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Leave your kik or email of you do
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I think you're mistaken... your kik name might be misspelled


I'm interested. Jamesmortimerr on kik


I would love this! I would gladly be the executioner or the executed!
My KIK is Angela_The_Sadist


I would love this! I would gladly be the executioner or the executed!
My KIK is Angela_The_Sadist


Would like to be executed.... Can not have kik. My account was suspended and can not even make new account...

File: 1511701421570.jpg (288.86 KB, 2011x688, 2d9nuHi.jpg)


I'm an experienced player who enjoys dark and extreme kinks.
I'm looking for a partner who likes themes such as cannibalism, gore, vore, bestiality, genital mutilation, underage victims (shota/loli) and torture.
My turnoffs are scat, watersport and vomit.

My kik is hanako92
My email is chris.2007@hotmail.it


File: 1529561636546.jpg (171.41 KB, 600x849, c0c345d6f946c34fab8ad1c7c0….jpg)

ForYou#2704 you found chetnasunia2000@gmail.com


Looking to role play with no limits.

Really into loli/rape/necro



If you had a discord...

File: 1513158851355.jpg (1.33 MB, 1100x1165, youngflesh-355803-mowgli2.jpg)


I'm looking for a partner who likes themes such as cannibalism, gore, vore, bestiality, genital mutilation, underage victims (shota/loli/teens) and torture.
My turnoffs are scat, watersport and vomit.

My kik is hanako92
My Discord is Soki#9254
My email is chris.2007@hotmail.it


File: 1529558906959.jpg (171.41 KB, 600x849, c0c345d6f946c34fab8ad1c7c0….jpg)

ForYou#2704. May I be your loli/shota victim


Discord = Cupcake#0001

Email = swagy7878@gmail.com

im searching for someone to taste ^^ and eat :p vore and other fetish are accept with me any other fetish we gonna put ou what's about poop pee and vomitin the rest is alright ^^ feel free to add me! also i would rather dothe action to you smuff guro ar enjoyable with me! i accept that other eat meh torture me and other i accept alot of thing vice versa ^^ i play alot of different kind of character and i have a various way of rping so feel free to contact me! i will enjoy to rp with you :3 for people that wasent sure unbirth,bodyswap,anal vore,torture,vore are accepted with me diaper,poop,pee fetish is my limit here if not im alright with it!

Last Note girl and boy are accept with me

2nd Note im a girl if you wanted to know

Feel free to cxontact me anytime! im free most of the time!

Note the Picture here is one of the character i might play as if your wondering :3


File: 1529557678937.jpg (35.93 KB, 366x512, 09e4bffe94c325a59109a234a2….jpg)

a Character i might play as in any of the rp


I am starting a thread about RP in other languages then English. Hopefully ppl like the idea to find others who like to play in their own language. French, German, Italian or any other.
So please show me that i am right and there is a need for this.


Hallo, mein Name ist Lena und ich mag RP mit folgenden Themen:
Snuff (mit willigen Opfern)
Inzest (Papa/Tochter, Mama/Tochter, Geschwister usw.)
Loli (bin da sehr flexibel)
Schmerz ausgelöste Orgasmen
Realistisches aber auch Fantasy Szenen in denen alles möglich ist.

Was ich nicht mag:
Alles was normalerweise in die Toilette gehört.

Ansonsten bin ich offen für Neues.

Ich suche bevorzugt Leute mit denen ich Deutsch schreiben kann.

Ihr erreicht mich per Mail : tritax@yahoo.de und wenn es passt habe ich auch kik oder discord fürs chatten.


File: 1529556375468.jpg (171.41 KB, 600x849, c0c345d6f946c34fab8ad1c7c0….jpg)

Czesć. Jestem fury. Mój wiek i płeć są nie ważne. Ty decydujesz o tym kim będę w grze. Lubię być ofiarą szczególnie pedofila-sadysty. To może skończyć się śmiercią... Ale nie musi

Nienawidzę srania, rzygania ani zabaw w jedzenie tych dwóch rzeczy. Reszta jest ok.

Mój discord ForYou#2704

File: 1508116983969.jpg (128.96 KB, 632x923, 1495307105032.jpg)


I know the nature of this site is gruesome and violent content usually, but aside from the kinks I'm into that fit along those lines, I am also looking for people who like doing sweet and gentle stuff too. I like a mix of the two, so it's the same thing over and over where every RP is cruel and mean spirited in nature.

I also like a mix of fantasy and realism when possible, while trying to avoid fetish casual world type scenarios.

I love using both canon characters and using/making up random ones. Crossovers are adored depending on the idea.

I prefer to RP in 3rd person, and while I usually play the submissive/victim or the observer (willing or not), but sometimes I can play the sadist too. I prefer to play male characters as well, but depending on mood and idea, I might play a female.

Personally I also don't care what gender you are behind the screen, as long as the character I'm interacting with is female (and maybe futa) then I'm good.

As for the kinks... Up for discussion and free to ask if like something or not. Main thing that matters from my RP partners is OOC consent, please don't pull a kink out of no where and hope that I like it.

Some level of plot and/or story is adored, but sometimes just a scene or two for a kink works too. Just don't for for mindless mass vore for no reason and stuff like that.

Love: Soft vore/fatal digestion, weight gain, size changing (usually shrink), expansion, giantess crush, crushing in general, animal victims in vore/crush/etc, lactation/breastfeeding, kidnapping, rape/being raped, unwilling victim(s), motherly characters, ageplay, shota/loli (no age limit), health problems from weight gain, possible slob, some watersports/scat, wetting/bedwetting, soiling on purpose, breast smother, femdom, incest (mom/son, bro/sis, aunt/nephew), affectionate cruelty, and some others like when women are being seductive yet classy bout it while not being slutty.

Turn Offs: Revival over and over just to kill victim again, making me have a big dick, sissification, endless growth, vomit (it can still happen, but likely not as a kink aspect), cross dressing, changing my character's gender, giantesses and femdoms that are overly perfect and impossible to kill, cock worship, muscle worship, extreme humiliation, constant degrading, forcing a lesbian relationship to happen if it's a F/F scenario, and some others. I'll address them if it comes up.
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Hello! Is anyone still interested in this? I would love for a roleplay of this type of possible! I am always one to enjoy being sweet or being sweetly taken care of only to have my partner grow sadistic or have been hiding their true intentions all along.

I would prefer lesbian relationships yet, if you are male I will take you but with a rule.
My discord is: Angelasadist #7016


Hope it's alright to bump my old ad instead of making an entirely new post.

I'm still interested in potential partners, but I don't have kik. I do have discord and skype when it comes to IM programs and would prefer those over email.

Kinda forgot I had this ad for a while, so thougth I'd check in on it.


Discord is incorrect


Whose discord is incorrect? I know some have put there's without the proper number or numbers at all, but I (the OP) haven't given out my discord directly yet.


File: 1529552353217.jpg (171.41 KB, 600x849, c0c345d6f946c34fab8ad1c7c0….jpg)


Hello Madamme

I am victim from Polan, EU. My age and gender are not important. I am furry (neko). I am very interrested to be a part of Your RP story. Is it still open?


Looking to play a scene centred around the pregnancy of an human, that received the seed/eggs/spawn of an alien.
The human can be ANY gender and ANY age.
Human body is not suited to alien pregnancy. Indipendently from how the pregnancy happened (consensual or not), this will lead to the interesting part of the scene...

1) Fatal delivery: When the offspring is going to be mature, they will erupt from the kids body. Wouinding him to the point that he couldn't be repaired.

2) Hungry offspring: the newborn litter is hungry. Their istinct is to eat their mother. The memebr of alien species are aware of that and accept that, while the broodmother didn't know that...

I can play the "father" or the "Mother", up to you!

Mail: darkgames91@mail.com


File: 1529551752985.jpg (171.41 KB, 600x849, c0c345d6f946c34fab8ad1c7c0….jpg)

ForYou#2704 it is my discord. I am fury but can be a human girl/futa... You can decide about my age;) are you interrested? Aaah and we can play both scenarios or mabe later will think about mor of them?


I just had a scenario idea involving an OC of mine, and thought it would be a good idea to post it here.
A few years ahead from our time, science has developed genetic modificated furries for a zoo exposition. You're one of the zoo employees, taking care of a hard task.
A week later, a unstable tiger boy escaped from his trainer and killed several children.
His legs and arms are safely restrained, and a gag keeps you away from his sharp teeth. Your job is to get rid of him before he gets into more trouble. No one is watchin, though. You can do whatever you want to this cute tiger boy.
What will you do?

(My email is Kidney26eater15@gmail if you want to talk.)


File: 1520104612032.jpg (2.26 MB, 1836x2540, 20180303_162200-1.jpg)

Decided to add a drawing to complement the post


Id be interested if it was a tiger girl... ;)


Hey anonymous. I am furry and you decide about my age and gender... Interrested? My name is my discord

File: 1529545221397.jpg (171.41 KB, 600x849, c0c345d6f946c34fab8ad1c7c0….jpg)


It is me on the pic. You decide if I am boy girl or futa. I am loli/shota/futa fury. You found me on a road, kidnapped and now You are about to start to play/torture.
Looking for a very long and kinky RP.
My limits are scat/vomits/snuff. Anything other is ok.
Orgasm control torture is mmmm wha I like and hate the most...

My discord is


Can not delete. Or edit. E-mail is chetnasunia2000@gmail.com

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