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Aye, I'm just looking for someone who shares my kink and will Roleplay with me on discord.

Kuntsuki Bakugan#2137


Hello. Im looking for a female who would like to get snuffed


Aren't you gonna give out any info of where they'll contact you?


Aren't you gonna give out any info of where they'll contact you?


Looking for scat RP partner.
No guro/snuff.
Discord: Pupper#1313

File: 1528289466612.jpg (212.11 KB, 1600x939, tagBLOODx6.jpg)


Looking to be snuffed, preferbly with more victoms! Stuff like school massacre, kindap, torture, and so on! Discord Yogi#2796


Looking for human on human snuff/gore. I wanna be the victim, and would like to find other victims and 'killers' for some nice rp :P


Male looking for female to RP with. My kinks are asphyxiation (mainly with garrote, but can do armlock/leglock), fur (coats, etc.), and furries. Is open to both giving and receiving the strangulation. Can do any setting; fantasy, modern, or sci-fi. Limits are anything related to "human toilets", and death... If interested, message me on Discord @ Black Heart#8400


Hello (email is k27cn31x <at> protonmail.com, also have Discord).

Craving some depraved RPs. Looking for short-term quickies with only a handful of scenes, and varied scenarios (the more depraved, the better). Consensuality is a must (except maybe for feral characters). Third person and post literacy desired (for the short RPs, a handful of sentences per post is okay, but no one-liners).

Likes: Consensual, female-aligned partners (any race, can have dick(s), etc.), gore, mutilation, hard vore, decay, horror, sex, general depravity
Limits: Underage, ageplay, non-consensual, close incest


What's your discord? I'm interested


Kik: Bookerdb

Hello! I am a very feminine trans girl who is looking for a dominant person to play with me!
My favorite things are breathplay and asphyxiation along with peril bondage. Sometimes I like to do very slow roleplays with things such as being trapped or locked in somewhere.
I hope to hear from you!


I'm interested, but I don't have Kik. Send me an email, and we can talk more.


Looking for a partner to snuff me. The seen is we are in a virtual world where each time that I die I respawn. In the world you can change any aspect of it. You can change my appearance, spawn in any contraption, and even change where it takes place. I like things bloody but not cruel. My turn-ons are snuff, impregnation, furries, and ageplay. I do not like excessive torture, scat, piss, or vomit. My Kik is demongirl2245.


sounds fun. i like the scenario


I would like to do a vore rp with anthro bunny girls as prey. I want to have full digestion and waste disposal. If interested,
send email or reply here.


you wanna be eat? or eating?

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