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I have found a couple pictures by this artist, but like 4-5, and I like the style, but I was curious if more were floating around?

 No.9600 has about 22 pages of his comics and artwork.


I tried there, but I get a sad panda?


Speaking of juan gotoh i’ve been looking for a gif made by him about two naked girls with katana swords. The other got decapitated while the other is disemboweled and commited suicide. Any gifs of that


It's called "Death of naked samurai girls" and is a small .m4v video originally.
The board won't accept this format unfortunately, but maybe you can try looking up "DONSG.m4v" and see if it turns up something.


File: 1516938138126.gif (380.53 KB, 320x240, harakir.gif)

That's not how google works tho.

here's the short version if I understood you correctly. Too lazy to find the longer gif.


Any links or websites that had contained the DONGSG.m4v?

Please let me know


Even on the juan gotoh’s official website there’s nothing there


I originally found that animation (and a few others) as high quality flash animations on Juan's official website back before he pulled all his guro works. I should still have it on an old hard drive, but I don't know where any of it is right now. T_T


bump and too bad



Hey, I'm 9730. I found them! The original filse from gotoh's site were m4v format. I thought they were flash files like swf but I looks like not.

I can't upload that here though. How can I share them? They're about 1mb each.



Unless you can share it here


You can use mega, mediafire or any other cloud storage service.


Gurochan is back baby! :) now let’s continue where we left off.

Yes just like >>10239 said you can share it by through other websites.


OK. Let's try this:
h t t p s : / / drive . google . com/file/d/1oddbql0vZznUmnNYkr3KbFyxp-sDYibq/view?usp=sharing

Removing spaces, does that link work?


And here's the other one.
h t t p s : / /


I think Juan made another m4v animation of a woman being shot on the head (standing naked in front of a wall, shot in the forehead execution style), however I'm certain I don't have that. I'm not too big on gun guro bit if I had known Juan was going to pull all guro from his site I would have nabbed it for completeness.


where's the link for the "DONSG.m4v" as well?


yep the links work :) good job


You're very welcome. I'm glad I was able to nap them when I did.


What About The “Death of naked samurai girls” m4v?


I don't know what the video files were originally named when I downloaded them. "DONSG" doesn't sound familier though. As for the "Death of naked samurai girls" I thought that was the harakiri video I posted. What you described in >>9607 sounds vaguely familier and lso like the kind of things I would really like, but I don't remember it or know if I have it. I don't think I do. I'm pretty sure I don't anyway but I'll look again when i can. In the meantime I think that's something we should keep looking for cause it sounds great.




The two links diffrent animations from juan gotoh and however the death of naked samurai girls is just one animation that involves a duel with katana swords between a red ponytailed haired girl and the black long straight haired girl as they strike each other the red haired girl strikes the long straight haired girl leading to her disimbowelment but the long haired girl counterattacked and decapitates the red haired girl as well as severing ther right hand which holds the katana(as the head falls and the background lies her headless corpse spasmed and spray with blood then as it falls down the floor it pee’d after her left hand twitch for the last time. After that the disemboweled black long straight haired girl stabs her chest in the heart ended up commited suicide.

That’s what i remembered what i describe when i was watching that m4v or Gif on the original Gurochan.


Damn! ... That sounds really familiar, and hot af! If anyone has any leads on the original video that would be greatly appreciate.d


File: 1531498133236.gif (5.77 MB, 320x240, 1414687498389.gif)

I saved the gif version a few years ago. Here it is.

Would love to see this one if anyone has it.


thank you! :D this is what i've remembered and described even this one is a gif version awesome you're a lifesaver


Awesom! Thank you! I remember this on Juan's site. Brings back memories.

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