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I tried posting this in /g, but it looks like it fell of. Please /req, you're my only hope.

Ever since reading a scene in the book American Psycho where he forces a rat from a tube into a woman's vagina, I think by heating up the tube so the rat claws through her trying to escape, I've had a thing for animals crawling into pussies.

Snakes/eels are the most common thing I've found, since they're so similar to tentacles, and they're good too, but I want to see a hungry animal with teeth and claws crawl in and start tearing her shit up. Can be aliens, rodents, insects, just something more exciting than a tentacle that just moves through.

Posting with closest thing I've found


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There are some real-life pictures and even videos of a mouse being stuffed there but not so much anime on that topic.

also, it is not very reasonable to expect that small animals will be capable to tear anything much there before it will suffocate

here are some pictures that I made as illustrations to one story some time ago


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Nice ones, Onix.
Pity the girl isn't tied up!
With her in bondage, the scene would be awesome.

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