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I've read a snuff manga a few months back on which I really liked but unfortunately, I can't find it anymore now.
The manga/comic was about 30-40 pages long (maybe shorter) and completely in Japanese. I am not able to read/understand Japanese but there was no need for that either as there never was any doubt about the things that would happen which I will describe now.

A woman was more or less hog-tied to a post fully exposing her genitals while another woman that looked like a young sorceress watched and talked to her. She was forced to witness the rape, torture and death of her companions while nothing happened to herself.
There were around 5-7 victims in total tied bend over facing each other in a circle. At first they were raped (and i think their virginity taken) by soldiers and they also pierced their tits. After that the soldiers brought at least one monster like an orc towards the girls and he raped them as well. In the end they were killed by having a "flame thrower" inserted in their vaginas and turned on until their stomachs blistered and they literally fell apart at the hips.

It's possible that the gallery was expunged as I searched with the tags monster/orc, rape and snuff but couldn't find it anymore. Your help in finding this particular manga would be much appreciated. If you can't provide a valid link but know or have the story, then please post it here.


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Sounds like this.


Yes, that's the one I was looking for. Thank you very much.

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