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Whatever it is, I'll entertain the idea for a moment.



I may be interested, but the link is invalid.


File: 1527435985066.jpg (419.31 KB, 1024x724, illust_68372650_20180423_1….jpg)


What's your eternal torture?

File: 1527025111771.jpeg (119.99 KB, 820x617, 47E40531-6AA5-402E-A544-1….jpeg)


Hello. Looking for anyone whose willing to snuff and torture my character (she is a female usually but I can play a futa on request) in the most brutal way possible. I do have a couple plots I can send interested parties.

Main kinks: Gore, torture, snuff, clit removal, mutilation, eye removal/torture, removal of bones and bone breaking, amputation
Squicks: Haven’t found any yet!

I prefer long term roleplays but I’m fine with short term if you can’t commit.

Gmail or hangouts only.


I'm looking for girls who are interested in being strangled, choked, hanged, or drowned. Send me an email if you're interested


Is this still up?




I want to try and roleplay being eaten alive. I am a genetic male taking hormones to develop a nice soft female body. I am doing this with the sole purpose of being eaten someday. I want to eat myself and be eaten so bad. This is a sexual desire of mine and want to be fucked while im being cooked. I want to be alive for the entire process. Since this is probably to extreme of a fantasy to be real ill have to settle for roleplay. Ive never roleplayed before so well see where this goes. Don't care whether male or female. Email address should be attached to the post. But here it is just in case maddymaderson@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion


Also the more people the merrier. Lets not make this a one course meal. We can be eaten together♥.


I tried to email you, but it just came back as an invalid email.


Believe that email is private, so you need to sign up at the host .onion site and send a message through the new email.


Got a new email that is more easy to reach:


I'm looking for RP with someone interested in depraved scat play with 2 young shota/loli or futanari.
With copious amount of shit, piss, cum (unless we are both female), and possibly including inflation.

I'm available on Discord (or click my nick for email): II ARROWS#3117


So I had this cool idea for a snuff RP. So basically some strange magic phenomena a whole butt load of fictional characters. The kicker is that they are all attractive female's. Of course the government can't allow people to know this so they send Casey Vincent a professional assassin, to hunt them down. Evil witches to innocent little girls, they must die. Of course Casey isn't content with just killing them. Oh no he would never waste a body.
Basically how it will play out if you're interested. Is you will choose a female character from a work of fiction (anime, video games, movies etc) and I will play as Casey. I will hunt you down and if you're character can fight we will have a short fight which you will shamefully lose. Next I'll rape and shame you before finally slowly killing you. My only limit is scat. If you're interested my kik is DeathFetish777 and my discord is Vice Dark Lord


We need your entire discord like name#12345 sorta thing


My bad I'm new to discord. Vice Dark Lord




Now I look like an idiot Vice Dark Lord#0926




A silly idea I had:
You now have the power with 100 dollars to build yourself the woman of your dream and do anything you want with it (even make her do anything she want with you) no one would know it since it's not an actual human:
20$ loli
10$ flat
40$ futa
20$ teen
40$ trap
30$ elvish
20$ orc
40$ giantess
10$ dominant
20$ submissive
30$ milf
20$ maid
50$ goddess
20$ tsundere
30$ yandere
20$ imedere
10$ tom boy
20$ childhood friend
30$ girlish
40$ idol
30$ dragon
10$ nymphoman
20$ gothic
100$ I give you a random waifu build with 150 $
(Now build your waifu and the next one tell you what he would do to her or let her do to him or contact me at baddomgirl@gmail.com now I start)

30$ yander
30$ elvish
30$ girlish
10$ nymphomaniac
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May i request for more options? Like "zombie" and "mummy"?
Also, can you please categorize these options?


20 $ Loli
10 $ Flat
30 $ Elvish
20 $ Submissive
20 $ Tsundere


20 $ Teen
20 $ Gothic
20 $ Tsundere
20 $ Childhood Friend

Now what would you do to them ?


Submissive gothic teen futa. Final answer.


I don't know what "gothic" means...

But I guess

I have 30$ left, so I guess gothic (even if I'm still unsure of what it means) and nymphomaniac again. :P


I want SOmeone to write a story for me about me (victom) Being tortured and skinned alive and have tongue cut out and needles pushed in eyes.
Ect ect


File: 1524515045610.jpg (62.14 KB, 482x800, 1523217634545.jpg)


Hello I am 26 years old and have a strange fantasy fetish. Now I am only into real wemon so trans and gays please go elsewhere.

I am looking for a girl that is interested in being my slave. She needs to understand though that the fantasy I ask her to fulfill would never be carried out in real life. I would be an utter fool to harm a girl willing to be my toy.

Now some things I would ask her to do is primarily on cam or over voice. However I am not afraid to roleplay at first. But I want her to play with her pussy as we do. None of that (I just think about it) no I need her fully involved.

Hopefully as time goes on she will learn to trust me. I want to dominate you for long term and keep you as my toy.

My kinks and fantasys are involving snuff / Necro / limp / asphixia / drowning. Again fantasy.

If you are a girl and interested please emailed me mootoyougaming@gmail.com. yes it is my real email. Also you can add me on Skype with the same email. I hope to hear from someone soon.

This picture is not mine but reflects a fantasy of mine.

File: 1524511669086.png (134.29 KB, 1080x1920, de6881f416ca3bd30d2946d033….png)


Hey everyone, I'm a female looking for a fun and extremely kinky roleplay partner. I am both bisexual and a switch, though I prefer to keep men dominant and women submissive in-roleplay (with exceptions for F/F and M/M pairings, that is).

What I'm looking for is a partner who...
-Has NO limits. My kinks cross every line imaginable. In general, the more disgusting, filthy, and gore-y the better.
-Someone who is capable of using proper English and typing meaningful and thought-out responses in detail.
-Most importantly, someone with a good attitude who I can get along with even outside of the roleplay!

My Kik is seasickprime and my email is deepsearoleplayer@gmail.com.

Have a good day!

(Pic unrelated)

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