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Yeah I'm a guy so girls message me uh idk how this works but damn I'm gonna learn


Hey, 26 male, straight. Interested in RPing or chatting with someone about raping, snuffing, and cooking up my wife. The cooking part is optional if you're not into it. We can chat on kik or on here.

She is a 27 year old half latina lady with a phat ass and pretty nice body! SHe isn't into that much kink so she would be non compliant for the most part.
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hi i want to rape her


where do you live ?


sounds great, and in the seattle area. :)


I’m interested, Email me and we can RP


Hey, are you still down? Send me an email if you are.


I'm looking for a girl to snuff in an role play. Likes Snuff (obviously), feet, fear, age play. Dislikes, scat/farting, excessive gore. Besides that I'm cool with most things


do you have a skype? are you m/f? what is your rp persona like?


I'm male. No but I have a kik and my rp persona is uselly a cruel and sadistic person




Hello everyone,

it's me again. Currently I am searching for role-plays again.

I prefer 3rd-person and consensual scenes. It's negotiable.

Turn ons are: Torture, shooting (guns/arrows), stabbing (from knifes to spears), gutting, debreasting, dom/sub, gangbang, public

Turn-Offs: Toilet stuff

If something isn't mentioned, you can ask about it, I am open-minded.

Languages: English or German

discord: Luna#3790
kik: LunaLo1994

File: 1519704549122.png (938.97 KB, 1280x720, Not caring that she's bein….png)


The purpose of this thread is to write up what sort of vore fantasy you'd do with a living or dead woman, teen girl or child of either gender in the pic provided in the previous post and then offer a pic for the next person to write a vore fantasy about. I'll go first.....

Here's Izumi Noto from Muv Luv Alternative Eclipse laid out dead ready to be the subject of vore, how is she eaten?

/OOC: Just pretend that she's in one piece and that the creatures eating her in the pic aren't there./


File: 1519755583154.jpg (40.02 KB, 440x554, screenshots_33084.jpg)


If you want an alternative subject, I'll give you one.

Here's the dead body of the lovely Madam Red from Black Butler, how is she eaten and by what?

File: 1519453264901.png (488 KB, 438x819, Screenshot_2018-02-07-19-1….png)


Hi. Im Jay.

I'm a simple man who enjoys cannibalism.

I look for literacy in a partner. Length of message doesnt matter. Just have a fair command of the language.

I had a world in mind where humanity has lost its sense of brotherhood and respect for its fellow man. People are in clans. Clans are led by head of households, typically an older male, who acts as the executive of his clan.

In this world, people who arent heads of household are always for sale. Who is the seller depends on their performance. If they perform well in work or school, they are on sale by their head of household who can sell this person for however much they see fit. If their work is unsatisfactory, they are called in for a weekly inspection where theyre evaluated and priced for sale by the government. When people are bought, they can be used for anything, whatsoever.

Im open to any ideas

If interested, email me at jaydthermier@gmail.com

File: 1519451786816.png (1.54 MB, 974x1107, 65002883_p0.png)


Looking for a girl in real life that is interested in roleplaying snuff fantasies on skype. Either on voice, video, or text.

Just so you ladies know, I would never truly hurt a single hair on your head, as I would be an utter fool to harm someone interested in enjoying my fantasy with me.

Now I am looking for a girl who likes the idea of being a submissive toy. Roleplaying hanging, neck snap, smothering, strangling, sexual breath play, necro (after limp).

I would far prefer visuals, over webcam. If this scares you please don't hesitate to still contact me and get to know me, if you will ever be willing to do it after you trust me.

Email roleplaydemidood@gmail.com

I am Male, 26 years old.

Either email me, or add me on skype.

File: 1516946185854.jpg (76.57 KB, 736x736, e9842ec897ea7dd519f933f4f6….jpg)


30F Looking for any 18+ M to murder, torture, rape me, in any order.


What kind of deaths are you into? And where should i message you?


Same. Id be down.


Size difference is a real turn on to me I would like if I could snuff really tiny peoples or get snuffed by real big and strong people ^.^
- over kik: hot_Julie666
- over Discord: Julie#6176
- by mail: baddomgirl@gmail.com


Heyo! Was wondering if anyone would like to do a long term RP with me? I was thinking of doing a story involving two people who go out on a killing spree but one of the characters is new to the whole experience (I'll share more details if you hit me up) I'm also up for regular chatting as well if anyone would like that.
Male or female but female preferred.
Hit me up if you're interested and I'll get back to you as soon as I can,
Discord: AaronM16#3080


Post your Discord again. That one doesn't work.


Oops, put in a wrong number.
Here's the correct one
Discord: AaronM16#3880

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