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Hi there, I play league of legends, and there's one character in particular that I hate; Ahri. Now seeing how she's still a little on the hot side, I am not against hentai of hers, but I'd like it with a little twist. Unfortunately there's none of that stuff to be found on the internet and I'm not much of an artist myself, so seeing how I ran into this site, I figured one of you lads may actually be able to help me out. I'd love to see a few pics where Ahri has been tied up and will be/is being/has been raped and tortured, preferably eye gouged (i know it's fucked up, but it gets me hard every time, don't ask). Other things Guro-related injuries are welcome too, if you have any spicy ideas. Go all out, artistic freedom is very much encouraged. Use the included picture for reference or as a base for the artwork. Surprise me!


I really like your idea. I think I can do something for you, just give me some time though :)
Hope you dont mind if i add some of my own ideas too.



Allright, neat! I hadn't expected a reply so soon. I'm excited! Any estimates on how long it'll take? Also, like I said, artistical freedom is very much encouraged. Mind sharing some of those idea's you have :3?


It may take up to 1-2 weeks as i currently have 5 other pieces ahead of this.
I'd like to keep the overall concept a surprise, but i think you'll like it as im excited to draw it :)


Actually, I have been having second thoughts. I am sure as hell going to end up feeling bad about myself after .. ye know..... fapping to questionable stuff. I think I'll just cancel the request all together, if that's allright. Sorry for being so whimsical :3 I do apprectiate the ethusiasm you have put into so far, and i sincerely thank you for that, but I'll just cancel the request since I'm just feeling bad about it after all...


Not a problem. However I've really been wanting to draw a LOL girl anyway and Ahri was my top choice, so do you mind if i draw it anyway? itll be just for my own interests.

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