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Hi. I have a request. Kinda involves a double fetish. Is there a photo of a nice woman nude with abs on fire? That would be lovely.


File: 1509238008635.jpg (796.9 KB, 1050x910, fire1.jpg)

I don't know any that kind of photos but it is pretty easy to make in 3d

Did you mean woman on fire or abs on fire?


File: 1509240850042.jpg (737.65 KB, 1050x910, fire2.jpg)

And another version of playing with fire


Abs on fire would be really nice. Thanks!


Woman on fire is nice too so I don't mind that either.


Ok, but for what reason, abs can be on fire? It is not like women are flammable


I usually imagine them as tied up with someone having poured gasoline on them. Sorry if I'm not detailing enough but yeah.


Another thought is they are in a hallway tied to a chair or something as a fireball races down the hallway towards them.


I guess there isn't really much then. Thanks though.

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