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Hello GUROchan

I've got a really weird crush on Jayda Fransen and I'd like to request pics of her. I would suggest stuff like decapitations and gynophagia or cannibalism stuff but draw whatever you want involving her.

I've been browsing GUROchan long enough that I remember someone once made a thread requesting Sarah Palin pics (and that it actually got responses), so I figure Jayda here is fair game too.

... No, there's no agenda here. I'm just sorta fond of her and also a GUROchanner. I don't really agree with her, mind.


... Bump?


Read the RULES. Gurochan is not a place for real people


please link to any community with real people!!! there is not much content


Pretty sure the rules referred to snuff photos, not drawings, which is what OP is asking for

I saw someone post a cooking drawing Forbiddenfeast did of Nicki Minaj over in this incarnation of gurochan's /g/ some time back, if that's allowed, then OPs request is okay too

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