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Amybody can read moonspeak?
Please throw me a rough translation.
The rest is there:


I don't know Japanese well but this picture read by OCR pretty well so you can use google translate or something I just posted raw machine translations in the end since there is too much work to recreate all sentences properly in English.

ほらしっかり開けよ Hey, open it properly
くうっ Kuu
はい Yes
よし ちゃんと入ってるな今抜いてやるよ Perfect, it is in right now, I'll pull it out.

んはあつ nhaa
おいい声だな O, Nice voice
ああっ aaa
尿道いじられるのが気持ち良くなってきたか Does playing with urethra feels good?

栓を抜いたら小便も垂れ流しか Do you pee Because I unplug it?
くうん uh , yes
ふうう fuuu
いい感じに拡がってきたな It feels good

でもまだ狭いか But is it still narrow?
指一本がやっとだな It is barely enough one finger

早くコレを突っ込みたいぜお前も尿道犯されたらどうなるか気になるだろワ I want to push it quickly You should be wondering what will happen if you are fucked urethra

そうだいいこと思い付いたさっき出した小便の代わりに Instead of piss that out a while ago came up with a good thing's right

ほらいいもの入れてやるよ Here I will put a good one

・・・さあ今日からは一回り大きいのに挑戦だ Now it's a challenge to make it a little bigger from today
コレに慣れたらいよいよ・ニ膀胱まで犯してやるからな楽しみにしてろよ Let's get used to it soon · I will commit till up to the bladder and look forward to it


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Thanks pal! There is far mor to go if you don't mind:


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I'll gonna have some free time friday, I'll try to edit the album. There is more work of this artist not yet translated. Can we make it to exhentai?


I am always willing to help in translating stuff for people who agree to do some work like editing. ;)
If what I did is enough for you I can continue with the rest but you still have to do lots of work turning it into decent English

there is some untranslatable text as moans or short words like
はい (Ha i) yes
うん (u n) Yes
え e
う u
っ means that sound has to end abruptly
く Ku
ふ fu
ひ hi
あ A
お O

here is the first page text.

それでは保健の特別実習を始めます。Then I will start special health training.
モデルは綾波さんです。The model is Ayanami.
それでは先生お願いしますWell then, doctor, please.

それじゃあ映像お願いします Well then, picture please

なんで綾波が Why Ayanami?

医者が邪麿で見えね The doctor looks evil.

うん いいです Yes, good

ではまず女性器について説明していきます I will explain about female equipment first
すげえ Amazing

綾波のま〇こだ Ayanami 's pussy


The first 4 image edited.
Please make translations for all the speechbubbles, I can find wich is the correct one like trying to read hyerogliph, but I cannot extrapolate anything from nothing.
Image 5 needs some extra work from your side.
I will edit all the images from the following galleries if you make the crude translation.

And if this gallery exist somewhere with text, that would be nice:


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"here is the first page text.
Then I will start special health training."
Please use tags like center, bottom left, upper right etc.
I will work on it, but I just get confused on the health training page.


I think it may be better to talk on discord if you have it, for real-time conversation

Since you are doing it seriously I will try to make complete and better translation if you want. Just that some bubbles are more like sound effects and not actual meaningful text. so it may be easier to read them directly if you just learn few letters.

From now on to make it less confusing I will post text in the priority Top->Down, Right->Left.

As for your editing, I would recommend some smoother font, for example, this one:

That's the problem with hapanese language that their words do not entirely match English and they lack any punctuation at all so it is quite some work to decide which one of them fits best but we can asume that
"Then I will start special health training." is "Well then, I will start the special hygiene lesson".

You can wait for full translation. I will try to do it properly in the text file with page numbers and somewhat improved text instead of plain machine translations.


From now this gallery will be uploaded with this kind of shit:

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