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More debreasting fantasy or reality gif or vid anyone?


It's really hard to find some "Good" debreasting pics, like showing the details of flesh and fat tissues inside the breast wound.
Almost all the western style comics about debreasting only show a boring red blood wound, no details. Boring as shit.
Japanese style debreasting comics is very realistic, but also hard to find.

In reality, it seems really hard to find real debreasting picture or videos, even in those most dangerous war zone or crime scene, you can't find anything about debreasting. Only some boring news with NO pictures.

Anyway, debreasting is a very minority fetish.


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why don't you look for photos from plastic surgery clinics. there should be plenty of those.


Debreasting is not that rare fetish, in fact, it is very popular. even I did that myself on my 3d series receiving quite a lot of requests.
It is just not very common to see any kind of detailed gore on real-life videos or pictures. Even when this kind of stuff gest captured on camera it does not look even remotely as good as drawn pictures of 3d renderings. Drawn pictures look much better than 3d on this topic

Considering how it looks in reality, it is in fact very boring red bloody wound is she is alive and very clean yellow fat if she is dead. you can check it by googling "Woman Breast Cut Off" also women look quite ugly without proper makeup.

So we do not realy want it to be realistic.


I do a lot of writing & create comics where Debreasting is a heavy focus.

Look me up at FrictionByBill DOT blogspot DOT com and you'll find plenty of Debreasting material.



Dude I love debreasting.

Especially if its in a combat based situation. The idea of two women armed with some sort of blades and the victor walking away with sliced off or opened up tits Is pretty much my ideal fetish.

To be fair though I have a thing for slashing and cutting anyways. I think its just seeing the destruction of the feminine body. And tits are pretty feminine so my two fetishes work well together.


I also like debreasting, especially in situation of execution, a female head of the rebel being debreasted in the public


I am obsessed with debreasting / tit torture / cannibalism / etc...
It's basically my strongest fetish and I'm very passionate about it. It is interesting to meet others who share this as well though I will agree it's a little bit more obscure than most other dark fetishes out there... but at the same time, it's likely not as rare as you think.


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I think about how I would bite down onto the fat juicy tip of the breast, grind down on the areola with my teeth feeling the skin rip apart and shred violently - and like an animal, grip the meat from the soft tit... Oh~ how I think about devouring, destroying, and mutilating tits in the most savage and sadistic ways...

So anyway, yeah, you're not alone.


It's like the most primitive human bloodthirsty instinct...
Destroying the precious sensitive flesh of a beatiful woman...

For me, I like imaging some sexy female soldiers, agents, or warriors get captured by enemies, and those bad guys use knives to slice off those women's nipples or breasts for proofs of bounty, enjoying the red blood, yellow fat, mixed with milk, coming out of the tits wounds...
So excited.


Bump, you are certainly not alone ...


lol what? Debreasting images are very common and easy to find... Pussy Eating on the otherhand...




Forgot a few more -_-

P.S. Disregard any of the B.S. on the threads that wasn't removed




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