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Character juice (name story whatever). Followed by stats:


Health starts at 3, Damage starts at 1, Agility, Armor, and Accuracy at 0.

Roll 3d6 to land an attack. Add your accuracy and subtract their Agility. 10 up hits. Damage Dealt equals your Damage minus their Armor.

To Assign Points:
5 coins per level that you each can increase one of your 5 Attributes.


File: 1522021502112.jpg (39.47 KB, 640x927, tCZG8Rm_d.jpg)

Health: 20
Agility: 3
Armor: 15
Accuracy: 6
Damage: 10

If your Damage is reduced by their armor, make a 2nd attack roll to double your damage. Let's see how this systen works out.


File: 1522021643403.jpg (38.11 KB, 640x360, Wq4Wsfs_d.jpg)

Health: 53
Accuracy: 30
Damage: 31


Hi everyone! I'm looking for a female to rp (I'm about necro stuff, but I'm okay with allmost all, excepted stuff related to feet) and do somes nudes exchanges.
Email me if you're interested, and have a good day/night!


Hi I had just made a public mixed boxing rp group on Kik, and just got to 10 members out of 50 and the group is looking for people of BOTH genders that are into boxing RPs could be sexual, ould be non sexual, and could be of fights anging as male vs male, female vs female, and male vs female. We are really needing people that has kik that are looking for boxing rps on kik. If you are reading it and have kik on your mobile phones or tablet and want to join the public search is #mixedboxingrps. Or just dm on kik user: Policebrett or email at brettphillips478@gmail.com. I will check everyday for replys and etc. Thank you for reading this and enjoy the rest of your day or night.


Or just reply here saying your kik user name

File: 1505050744770.png (6.53 MB, 3363x1810, 38884573-a2788251fa60eebc1….png)


Looking for roleplay partners who are willing to go the extra mile to describe merciless knockout scenes. Just absolutely BRUTAL violence in its purest form. Pick your opponent up off the ground. Throw them into the corner and beat them within an inch of their life. (Or perhaps kill 'em before the ref can stop the fight. ;D ) FvF, MvF, MvM and anything in between are welcome. You can play the winner or the loser. Only one fighter gets to walk away from the ring. Drop me an email or comment if you are interested!



I am willing to give it a shot


File: 1512222012275.jpg (158.64 KB, 1200x875, 46014101-db1daf0b65cbca639….jpg)

Bumping~ ;D


Well if you have kik pm there my user is Policebrett

File: 1521615519609.png (129.64 KB, 453x835, 2255747.png)


I am seeking contacts for note based Femdom, oral sex, chastity, ball torture, castration and ballbusting play.

Humanoid Females, Shemales and Futanari/Herms only please!

I seek victims and castratrixes alike.

Contact me on F-List only, any character listed on the page of Seven Lightdragon

Attached art is either mine, or commissioned by me.


File: 1521615549040.jpg (1.35 MB, 2000x1346, 2255673.jpg)


File: 1521615575004.png (1.94 MB, 1007x1503, 2144936.png)


Hopefully I can get a link this time.



If anyone wanna castrate me Too it would make me very happy, as a futa of course eh eh. Contact me there:
- over kik: hot_Julie666
- over Discord: Julie#6176
- by mail: baddomgirl@gmail.com


If anyone wanna castrate me Too it would make me very happy, as a futa of course eh eh. Contact me there:
- over kik: hot_Julie666
- over Discord: Julie#6176
- by mail: baddomgirl@gmail.com


They grant you your every wish. In exchange, you must put your focus on creating equipment meant to torment.

An example, a girl must ride through town on a bicycle that spanks her as she paddles. How to motivate her to cycle through, but with a metal seat that getsvred hot if she slows down too much, with a dildo and buttplug molded directly in the seat. Perhaps chains or wires can be wrapped on her and electricity shocking her every few minutes at random.

Whatvam I missing? What should strike her legs and breasts and belly and what must her hands be doing? The bike should direct itself remotely.


>>3709 your on kik? love to explore the world of torture machines with you?

File: 1504145440468.gif (244.21 KB, 628x896, 21.gif)


Not sure how much interest I'll get, but I thought I'd comment here anyway. I'm hoping to find a partner or two for some gore/snuff RPs involving muscular men. Some call it 'bara'. I'd prefer to play the victim/receiver of the violence, but otherwise am open to position and what not. Generally I prefer to play the bottom/sub character as well, but I'm open! Again, only really looking for partners interested in playing as and with muscular males.

Some kinks/Types of Gore I enjoy include:
- Amputation
- Genital torture
- Piercing/Branding/Scarring
- Skinning
- Eye fucking/Skull fucking
- Disemboweling
- Living insertions
- Zombies/Non-sentient monsters
- Brain play
- Large insertions/ Hole Ruination

I also enjoy incest, bestiality, scat, watersports, cum inflation, prolapse, unnaturally big dicks, and other extreme (duh) kinks. Not too picky and don't have many limits. Not really looking for underage characters and I detest footplay, but everything else is fair game.

I have a few basic scene ideas in mind, but I'll elaborate more later. I'm also happy to hear whatever ideas you may have. I only RP in third person, and do expect some level of literacy from my partners. Please have a grasp of grammar and punctuation, and be comfortable responding to 1-5 paragraph posts with something similar in length and detail. I generally only use art images for character references, but am OK with you using photographs so long as they're of celebrities/professionals, and are of legal age.

You can contact me via email at CouvierD@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!


Shame that you are victim, I am total victim and would love to play with you if you were killer. My mail is aznluv85@gmail.com in case you like snuff with other muscle victim


I'm looking for some girl to play role play snuff is there any willing victim?

the kind of role play must include a brave girl who dies bravely fighting my kind usually has no limits if someone is interested let me know so maybe we talk via chat or via email remember that this appeal is only for girls
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ok I'm waiting for your message then


Do you have Mail2Tor?


I have Gmail contact, yahoo, and Discord


okay, can you check again? :D


ok done :) I checked



Liu kang is beaten, hes weaken n begging for his life.


File: 1521330888343.jpg (47.8 KB, 635x630, Capture.JPG)



Male here looking for a breast torture-related RP. I can do a vast variety of themes/genres, so let me know if there's any that you prefer. My kinks are almost all breast-related, and I love lactation and debreasting. If you're interested in playing a busty victim, please let me know via the email I linked in my name.


hi if u lik debreast male guys we can rp chat my mail is aznluv85@gmail.com

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