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Mail: aznluv85@gmail.com



Im a male victim lookin for a male killer with a real twisted mind to chat rp, I really enjoy being a struggling defient victim who is forced to go through all kind of torture n rape before getting my slow execution

turn on: gore, dismember, necro, hard vore, rape, torture, humilate, debreast, behead, gangrape,

turn off: scat, toilet, puke, underage, mature, family, incest, feet


I'm Angel
Looking to have some fun on kik. My likes are consensual snuff, furry, impregnation, and age play. My dislikes are non con, excessive torture, shit, piss, vomit. My kik is demongirl2245.

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I'm looking for someone to do Necro RP's with me. I'm into women, teen girls, lolis and shotas for them and for settings, I'm into crime scenes, morgues, funeral homes and graveyards.

My e-mail address is neobyzantium@gmail.com.


Got kik? 19 F into snuff, furry, impreg, and age play


My kik is Demongirl2245


Hey as the title says I wanna kill some furries

Intreasts lolis, paws, lactation, non-consent, rape

Dislikes scat

My kik is DeathFetish777 and my discord is Vice Dark Lord #0926


Looking for a submissive girl or a partner for murder of kidnapped victims.
Kinks are most types of snuffing and large tits
Hates vore loli pregnant. Scat

Kik vendar113


Here I had many ideas about role play ^^:

Succubus/incubus: It would be a scenario about an incubus or Succubus that can only torment the souls of someone that concent to give his/her life. It would be cool because he/she would have to make the perso become her plaything

Giant/giantess: It would be a scenario about a giant/giantess making a contest of submission between 2 person. The giant/giantess would be a normal sized person with the power to shrink peoples and would kill the loser of the contest and why not make the survivor clean the mess (of course we can have more than 2 peoples eh eh)

The futa/trap: a guy looking like a girl or a girl with a penis will date a person and lead that person to his/her house to torment and kill that person that thought it was a casual girl (this RP give many possibilities eh eh)

Contact me there:
- over kik: hot_Julie666
- over Discord: Julie#6176
- by mail: baddomgirl@gmail.com

File: 1521022893376.jpg (1.01 MB, 1280x1380, KNO - One Tragic End, Mill….jpg)


Hi everyone! I have been roleplaying in erotic themes for a long time now and have lived in my erotic fantasy world and universe since I was 12 years old when I first laid eyes on the amazing artworks of Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, the late legend Frank Frazetta, Luis Royo, Simon Bisley, along with comics such as Heavy Metal erotic fiction Magazine, Paolo Serpieri's Druuna, FAKK2, Den, Jungle Girl (I love Frank Cho's amazing artwork of women) etc.

I am hooked on all things erotic fantasy and I enjoy roleplaying scenes that involve erotic action, adventure, danger, peril, and even doom/death, or some might call snuff. I can explain more about such ideas in chat, and look forward to exploring each others' arousals. Imagine an erotic fantasy idea where being naked is as normal as being clothed, and sweaty action takes place in all manner of erotic ways too lengthy to describe with words here.

Having been actively roleplaying around the year 2006 from the time of DALnet's #snuffsex, the Yahoo groups, and other discussion boards. I am looking to find others who are laid back and have a friendly attitude along with a vivid and detailed take on erotica and fantasies, and enjoy erotic roleplaying together with someone such as me. As a bi-curious male, I enjoy roleplaying with both male and female characters or players and am open to exploring anything with either gender.

Please note that I am looking to explore erotic fantasy with others for the long-term, along with those who enjoy world-building and sharing openly with no fear and embarrassment, no judging, and together plunging into erotic worlds and ideas that will arouse and give pleasure to one another. Really, if you have thought of it, I have probably thought of it or even done it before. It's very hard to scare me off really.

Please feel free to add me on Discord via FantasyM#6196 so we can discuss and explore more our of erotic fantasies together.


My Kik is Twodee_the_singer. This is my dark secret. Can be gay or straight, dom or sub.


My name's Jimmy, im 16, male, long blonde hair, tomgirl and crossdresser. I'm looking for a strong male or female to fuck, torture and kill me in all possible ways.
Long-term rp is exactly what I'm looking for.
My kinks involve suffocation, dirty deaths, cannibalism, scat, furry, torture, drowning, hanging, amputation, inflation.
I like unconsensual scenarios the most, but we can talk and agree.
Feel free to contact me through iloveunicorndicks@gmail.com


Email sent


I'm looking for petite girls who have dark fantasies about being fucked by a tall strong BBC..
It could be romantic or rough depending on your choice..


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