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Male searching for girls who'd like to play the female characters from the Angel Corps comics, would strongly prefer consensual victims if that's alright. I can do ** rp as well as be semi-literate, would prefer to use kik or discord. Hoping to find someone soon.
Kik: Minato_Arisato_
Discord: Minato#8935




Looking to share REAL breathplay and choking stories: karen02@protonmail.com

File: 1529958759267.jpg (538.45 KB, 1024x750, bikergang2.jpg)


looking for men, women , or couples to RP sex and death on IMVU
i can kill or be killed


File: 1530681306169.jpg (352.88 KB, 1024x751, shotlick.jpg)

Looking for Men , Women, or Couples who use the 3D Chat Client IMVU who enjoy RP sex and death Some Roles that I have done including picking up a chick at a rock concert and shooting her as i fuck her, cowboy who shoots and fucks indian maiden, cowboy who is arrowed and killed by indian maiden, villian killing a super heroine, member of a biker gang shot and fucked by rival gang member/ bad cop , and others, more ideas welcome

email is sebastionfoxx2@yahoo.com

contact me there to learn my IMVU ID

Images were taken on the IMVU chat


You can so blood there now?

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Hey, Im looking for partners to Roleplay :p I can do Normale Rp Or Sex Rp [Almost Any Themes are Welcome :3]


Contact me on F-list if you are interested, even if you don't like everything don't be afraid to contact me :3

I Can Rp in English OR French ;)

File: 1530976247266.jpg (63.36 KB, 400x640, 3uqmzca698AXdJKx7r4-VLRY9s….jpg)


Hello everyone, I'm Lizzy! First and foremost, I am a lesbian. This means that I am a female, and I am attracted to females. Some people don't seem to grasp the idea that I am not attracted to males. I will be clear in that I am perfectly fine in roleplaying with males as long as they play females or futas. But please do not come to me suggesting you play a male as I will likely ignore you.

Now, onto less bitchy stuff! I'm looking for someone who shares the same kinks as I do! These are things like guro/gore (duh), torture, scat/watersports, necrophilia, cannibalism/hard vore, bestiality, ageplay, incest, sadism and masochism, and plenty more fucked up little fetishes that don't come to mind right now.

Keep in mind, the only thing that I WILL NOT do is hyper anything. No chance there. Other than that, lets get nasty~

At the moment, I'm definitely looking for more fantasy-themed roleplays, with Orcs and Elves and monsters, all that sexy stuff. This isn't a necessity though, but it would be greatly appreciated!

Finally--and most importantly--I'm looking for someone detailed and literate. If you come to me with only one or two sentences (or, God forbid, one or two words), don't expect a reply. I usually roleplay using two to three decent-sized paragraphs per response. I also really enjoy planning long-term roleplays, so don't expect to jump right into a roleplay that only lasts a day or so.

Anyway, I hope to hear from some of you! If you wish to roleplay, my Kik is DeDoDoDoDeDaDaDa, and is probably the best way to reach me.


I'm interested, but I can't use Kik. You can send me an email if you want, and we can talk about it.


one of my biggest fantasies is being abducted by non anthro insects and being raped by them and pumped full of eggs, but ending up enjoying it. and being kept to incubate the eggs, and one theyre layed and hatched the insects refuse to let me go, and keep me for breeding for the rest of my life. i so so badly want to roleplay this.
i am a trans boy so my character will also be. i prefer playing furries, canines, but im not picky. we can discuss stuff

my discord is buglover#4767, feel free to dm and send a friend request and well talk


Hello everyone. I'm searching female roleplay partners for deadly roleplays into any of those fetishes:
My email: claudioroleplayer@gmail.com
My Discord: BellyBoy#3626

File: 1529617328935.jpg (35.93 KB, 366x512, 09e4bffe94c325a59109a234a2….jpg)


Discord = Cupcake#0001

Email = swagy7878@gmail.com

searching for a naughty rp partner i will be the victime and maybe the predator sometime :3 girl and boy accepted with me the only excluded rp kind are poop diaper thingy pee the other are all accepted! unbirth vore inflation guro canibalism are my favorite ;3 im a girl if your asking a little loli girl is the one i most rp as there a pic of a character i might play :3 im waiting you all!!!!


your wait is over


you there?


Crypto talk you mgith add em on discord it will be much easier to talk since discord is direct :3


Cupcake, i sent you an email

File: 1529958582655.jpg (538.45 KB, 1024x750, bikergang2.jpg)


looking for men, women , or couples to RP sex and death on IMVU
i can kill or be killed

File: 1529831944609.png (635.02 KB, 1000x900, 651fdee0da3073744c9b3cd10e….png)


hey, im looking for someone to roleplay :p N'hyiannnn, im almost into anything so feel free to ask if you have special kink so i can tell if i like or not, add me on skype to roleplay (nothing Irl, it's just for convenient matters but if you have discord or anything else tell me n'hyiannn :3 )

My Skype : Wolfblade911

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