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Contact my Facebook for pictures of real dead girls.



Contact my Facebook for pictures of real dead girls.


Looking for a dom/domme rp partner that is extremely sadistic and has few limits. I do prefer non con RP.

Things I’m interested in: toilet play, guro (duh), amputations, bone breaking, race play (I’m Latina), incest, breeding, vore, hard vore, cannibalism, non con, monsters, supernatural, kidnap, rape, knives, body mods, pet play, abuse, extreme degrading and humiliation.

Limits: underage play.

Kik: redrosedahlia
Discord: aria#0935


I'm interested if you want


Looking for rp partners. Am flexible: currently playing with different people using different scenarios and different rp set ups. Eg fantasising about specific lolis or fantasy characters. We can do turnbased with both of us steering the course of the rp, or you playing the loli and just reacting, etc.

My kinks: Mg, loli, age 7-13, non-consensual, abduction, slavery, rape, torture, amputation, mutilation, snuff

Contact me on Discord: souro12#9050 (souro with a small 's')


Just as the title says, of course this is fantasy only. My discord is Vice Dark Lord#0926

File: 1533776898505.png (5.56 MB, 3507x2480, 243174_touhou_chen.png)


searching for a rp partner!! i be active for long rp i want creative people so we can understand each other i want you to have a anime style character not realistic or it turn me off i love rp where there magic so where you can use special power like reading minds having superpower etc i also love to do vore and unbirth as the predator or prey as long as it good!! dick and anal vore are also accepted with me non consensuel vore unbirth dick vore or anal vore are the that turn me on the most or cannibalism non consensuel too im a girl and im searchong for other girls or boys to rp with me i play different character so dont expect me to rp with the same character alot i might change enough often but i can do exeptions with people! belly fetish are what turn me on too so as i said vore anal vore unbirth or dick vore interrest me inflation too scate is no thx dont be too with my asshole cause it not really my thing but i can live with it for 3 rp max before we change so feel free to contact me

Discord = Cupcake#0001

Email = swagy7878@gmail.com (aka add me on hangout)

i hope to see you soon in a amazing and tasty rp! to fill my womb and stomach ;3 (here a character i can play as i love to play as neko too and normal girls) (i might play as her so be aware of that ^^) see you on discord!!!


Looking for someone willing to do this on discord first of all, so contact me at ?clouddasherLillyHopsmisscutie?#6797 Also needs to be transgender friendly as I am one. But my idea is I would be a super tomboyish girl any age from 4-11 is fine and it would be about her and let'sts call them lover and her letting them kill her in different ways. All consentual of course. We can talk abut kinks and such later, but always consentual and scat free are a must.


Looking for other males to do a fighting scene with me. In the scene im looking to be defeated, humiliated and used as a cumdump before putting to rest while being milked.

Kinks I want: breathplay, being plastic bagged, cum, humiliation, small dick humiliation, piss and anal.

No scat.

I will play only as a guy. I Wont mind to play with dom females who likes to snuff men.

My discord: KittenBoy#9987




Looking for RP partner who plays a girl (10-13 year old) who is kidnapped by me (in present time) or bought as a slave (in historic setting)

Turn ons: loli, non-consensual, restraints, kidnap/slavery, bondage, torture dungeon, whipping, anal rape, large insertions, electrical or heat torture, both gagged & screams of victim, all forms of nipple torture

Turn offs: scat, bestiality, gay

Find me on Kik: souro.12


now on Discord: souro12#9050


Changed from Kik to Discord, contact me there at souro12#9050


IAM young boy interested in bdsm hoping to find gay male who also are interested i want to see or here the dark side of erotic if you are young and interested welcome
- FIRST i need your role Dominant, Submissive, or Switch ( Master/Mistress or Slave is also fine.
- SECOND - What is your kinks?
- What is your limitations? ( Name three of them ) came here hrishro#9468

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