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That's the store link, I mean do you have the download link e.g. 4shared?


anyone please store them on cloud and give us li nk please




emofreako released his gameplay!:


please buy from
then put the item on cloud storage, like Google Drive, mediafire,, 4shared, etc.


anyone have this please


nice. totally gonna help you with that attitude.


nice. totally gonna help you with that attitude.



Sir, we have dispute on the first division.


















seriously? nobody?!


you mean to tell me that in almost five months you couldn't come up with $14? give me a break, kid



We have been disputed this issue here:

Yes, I would but the problem is that there is no easy access for those who are not allowed to credit card.

worse, no Google Play release. I can use toll to buy Google Play item using fortunate SIM card.




soon attack




I usually would find it for you (would have by now) but certain artist want you to purchase it ):< I can't and hope you the best, but sometimes the artist have to make a living off these. Posting them for everyone wouldn't be right.


Gotcha! I knew this message gonna happened. It's true now guys!
Don't listen to him! He's not helping but to hinder!
Wow, what a perfectly matching prediction, isn't it?
Best day of my life but not all! Yeah! Expectation that has become cliche! Haha!


lol he busted!
if he dont want to help, sure he shouldn't have said it.
but he insisted to say so like "I would not this time!"
wow, betrayal! hahahahahaha!


Watchout! He might gonna raid this thread and report to mods!
Expect that!


Guys, he is right! he is making living out of this. he has a way to make money!


Haven't you get it? It was an over simplistic game! Any other game that costs $14, could've been better than that!
Let's say you buy things on GOG. You can get around 4 games, 1 game with full story, high graphics, so on!
Guys, can you find me a game that has exactly similar price?
Why would a new patent realizement that expensive?


I found one. just 99 cents higher. thought you won't gonna own it fully.


I am not satisfied! Any other games please? It is some kind of tetris thing like that!



wait! I found one GOG game that costs $14.99
Just one of them in a collection.
regardless of its gameplay, in quantity, there are so many things you can do about it, more than what we are currently talking about.



True gamer, buys game when they want it and thinks if that is appropriately priced. They buy, because they will.
Perhaps the price here is inapporpriate. It should be lower or unpriced (sorry rant)


we must buy the product:
and put it on any of these cloud storage:
then setup the sharing mode link and share the share link to here! yeah.


Great plan. There is already someone posted that.
I think you guys should remember.


take note, these aren't the download links!
one is the target,
second is where to put.


Geez lol>:D
What I'm saying is I do help find what people want to see (check on other request post :)) but generally I couldn't assist here because most people frown upon giving other peoples pay to watch, use, etc. I said I "would have but couldn't now" to mean if there was another request somewhere besides stuff the artist wanted you to pay for I could fully help. Also, this wouldn't be something to report on:). If you found it and released it here that would be kinda sad for me (cause alot of sales for the artist would be lost) but I wouldn't report you or the thread. As brothern though, I would be a bit disappointed.

If you really want something other than "pay for" material just ask me on request and I'll check it out:)


So help only what is other than "pay for".
Pathetic. He shouldn't have been here in first place. Even saying so.
We ask who will help full, no partial. Sorry for the rant above.
Btw, we must coin a wish to a well for someone to create a fetish that is same, but no charge at all. I expect an optional donation available in Patreon.
Everything is possible. Who will? Make the oracle say the truth.


Like seriously. He seems kind. But on the other side, the true form has revealed.
What is the point for choosing that evil, than this evil? Equally the same evil, just one will comfort and one will displease.


Kind only this evil. I mean, by our perspective, "not fully kind". By theirs, "guardian"!


Hey guus. I think what kind atleast, that he is decided not to report now.
Again, do not expect that it is absolute decision though.
By that, we will grateful. It is thanks mini.


One of the other reasons I say this is with all the other interruptions that Gurochan has had, we also probably don't want other artist to see their stuff published here and knock down this website again through DMCA and other legal methods. And I'm not evil (That Way>:D) but a semi guardian. I would protect you like I protect any artist because I love to work with you all, I'm just saying some people make a living doing commissions on here and then releasing them to the rest of the public on here aswell. Their are those who are selfish and don't want to do that either,which I generally don't approve of but I respect their wishes. I do try to help in other ways if I can, but I might not be able to. Their is also the added bonus of if I give you the link to it, their might be trojans and other things listed that would be harmful to you or any information about you.

I legitimately don't want that. Even though it may seem as though I'm on "their" side, I'm really on yours and anyone elses who is on Guro, but somethings are too risky. If you really want it that badly I'll search through some links to get it for you, but do you really want them after all the information on what can go wrong and other things?
I'm always on your side my brothern>:).


Nice quote!


We always knew the risks. A bunch of legal higga biggas, to gray dudes that gives legitimacy, with malicious codes.
We knew that.
Guys, any pirate link you will get, be sure to run them in sandboxer. this is the last warning! We don't want anyone's computer get scronched just by hastily being excited for it.


What do you mean "sandboxer"?


what sandboxer mean, is something to encapsulate the application inside a special box, so the malicious code won't get anywhere, eventually to your precious datas.
These includes Virtual PC,, etc.


Seriously? I got only this? We qre not getting link!!!
Just post lunk dnmit!
Legal is later!


Please do not say ironic word!
Gurochan is the only place to go!
We would like to. Just have to find even darker link.
Somethinng like it is called VantaChan. Vanta Black Chan thing...
with only onion links and few popularity to public!


F*ck it! I want link! Now!!!!!!


Geez! Patient! We know!
Nobody here could help at all, I know!
But we cannot let the legal higga biggas caught us.


You all re traitor! If only there is angry button, I would've pressed it many times!


The anon above is angery! What must we do? And, we were insulted! I'm sad! :'( ?


Do nothing, Pray for the best, refrain from report button!
I guess, I have to leave cryogenically. not like, cryo thing!, but, something to do, beside being here, for a much longer...


My mom is calling!
Leaving now, bye.
And e u all!


I think Cenobite is not evil, but neutral.
the anon above is. He is not apropriate. But I understand. tbh I also angry for noone helping.


It's okay. just ignore him.
Respond only to download links.
As long as now Gurochan endures the thread, it will No longer a trouble to abandon.

to find, use Ctrl+F, and the thread title. let's discuss this later.
case closed temporarily.


bye all! sorry for inconveniences caused!



Let's find X.





Sorry, not you, x.
the other X. something that gives daylight to this particular case.
















I'm going to try to find a download link for you. Information should be free and I would like to to be. For now though, I found some others you might like for the time being.

This was from a heart thread. Also, there is video play of the game (I was looking at). It shows what the game does/is about. I'll try to help as best I can.




Thx for bringing that back.
However, it isn't they were asking for.
But thx anyway.
And I hope the hostiles don't come back before this problem solves.


For a while I forgot about this:). I'll try harder to get what you wanted.







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