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Anyone knows? Sorry it's so small


its a gif


you mean this is all was made, not coming from something longer?


It's from this pivix

You need an account to see the NSFW


There was a short scene where the monster tears her chest.


Huh. There was a request for this artist's stuff earlier this year actually.

Good News: There is a full version with the monster actually slashing her and - most impressive - sound.

Bad News: The artist's Pivix actually doesn't have the full version. They originally hosted everything on a website that has since gone down. I guess when it went down, they lost a lot of their stuff. So for those who've seen their whole archive before the site went down, their Pivix page is painfully disappointing.

Better News: Someone managed to save everything before the site went down. Deep in the Animated Gifs thread on /g, there's a link to a working Mega that contains (as far as I can tell) the whole archive. It includes the full version of this one, as well as all of the artists other amazing animations and still art.

Best News: I'm a nice guy, so I went and dug out the link:!aIAhnZpY!soVrLjUG80jet65GvmZADKT4dRV5WttTFa1eeRaDJCY
It should still be working.


Have to bump this

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