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im searching for content including penis that is damaged and doesnt work
for whatever reason.
medical? good
too much cbt? great!
took a good hit? awsome
impotency due to castration?
as long as it doesnt work, it works.
if there is a girl laughing about it, or dissapointed - the better.
furry is ok too.
i really dont know where to start with searching this stuff...
pic kinda related


This tickles me too, moreso in a femdom scene, a young man is captured by sadistic women, he is stripped and tied up. When naked, they notice his cock looks a bit twisted, uncut, they pull back his foreskin and notice the shaft skin is not attached to his corpus cavernosa. They wire him up for estim torture which forces and erection, his cock erects, but only the inside starts to expand out, a bit like a horse’s cock, a sheath. They stare at his bulging glans, they grip the end and pull it out even more. They laugh at the sate of his deformed penis as it erects, it bends severely to one side, throbbing, the skinned shaft bulging. They make fun of his deformed penis. They want to torture him more, simply by one of the girls taking a long sharp blade and slicing off his deformed, skinned shaft.

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