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Those who know my name tend to see me in the scat or Artowork sections. But I have this craving for something I cannot shake since few share my interest...

I would like to make a request for an anthro female dog character squatting to piss and shit. The catch is that the character has to be sporting a canid pussy (aka "dogina" or "fortune cookie"), puffy preferably (in heat is up to you).

The character can be any female anthro dog character. Could be a pre-existing (e.g. Isabelle, Renamon, Krystal, etc) or an OC (e.g. e621's Dogmom, or somebody else). What matters is that the character is attractive (on-model, or close to it, is always a plus), and I have a good enough view of genitals and anus.

If nobody does it, that's fine... I had no idea where else to post this request.


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Well... I didn't request these, but they are up my alley.


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Something about puffy fortune cookies and shitting just seems so hot, to me.


well dude, I wanna see this too. Especially on isabelle hnnnng. I wanna see her farting and shitting <3



I'm glad I'm not the only one. <3

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