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Do anyone know anyone who does Naruto necrophilia stories?


Is ANYONE willing to write Naruto necrophilia stories?


I wrote a short story under Waifu Wasted called end of Ino that some minor necrophilia


Thanks I like what you wrote but I want stories with less gore like hanging, poisoning, stuff like that.


I'm interested in these type of stories as well


i do remember there's necro story in fanfiction website


we need more naruto necro stories


Can anyone point me to where I can read naruto necrophilia stories? I really want to read about naruto having some sweet necro sex with some female ninjas.


Definitely for this, imagine....

Naruto watching Sakura sleep softly, her body turned away from him by a campfire, his eyes following her figure from the gorgeous pink strands of her hair, down her back, to rest at her gorgeous ass. Maybe he becomes overwhelmed with lust, knowing he feels this way, but knowing their relationship is almost brother and sister. Maybe he has the overwhelming desire to enjoy her, intimately, knowing he could never do so much as cop a feel given her reflexes. Like a gentle breeze in the night his blade slips between her shoulder blades and enters her unsuspecting heart. There's a gasp, as she abruptly wakes, confused, followed by another as he expertly twists the blade, sundering her most important organ. She shudders, breathes raspily a couple more times before she finally relaxes, a warm stream of urine exiting between her thighs as Naruto stares at her ass, his devilish smirk appearing...





I would love to read Naruto stories like that just with little to no blood in it


me too


Yes this is what i want more of


Can this guy come back pls


Second that request

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