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Hello. I’m a M switch who is interested in a RP session featuring asphyxiation. I don’t care about gender

Likes: Strangling, hanging, suffocation, drowning, furry, fandom, Loli, shota, necrophilia, incest, rape

Dislikes: Scat, gory deaths

Email me if interested, just click my name or message me at gurorp22@yahoo.com






I'd like to do a crime scene, morgue and/or funeral home RP with necrophilia to it and with anyone whose interested. The subjects are women, teen girls, lolis, shotas and even feminine guys /like Hideyoshi from Baka and Test/.

Please contact me at neobyzantium@gmail.com


Im interested, do you have kik?



I'm not sure to be honest. Just e-mail me at the address that I provided and we can further discuss what to do next.



I'll see about getting kik though if you wish.


23M looking to role play or chat with anyone interested.

File: 1469067281134.jpg (425.59 KB, 1243x651, 15237573296_f758c3f769_o.jpg)


Must be flexible, long-term, serious. Must have an understanding of metagaming, powergaming and godmodding. Second Life RP experience favored but not required. Will --NOT-- RP scat fetishes/underage fetishes (my character is 28). Needing a void to be filled after another RP was abandoned and unfinished. Would like to skype call before role-play to discuss ideas. Intermediate/advanced linguistic skills are preferred ... if you use *s and no "s to represent speech, I will kill you.

If you are female and play a male/male that plays a female, then cool. I'm down with it. I need someone sadistic. Or vanilla. I don't care. As long as you can handle how complex and colorful this role-play was before I reached out to finish it ...

My skype is Voltiel (yes, I live in Fargo ND. Please end my suffering). Add me and we shall discuss this fucky situation. I am DESPERATE to finish this story. Help me :')

TL;DR I am female looking for a male or female (NO SHEMALES/FUTAS) RP character to finish a role-play that was abandoned in 2011.


Have a partner yet?

File: 1514956748792.png (9.59 MB, 2571x2256, Logan Paul's Bizarre Adven….png)


Inspired by the Logan Paul incident and the whole "dead girl RP" series, I decided to make up a "scenario-based" roleplay where you're a hapless wanderer in the infamous Suicide Forest and you end up finding a dead body hanging during your adventure.

TL;DR: You're in a forest, you find a body, what do?

Feel free to participate and contribute. Let's open this up with the following lady: Sayori.



Ever since that one dumb Youtuber caused a shitstorm by coming here and showing pictures of a body, including close-ups of her cleavage and a panty shot, the 'Suicide Forest' has gotten a bunch more attention and visitors for one reason or the other. But today, thanks to the cold temperatures and winds, especially at this time of the day, it looks like I'll be undisturbed around here. Good.

After passing a body that's too rotten and bloated to even identify the gender and one that's been all but stripped to the bone by the elements and scavengers, I finally come upon one that looks still usable. A girl in her early teens is hanging from a branch, barely a foot off the ground and motionless save for lightly swaying in the breeze. When I touch her leg, her skin is entirely soft and still somewhat warm, she can only be hanging here for a few hours; this will do perfectly.

She's barefoot, as they tend to be, wearing a red ribbon and what looks like parts of some school uniform, a simple light grey jacket and short red gym shorts. The girl's large blue eyes are blankly staring into nothing and the streaks of her tears are still faintly visible on her cheeks, as is a string of drool running from the corner of her mouth. On a second look I also notice her fingertips smeared with blood, the matching scratch marks around the noose on her neck making it very obvious she put up a huge struggle, but to little avail in the end.

Before continuing I briefly look around the tree the girl is hanging from, to find a pair of shoes and socks neatly placed besides the stump, as well as a school bag with the nametag 'Sayori' on the inside. That would be her, most likely; looks like you're today's lucky one, Sayori.

By this point my dick is already rock-hard in my pants, but I pace myself, carefully lifting Sayori out of the noose, her light body falling into my arms as I carefully place her on the blanket I spread on the ground beforehand. One side of her jacket has opened, revealing the smooth fair skin of her collarbone; I really wonder what drove such a pretty girl like her to do this. I carefully open Sayori's jacket to reveal a light blue bra, before undoing that too to free her almost flat chest, her breasts just barely beginning to take shape, but under my touch they're nice and firm yet soft.

Opening my trousers, I kneel next to Sayori, then lift her heaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Damn, that was a good read.


Nice. Got someone to offer up for someone else to RP?


File: 1515483161334.jpg (239.26 KB, 1133x1700, 1328229138130.jpg)

Right, my bad. Let's go with a bit of a variation (and totally not because that's the only picture in a forest I have): By extraordinary happenstance you come upon this beauty, Sophia, still in the act (ignore the bindings in the picture); do you try and save her, or just let it happen and make use of the body afterwards? (or yet something different)


You know that jack ass in the forest the other day gave my an idea. So I went with a camera in to the forest and 5 minutes in a see this sexy bitch offing her self so while the tape was running a went being her “ improved the show” it took a few tries but it paid off seeing her naked body shake and kick while I just walked off and recoded her. After she was done kicking I then took some nice time to fuck her warm corpse and man it was great how her dead cunt felt around me. I then blurred her face so it was porn hud safe the I up loaded it. After the shit storm I apologized saying how even because I saw the body filmed it edited it and uploaded it I am not a bad person.


I mainly into being turned into an insect or small creature and being crushed underfoot. I’m interested in all kinds of scenarios. Email if you’re interested. Vflbug94@gmail.com


That's the best title I could think of. Inspired by the post about the Suicide Forest here, but far less specific. The premise being:

* Any kind of situation involving either a girl that's about to die, be it by suicide, accident, murder, execution or whatever, or the aftermath thereof, i.e. a dead body.
* Female victims only (title says 'girls', but can be lolis or adult women too); the PoV can be any gender (specify in the request if you want to)
* The PoV shouldn't by design be the killer, but instead a witness/bystander or prospective victim. (Though the premise leaving you the option is fine; 'You just killed/are about to kill X' isn't okay, 'You find X about to kill herself, do you save her or let it happen/'assist' her' is.)
* Following the usual /rp/ MO of 'fill the previous request/idea, then post your own'. (Post that don't fulfill the previous one can and should be ignored unless the thread has been inactive for a while or there is no request.)

Hopefully I made this halfway understandable, here's a bit of a template.
You: [Specify details about the PoV, if needed]


File: 1515076948951.jpg (194.79 KB, 1067x1600, 91c797f329fdfd4bd5bee1217b….jpg)

And I'll obviously post my own to get this started.

Name: Mira
Age: 19
You: Any sibling of hers
Situation: You come home early to find Mira playing with herself rather dangerously. She doesn't notice you come in, and it looks like she's about to pass out... What do you do?


I first take off my clothes to revival my all ready hard cock, I’ll star stoking while admiring her body bounce in sluty pleaser as almost putting on a show for me. I then make my self noticed by placing my cock in her face. She doesn’t even block as she tries to suck it while still asphyxiating her self. She finally gets it and it feels like heaven as her tits bob and shake. She keeps her head down for what feels like hours then I finally cum In her mouth. Her eyes start to stutter and she closes then for good. I then notice a note on in my room saying to leave her out at 1 and her “a friend” will take care of it and to enjoy her for the time being. Which I did.


File: 1515456120423.jpg (160.66 KB, 600x653, 18a8d8cdd07801418359aa15a0….jpg)

Name: Miyata Yuuki
Age: 18
You: Her lover, be it her boyfriend, fiance, or husband.
Situation: Miyata is dying of a disease and is told that her time is fast approaching. It's thirty minutes before she is put under to pass peacefully and she calls you to fulfill her final wish of having sex for the first time.

File: 1513033521810.png (22.38 KB, 114x200, 1471898411331.png)


Hey i'm looking to kill some furry girls. I'd like a girl Who has a cute and small furrsona (forgive me if I'm spelling that wrong) that is preferable an animal that has paws or some other kind of soft feet. I'm into strangling, electrocution, feet, piss, lactation and age play. My only turn offs are scat, obsessive guro and consetial. My kik is DeathFetish777
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If you are open to do this on meil, i am your "furry girl"

my meil is racco88@alice.it


got a yahoo Messenger or Skype perhaps?


Skipe is ok!




my nick is:






I'm a female looking for a no limit roleplay partner. Who is into, piss, scat, snuff, etc, I'm willing to try everything! My only no is sharing pics, I don't care who you are, I'm here to RP.

You can find me on my kik - laraorook



i might be interested but i don't have kik. Do you have gmail?


i'm a male searching for a female partner to rp with.
I'm into belly fetish, punching, stabbing, shooting and gutting. Pregnancy is a plus.
I could play on gmail or yahoo. Write here if interested


Write me at luna.loves1994@gmail.com

We share the same fantasy about the belly, so I would like to wrap up a rp with you.

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