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18 male here interested in rp’ing about my girlfriend. No limits for the most part. Snuff, torture, rape, rough gangbang, transformation, you name it. Preference for communication would be kik for me.
Kik is noahkp


Not sure if this is allowed or not, but I’m looking for an old thread that I can’t seem to find. It was vs battles but they were rolling 20 sided dice for damage. If anyone could point me to it that’d be great!

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Exactly what it says on the title - I want a lovely mistress to seduce me and then convert me into a human bomb against my will. Complete with a fuse or a tick-tock timer, if that's at all possible.
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Head over to darkfetish.com and search explosive girls


ok but what is your darkfetish profile?


I can not find anything about explosive girls


whats your discord? mine is Yogi #2796



I added you on discord


Hello! Looking for victims for the two prompts I'm proposing. I play by mail or on reddit.

1) Dystopian Population Recycling:
In a far away future, people are selected and killed in special centres. The selection is casual and every citizien is taught to accept that fate when it is his/her turn. I would love to focus this scene on cannibalism/butchering.

2) Alien breeding:
You are an human or an alien forced to breed with other feral aliens. The pregnancy is successfull but the birth is going to be fatal for the young and weak broodmare. And even if he/she survives to the delivery, the mother could end up being the offsprings' first meal. Kinks: pregnancy/male-pregnancy.

Those two prompts are scarce and short on purpose. I would love to talk in details with you. Looking for any victim, of any gender and age.

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Discord = Cupcake#0001
Email = swagy7878@gmail.com

i hope to get answer and people to be interrested! i might ask for eat you my little snack ;3 vore is also accepted in this case but rarely i rather eat your flesh and snacth it off ;3 any boy or girl are welcome to contact me for this dont be shy if you have problem with the discord or email just leave a comment! anyway im waiting a answer from you or maybe you the reader want to be my next snack?let me know! ^^ i will probably enjoy my character look liek this a little loli ;3 but really dangerous :p


Discord = Cupcake#0001
Email = swagy7878@gmail.com

i hope to get answer and people to be interrested!


I might seem a lil bit common but I always loved to hardly brutalize or get brutalized before killing or getting killed. I like normal sized peoples hurting tinies between 1 inch tall to 1 feet tall.
Contact me here:
- Discord: Genocide Julie#6176
- baddomgirl@gmail.com


hm your discord dont work.....may you add me in interrested in what you want to do my discord is Cupcake#0001 add meh it sound great what you writted!

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Hello I am looking for a girl who is interested in being dominated and snuffed at my pleasure. My kinks are strangled, drowning, smothering, choking, neck snap. The process or idea would be me and her going on skype together, either through voice or video if she is willing and she does as I tell her to. Or she listens to my voice as I would tell her what I would do to her.

You certainly don't need to just jump straight in. Obviously you will want to go to trust me. So us rping out some scenes so you can gauge what I will do is perfectly fine. But I am looking with this post for a girl who is willing to go all at it with me. And let me have my way with her.

Make no mistake, I would never actually hurt someone in real life. IF I ever found a girl who was interested in doing something like this I would be an utter fool to hurt her. So all of this is fantasy only.

Anyway, if you are interested please send me a email at thehandofnodprivate@gmail.com.

About me -

27 years old,
6ft tall,
Short brown hair,
Strong arms and body, played a lot of lineman football.
I am very dominate...

I am looking for a female, not a trans or gay. Only girls.

This picture is not mine, found on pixiv.

File: 1529356369898.jpeg (1.35 MB, 821x1171, 1497120846822.jpeg)


Searching for rp partner for anything about torture and touhou character sexual torture etc too just something that will be fun to do


Im searchng for anyonethat would love rape torture etc email swagy7878@gmail.com my discord Cupcake#0001 you also add me on hangout if your interrested or on discord im alos soon going to make a server aboutthose kind of stuff so feel free to join me with this!


much much

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