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Does anyone know if there is an English translated version of Kesson Shoujo (aka Defective Girl by Romantic Fool)? I know there is a version in Russian at which I found on, as well as original Japanese. This manga (or rather, the search for it) was a big thing in GUROchan back in the day, as well as 4chan, 420chan, and many Japanese imageboards, so I imagine there HAS to be an English version.

Does anyone have any ideas where I could find the English version?


And some original artwork from the author here...

According to some (older) sources, only one chapter was ever released/leaked, but the Russian manga website seems to list more than that.


And an old GUROchan thread from 2005-2007 with lots of great art and discussion:


I did find a version with a few pages translated to English on, but not many, and only for one chapter. I assume I have more than one chapter, as an old archive I have (which I think I got from has the following folders:

[C79] Bicco
[C82] Increspatura
[C84] Mezzanotte
[C81] Succhiona
[C83] Purgatorio

Anyway, just really hoping I can find an English translated version (or someone who can translate it to English!). Or hell, even someone who knows enough moonrunes to email the author and ask if there are more chapters that are not yet on the open internet.


According to, there are 8 chapters total, with not all completely scanlated.

The author's twitter is @ononon, and his Pixiv ID is 1100886, and his email is on his website, in case anyone who knows moon wants to see if he's said anything about it.

I did (just, within the last 2 minutes) find 6 chapters, apparently all translated, at, but that means it must be missing two (if 8 is the correct total).

Apologies if this is considered spamming, but I remembered Bikko from ages ago, and became extremely curious to see what became of it.


Actually, it definitely can't be complete. The C79 chapter (which seems like the first at first glance?) has a note in it from the author saying it was his first Bikko chapter in quite a while, and it was dated 2010... So I suppose I still can't find the whole thing.


The last available chapter, Mezzanote (C84), may actually be the first. From a note which I presume comes from the author. I imagine it is him and not someone else who redrew it because it looks like it's attributed to him, and the art looks like his.

From Mezzanote:

The first Bikko book, there was something
like that, wasn't there? I didn't have it
before, but I obtained it through a strange
way. So, at that time, I thought of redoing
it. Of course, I didn't have the digital
data. Also, the quality would be rough if
I were to scan it. So, in the end, I redrew
the whole thing. So, there you have it,
Bikko's debut manga.

If there was an angel who would come
down upon a novice artist, I'm sure the
angel would be a girl like this.

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