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All I have is this short version.


This is the only version I've ever seen. If there is more I'd be interested in seeing it as well.

That's the link the artist's Pivix. Unfortunately, their original site is down. While the Pivix has a lot of good stuff, many are just stills with links to the original site, This one included.

If I remember right, this one continued with another stab or two, followed by some viscera slopping out of her cunt. It'd be a shame if it was lost forever.


We're in luck. I dug around in the Animated Gifs thread on /g and found a working mega with the entire old site archived.!aIAhnZpY!soVrLjUG80jet65GvmZADKT4dRV5WttTFa1eeRaDJCY


Thank you very
much sir! I am so happy right now ^_^.

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