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Does anyone have recommendations for artists who are taking commissions? I'm looking for someone to create work in this style (or at least be able to draw similar proportions).

Ideally they'll accept bitcoin or some other type of cryptocurrency, but I am open to other forms of payment as well.


File: 1517814944141.jpg (63.16 KB, 664x935, yLWOvry.jpg)

Here's another reference


John Person? I can't remember what his last name is but it's something like that.


Yes I know the reference images are drawn by John Persons / The Pit, but I don't think he takes guro commissions.. Either way, he appears to be having personal issues and is unavailable for work anyhow.I'm looking for someone who can do guro artwork in a somewhat similar style.


can you describe it what style of guro treatment you want in the artwork?


Looking for pictures of self-harm of girls. Very preferably on thighs, or ass or breasts. Let's make this a great thread!



I'll get back to you soon.


Hitori_Artist can do this.
Anguro Kraken as well.
Jim Sugomi might be able to, depending what you want.
Eateres is another artist who could do it.

Look them up and good luck!


File: 1548599969580.jpg (292.26 KB, 927x1200, slice ld1.jpg)

if this sketch is good enough proportions wise u can email me for something high quality;

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