. If interested email me at girlgotdiarrhea@gmail.com


I've messaged

File: 1503426924892.jpg (482.79 KB, 800x1000, 9.jpg)


anyone wanna rp with me?


Sure! What are your kinks?



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The Bone Fairy zooms around as guns blare and bullets blaze pewpewpewpew!

A little girl is crying in the corner so Skelfairy says "Fret not." and makes the girls hands turn into big bone shields so she freaks out even more!


Some one want torture, cooking and eat my nice cock?

email me pls... skhiavo@hotmail.it


Hello everyone! My name is Kiara, and I’m looking for someone to put me through elaborate “Saw-style” death traps. I’m an African-American woman aged 23, and I’d love to play with either men or women. In my fantasy, I would make it through the first few traps (though certainly not unscathed) before finally succumbing when I’ve almost escaped. I like absolutely anything so long as it’s brutal, with my only exceptions being that I would prefer realism- no magic, furries, etc. An example of what I like would be having a key implanted inside my breast, and thus being forced to cut my own breast off in order to progress. After I’m dead, do anything you wish with me- rape me, eat me, stuff me, etc. I’m also willing to portray a pregnant victim if that turns you on. My email is ThousandthDaughter@protonmail.com. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Is there anyone in this world that still want to slowly torture, humiliate and kill a young girl like me ?
if any of you wanna contact me:
- over kik: hot_Julie666
- over Discord: Julie#6176
- by mail: baddomgirl@g


I would like to try the concept about a girl every time she come back to life after dying but more tiny I would love to play her and I would also love if the person could humiliate or/and make it hurtful in any way
if any of you wanna contact me:
- over kik: hot_Julie666
- over Discord: Julie#6176
- by mail: baddomgirl@g


Hey there (making a thread too because why not).

Been craving to do an RP that is centered around consensuality, extreme guro and sex. This would involve characters (a duo, or a group) willingly desecrating and mutilating (possibly devouring) each other in various ways as they are engaged in sex in what is meant to be a pleasurable act - including pleasure from pain, lasting as long as possible for either one or various scenes. The involved characters will be both giving and receiving. I can discuss a couple of more specific plots (in various settings/pairs - fantasy, modern...) that explore situations in which this would happen.

I'm aiming to make my descriptions as erotic AND unbearably graphic and creative as my imaginations allows, and believe me, I have good imagination. I'll also note that I've played short and long-term RPS in the past, even though I'm starting out with these themes. I'll play whatever gender.

Looking in a partner: Female or female-aligned characters (dicks allowed, just be female), literacy and descriptive posts (a couple of paragraphs, no need to go overboard unless required), pleasant in OOC discussion and able to brainstorm, and same ons/offs

Ons: Consensual, flesh and blood play, mutilation, gore, guro, hard vore, snuff

Offs: Underage, ageplay, non-consensual, close incest, body waste

My contact is: k27cn31x <at> protonmail.com

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