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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a story that was on /lit/ waay back when this site was hosted on another domain.

It involved a bunch of girls semi-consensually taking part in a sick kind of contest where they were debreasted in a variety of ways. I distinctly remember one girl literally putting her tits in a wringer, another girl having her breasts crushed between two steel plates and a third girl losing her tits via a relentless vaccum tube.

Anybody have a link?


Sounds like the "Tits-Off Festival" by Barbecue, recently finished by Yppiz / frictionbybill... The only link I can provide is to the DGF, where you need to be a member to read it, but if you are, here it is:


Thank you! Hmm, I'm fairly certain that this isn't the story I was looking for, as I don't remember there being any "festival", but I've registered an account regardless.
Would you mind copy pasting the story (or at least parts of it) here? The registration process at the forum seems like an unnecessary hassle, apparently the admin needs to approve any new account, and god knows how long this might take...


They get a lot of trolls there, hence the approval process. I'm sorry, but I won't copy paste someone else's work without permission on principle. As an amateur writer myself it just doesn't feel right:/
There's a group of very active people sharing mod duties over there, so hopefully won't have to wait long:)


The Tits Off Festival

Jane finished cutting the bottom of here thin white tee shirt and pulled it on over her head. Looking in the mirror she frowned. The tee shirt barely covered the erect nipples of her 40DD tits, exposing their lower curves. "A bit more." She mused, pulling off the abbreviated shirt. Cutting off another half inch, she pulled on the shirt and again faced the mirror. The shirt now exposed the lower half of her pink areoles. Taking a deep breath, she was pleased to see her nipples momentarily appear as her chest expanded.

"Now for the loincloth" Spreading out the loincloth, she attacked it with her scissors. The pieces of fabric, once one foot square, became an inch wide by four inches long. Donning the now tiny loincloth, she surveyed herself in the full-length mirror. "Perfect!!" she said smiling. The cut-off tee shirt accentuated rather than hid her firm tits. The tiny loincloth allowed her meat tag to dangle in full view. Turning around, she was pleased to see that the small strip of fabric nestled between the globes of her meaty ass, sure to draw the eyes of everyone at the festival.

Facing the mirror once more, she cupped here tits, pinching her nipples. "Some lucky man is going to really enjoy cutting these off today!! I hope he does it slowly." Her pussy began juicing at the thought of a sharp knife slicing her globes from her chest. Her fingers dove between her thighs, plunging into her pussy. Seconds later, she shuddered in orgasm, a flood of juice drenching the hand. "AAAh" she groaned. Licking her fingers clean as she left her room, she thought. "I do taste good! I can see why Mom wants to lick my pussy at least once a day!"

Running down the stairs, the tee shirt flying up at every step, she went to find her mother to say goodbye. Screams of passion led her to the kitchen. There she found her blonde mother bent over the island while a statuesque redhead pounded a huge strapon into her wide-open cunt.

"Oh Gawd! Harder! I'm cumming again!" Her mother, Anne, squealed as the redhead fucked her. In response, the woman increased the speed of her pistoning hips, sending the woman into orbit.

Anne collapsed after her huge orgasm. The redhead pulled out, exposing the biggest dildo Jane had ever seen. Her mother's juices dripped from the monster. Thirteen inches long and two inches in diameter, it looked like a weapon rather than a sex toy.

"Ah, Mom. What's going on?" Jane asked.

Anne lifted her head from where it rested on the counter as she recovered. "Hi, Jane!" she replied. "This is Dora. She's going to be Dad's new wife. They're getting married this afternoon at three. I'm going to be the roast for the reception. Dora is just opening up my holes for the stuffing."

"Hi Jane!" Dora held out her hand, the strapon bobbing with the movement. "We have to get your Mom in the oven in the next half hour in order for her to be ready at five thirty. Would you care to help?"
"I guess." Jane replied, stunned at her mother's announcement. " The girls won't be here for another hour"

"That's great!" Anne beamed. "Maybe I can have one last taste of that delicious pussy! "That's quite an outfit, Anne. Where are you and the girls going?"

"It certainly is!" Dora agreed. ""It shows off your meat stupendously!"

"We're going to the Tits Off Festival. Our cheerleading team came second in yesterday's competition. The losing team loses their tits, so all six of us are going to pay up."

Impressed, Dora said. "That's quite a wager!"

"Oh, it's the standard wager." Jane replied. "We've won the last three years. We knew we'd lose sooner or later. It's quite exciting actually. Every year we've gone to watch the other girls have their tits cut off. I always got wet watching it. The girls seem to enjoy it so much. They cum and cum! And, I do like having my tits whipped. It's just that the other tem bent the rules so much."

"Really?" her mother asked, "What did they do?"

"Well, we went first and did a great routine. We had really thin tops with only a string holding them on, so that they would fall off during the routine, and short skirts with no panties. The judges always like to see tits and pussies. We did a lot of cartwheels and stuff to make sure they got an eyeful. We got a 9.9 and figured we had it won. The other team did an okay routine but nothing spectacular. At the end though, they did a pyramid. The girl at the top of the pyramid pulled off her outfit and they brought out a spit. They put it under her and as the pyramid collapsed, she spitted herself. The team then gave her to the judges for dinner. We had no chance after that!!"

"Wow!!" exclaimed Dora. "Win at all costs!"

"It's not that I mind giving up my tits," Jane griped. "I was going to do it sooner or later, but that was cheating!"

Hugging her daughter, Anne comforted her. "What's done is done!" she said. "Just enjoy your debreasting."

"Hate to break this up." Dora said. "But there is another hole to open! Over the counter, Anne. Jane why don't you hop up on the counter and let Anne slurp that inviting pussy while I open up her asshole for the stuffing!"

Jane immediately jumped up on the counter and spread her legs. Anne dove in, burying her tongue in the offered pussy. Placing the head of the dildo at her puckered asshole, Dora warned. "I'm not going to be gentle! Time is getting short." "Of course not!" Anne said lifting her head. "I'm meat. You don't have to be gentle with meat. Open me up for the stuffing so I can get into the oven."

With one mighty shove, Dora buried the huge fake cock in her ass. Anne's eyes bulged at the painful intrusion. Jane pulled her head into her sopping cunt, the tableau had really got her juices flowing, to distract her from the her asshole being stretched. The taste of her daughter's juicy pussy had the desired effect. Slurping away as her anal sphincter adjusted to its invader, both girls were soon writhing in orgasm. After her wedding supper had several cums, Dora pulled out with a pop. "Okay meat! Time for stuffing!"

"Gawd, that was good!" Anne sighed as she straightened up after giving Jane's engorged clit one last loving lick. Climbing up one the preparation table, she lay on her back and pulled her legs up and out, fully exposing her gaping holes.

Dora wheeled an automatic stuffing machine over to the waiting meat. "John had a good idea renting this. Hand stuffing takes so long."

"What's in the stuffing?" Jane asked.

Taking a firm grip on the metal end of the stuffing hose, Dora shoved it about four inches into Anne's ass. "Bread crumbs, rice, summer savory, mushrooms and a bunch of spices. The stuffing comes with the machine. I've had it before, it's delicious." Turning on the machine, she watched carefully as the stuffing pumped through the transparent hose into Anne's intestines. "Don't want to overfill her ass. Most of the stuffing should go in her pussy, Her intestines should just be filled." Anne groaned in pleasure at the rhythmic pulsing as stuffing was shoved into her ass.

Flipping the switch to OFF, Dora said. "That's enough in her ass." As she pulled out the hose, Anne whimpered at the loss. " More please!!" She pleaded. Grabbing a zucchini from the counter, Dora shoved it into the still gaping asshole. "Don't want to lose any." She explained to Jane. Patting the still whimpering meat, she said. "Now for that lovely pussy!"

Plunging the tube head a full six inches into the well-lubricated pussy, she turned it on. Anne sighed in passion as the stuffing began to fill her abdomen. Jane leaned over and began teasing her clit eliciting even more squeals from her mother. "Things are going well." Dora said. "But, we need to hurry it up some. I'm going to turn it up some." Turning up the dial, she moved the machine to its third setting. The pulsing on the machine quickened as it began pumping the stuffing in faster, Anne's abdomen was visibly swelling as she was stuffed fuller and fuller. " We'll go for about the ten months pregnant look." Dora decided.

Anne came repeatedly from both her daughter's tongue and the vibration of the stuffing machine. As the pain from the enforced expansion of her belly increased, she came harder. Shutting off the stuffing pump, Dora decreed. "That's enough. She's out about ten inches from normal. Anymore and she'll burst. Keep her occupied while I get the pan." Jane nodded, as she couldn't speak as she had her mother's clit in her mouth, firmly sucking on it. The combination of the suction and Jane's head movement had Anne squealing in glee as her pussy convulsed in pleasure.

Dora pulled the wheeled table holding the roasting pan over to the prep table. Big enough to hold a full-grown meat animal, the pan featured a heat resistant cross arising from the center of the pan. Just in front of the cross was a six-inch long projection from the base of the pan. Leaving the table in place, Dora went to her bag and pulled out a four-inch battery power dildo with a clit attachment.

Returning to the table, she told Jane. "Okay that's enough. We have to get her into the pan." With regret, Jane released her mom's love button and stood up. "Wow!" Dora exclaimed. "You've got that clit as hard as a rock!" Grasping the stuffing hose, Dora pulled out of the sucking cunt and quickly replaced it with the dildo. After adjusting the clit attachment so that it firmly covered the engorged clit, she pulled the stuffed meat animal to a sitting position.

"Into the pan! On your knees facing me." she ordered the stuffed meat animal. Anne slowly moved into the pan. "I'm so full!" She groaned incoherently, the stuffing and Jane's tongue had her almost delirious. " Yep!" Dora agreed. "Stuffed like a dinner should be." She guided Anne into position over the dildo with her knees spread wide. "Jane, I'm going to pull out the zucchini. When I do, you push her down onto the butt plug." "Sure thing!" Jane replied as she gripped her mom's shoulders.

Dora pulled out the zucchini and Jane pushed, impaling Anne on the dildo. "Perfect!" Dora enthused. "I don't think we lost any stuffing!"

Anne now sat on her widespread knees with the dildo up her ass holding her in position. The pan's cross was just behind her back. Taking her arms, Dora draped them over the cross. Anne had recovered from the stuffing and the numerous cums she had experienced during the procedure and could speak rationally again. Looking down at her swollen belly she said. "I look like I'm ready to give birth! You two have done a tremendous job. What's next? "

Tying her wrist to her ankles, Dora pulled Anne's shoulders back thrusting her 38DD tits forward. "Now we fill your tits!" Retrieving a 50 cc syringe, needle and a jar of canola oil and spices from her bag, she assembled and filled the syringe. "Hold her tit steady, Jane!" she ordered.

Grasping Anne's right tit in both hands, Jane watched fascinated as Dora slowly inserted the needle in the center of the nipple. Anne howled in orgasmic bliss at the pain. "Deeper! All the way!" she pleaded. After inserting the needle down to the hub, Dora slowly pushed the plunger injecting the tit with fluid. Anne's breast visibly swelled as the fluid entered. Poking the boob with her finger, Dora announced. "I think one more. We can get them up to at least 44 inches. Unscrewing the syringe, she filled it again, reattached it and pumped in another 50 ccs. Anne's tit was as hard a rock after the second injection, the skin as tight as a drum. "Excellent!" Dora enthused. "Now the other one!" Working quickly, the two would be chefs filled the other tit to match the first.

"To the oven!" Dora announced. She wheeled the cart over to the large glass oven. " I have the oven preheated to 100 degrees Anne. It will rise about 5 degrees every ten minutes, so you have time to enjoy yourself. With luck you'll be able to smell yourself cooking before you fade away."

"You've done a tremendous job, Dora! Thank you so much! Having Jane here to help with my preparation made it so much better! Enjoy your wedding and my meat. I hope you have just as much fun tomorrow as I have had today!"

"You're quite welcome Anne" Dora hugged the trussed women. "Just a few more things," Picking up a large apple she approached Anne. Leaning over, she gave the doomed female a passionate kiss, tongues frantically entwining. "Open wide." Obediently Anne opened her mouth, allowing Dora to insert the apple. "Now bite down!" Anne did as she was told, fixing the apple in place. "This is my own gift Anne." Dora reached down between Anne's outstretched and turned on the vibrator. Anne's eyes opened in delight as the vibration started both inside her cunt and directly on her sensitive clit.

Sliding the pan off the table into the oven, Dora paused before she shut the door. "Enjoy yourself dear!" she told the already cumming dinner. Shutting the door she put her arm around Jane's shoulder. "Thanks for making extra special for you mom, Jane"

"No problem!" Jane replied. "I had no idea mom wanted to be roasted so badly. Look at her! She's cumming again!"

"That's a very powerful vibrator. She'll be cumming until she slips away." Dora assured her.

Inside the oven, Anne was in heaven, The searing heat on her naked flesh, the painful stuffing of her belly and tits, combined with the insistent humming of the vibrator were driving her to bigger orgasms that she ever had. Being able to see the two women watching her cook made it even better.

"Dora, what did Mom mean about you having fun tomorrow? Jane asked.

"Oh, it's part of our wedding celebration. After I marry your father, all the guests are going to fuck me in all my holes. Then we're coming back here for supper, you mother should be done roasting by then. After supper, everyone is going whip and cane me for the rest of the night. Your father is out buying new whips and canes now. He said he was going to get a sjambok to use on my tits. Oh! I love getting my tits caned. All those lovely welts. My ass too! You know the kind were you can't sit for days afterward. There will be fucking in all my holes all night long and in the morning, your father is going to spit me, open up my belly from my pussy to my tits, remove all my guts, fill me up with the rest of the stuffing, sew me up with twine and barbecue me for dinner at noon! That's why we have so much stuffing left over!" Clasping her hands in glee, she gushed. "Have you ever heard of a better wedding?"

"Sounds delightful!" Jane agreed, her pussy throbbing at the thought. Pointing to the huge strapon still attached to Dora's hips, she asked. "Is that still available? I could use a good fucking right about now."

Grinning, Dora spun Jane around, bent her over the counter so that she could watch her mother roast and kicked her legs apart. "Which hole" she asked.

Bracing herself for the coming assault, Jane answered. "Either or both! And I hope it's both!"

"Both it is!" was the reply as the dildo was rammed into the drenched pussy. "Pussy first though!"

Anne was fading fast as the heat climbed inside the oven. Through a haze she watched as Dora buried her dildo in Jane's pussy. "Oh that's sweet." She thought. "Fuck her hard Dora." Another monster cum washed over her and took her into darkness.

Jane squealed with delight as Dora plunged her strapon deep into her love tunnel. "Pussies are so wonderful!" she thought, "They can take anything!" Bracing her hands on the counter, she pushed back to meet every thrust. After several minutes of violent fucking, Dora pulled out of the Jane's gaping pussy. "Now the ass!" she said with a wicked smile. "Spread those cheeks girl!" Jane lay flat on the countertop, mashing her firm tits into the unyielding surface. Reaching back with both hands, she pulled her asscheeks apart, clearing the way for Dora.

"Aaah!!" Dora noted the slightly open anus, "Not your first time I see!"

"Gosh no!" Jane wriggled in anticipation. "Dad first fucked my ass when I was eighteen. I love being stuffed up the ass! It gives me better cums that my pussy! Shove it in!"

"You asked for it!" Dora placed the bulbous head at Jane's anal opening and began pushing. With surprising ease, the anal sphincter opened, allowing the huge head entry. Once inside the muscular ring, Dora smoothly slid the entire length up the moaning girl's ass.

"Oooh Yessss!" moaned the girl in bliss. "Fuck my ass! Hard!" Grasping the girl's hips, Dora pounded into the ecstatic girls poop chute, driving her to cum after cum until she could not fuck her anymore. With a loud "POP" she pulled the dildo out Jane's ass, leaving the girl lying motionless on the counter. Sinking into the nearest chair, she wiped the sweat from her face. Unstrapping the dildo, she waited until Jane roused herself. As Jane slowly pulled herself vertical, she told her "You are one of the best girl fucks I've ever had, Jane"

Jane smiled. "You handle a mean strapon, that for sure. It's sort of too bad that Dad's going to barbecue you tomorrow. I'd like a couple of weeks to get to know you better."

Spreading her knees wide, Dora grinned. "No time like the present! You've got me so hot I'll go off like a firecracker!" Dropping to her knees, Jane lifted Dora's legs over her shoulders and dove into the offered pussy. Running her tongue along the engorged pussy lips, occasionally dipping into the steaming tunnel, she soon had the older woman begging. "My clit! Do my clit!" Finally, taking pity on the pleading woman, she ran her tongue across the rock hard clit. Dora's hips bucked at the sensation, shoving her juicy pussy into her tormentor's face. Taking the swollen flesh between her teeth, Jane bit gently, sending Dora into paroxysms of pleasure. After pushing the older woman into cum after cum, Jane slowed down her attack, allowing Dora to slowly come down from the peaks of pleasure. Sitting back on her heels, she licked her lips as Dora caught her breath.

After catching her breath, Dora hugged her, "I needed that!" she exclaimed. "Roasting a girl always makes me so horny."

"Oh my gosh! Jane cried. "Mom!" Rushing over to the oven, she peered in at the immobilized roast. " Oh she's gone! But look! She's smiling even with that apple in her mouth!" Opening the oven door she inhaled. "Oh MY! She smells delicious!"

"There's nothing like the smell of roasting girl meat!" Dora agreed, firmly closing the oven door. "Don't let the heat out. We're on a tight schedule."

"I can't wait to taste her!" Jane licked her lips. "What time is dinner?"

"Dinner will be served at five thirty. Will you be back?

"Oh yes." It shouldn't take that long. I'm sure we won't have any trouble finding someone to cut off my tits and the other girl's tits as well. Would it be a bother if they came to supper too? We could help with the fucking!"

"Jane, do you realize that ninety per cent of the girls who volunteer to be debreasted at the Tits Off Festival never leave the grounds? Once they experience the pleasure of having their tits painfully removed, they decide to become meat. That's why the festival is so successful and meat prices are so low. Denton Farms uses it as a supply of free meat."

"Oh No!" Jane protested. "I've read the brochures. I've been at the festival every month for the last five years. It clearly states that volunteers only have to give up their tits. They have medical personnel all over the grounds to ensure that no one bleeds out. You give up your tits and then you go home!"

"How many girls have you seen go home Jane? They do have medical people all over the grounds, but they also have chopping blocks and axemen as well."

"Well yes. There are always some girls who decide to become meat, but it's not required. We're not going to. We're just going to pay off our bet and come home!" The doorbell rang at that point. "The girls have arrived, Dora. I have to go. I'll see you at supper without my tits." With that, Jane turned and hastened to join the rest of the cheerleading squad for their afternoon delight at the Tits Off Festival.

Part 2

Opening the front door, Jane bid a cheery hello to the five girls standing on the front steps. "Hey girlfriends!! Are you ready to have your boobs sliced?" A chorus of "Hell Yeah! You bet! " answered her question.

The five girls were all blond like Jane. It was a requirement to join their cheerleading squad. In preparation for their afternoon, they had all dressed to display their assets prominently.

Allison, the smallest of the group at five foot two, had opted for a rope bra, which wrapped around the base of her 38C tits, lifting them up for inspection. The rope was tied tightly around her tits, causing them to darken slightly. Her coral pink nipples stood out prominently both from the pressure of the rope and her excitement at the impending destruction of her breasts. Her tiny cheerleading skirt completed her outfit.

Betty, five foot four with 40C jugs, had opted for a tight fishnet top with a generous scoop neckline. Several sizes too small for her frame, it caused her tits to bulge out of the neckline. A thong bikini displayed her taut ass to perfection.

Dana, the biggest of the girls, both in height at five foot eleven and in bust size, wore a white platform bra to display her 44DD boobs for the customer's inspection. She had modified the bra slightly so that the cups extended only halfway up the underside of her creamy tits so that her inch long dark brown nipples were clearly visible. Like Jane she wore a modified loincloth.

Helen, slightly shorter at five foot eight, had decided to display her assets with a simple vest from which she had removed all the buttons. The open sides of the vest framed her 40DD melons perfectly. A pair of pink crotchless panties completed her ensemble.

Inez, at five foot five, completed the group. Always the exhibitionist, she had gone topless, leaving her 38EE melons in full view. A short see through skirt barely covered her meaty ass.

"My, you girls look good enough to eat!" Jane exclaimed.

"Well, someone will be eating parts of us tonight!" Dana rejoined. Cupping her tits, she continued. "Let's get going. I hardly slept a wink last night thinking about how these puppies were going to be hacked off!"

Inez agreed. "The waiting is terrible, I've been horny since we lost the competition. If the festival had been open last night, I would have been there."

Looking at the faint red stripes adorning Inez's tits, Jane commented. "Looks like you got a bit of a head start on the rest of us."

Defiantly Inez shot back. "No matter how many times a came using my vibrator, it wasn't enough! So, I got Dad to give my tits a good whipping. I wanted him to cane them, but he wouldn't. He said the welts would detract from the enjoyment of whoever got to debreast me." Her face brightened, "May be who ever wins them will cane them before cutting them off!!"

"You can always hope." Jane agreed. "I suppose every one got fucked all night as well?" The girls all giggled and nodded. Jane griped. "Dad wasn't home all night, so all I had was my fingers. I'd love a mouthful of tasty cum right now. Let's get to the bus stop. I should be able to find a willing male on the trip to the festival."

The girls trooped off to catch the bus to the festival. While they were waiting for the bus, she filled them in on her father's wedding plans. "You mean your Mom is roasting right now?" Allison asked incredulously.

"Yep!" Jane replied. "She's in the oven, all stuffed and starting to turn brown. I got a whiff of her roasting and she smells delicious already."

"Did she look like she enjoyed it? Allison asked.

"She certainly enjoyed the preparation and stuffing!" Jane said. "And it looked like she was cumming from the time she went into the oven until she finally snuffed it."

"We're invited back for supper?" Dana wanted confirmation of that point.

"Sure are!" Jane answered. "Though Dora thinks that after we get our tits chopped that we'll decide to go all the way and become meat. She says most girls do it after they are debreasted. I told her we had no plans to do that."

The girls looked at each other. None had thought much beyond the excitement of having their tits destroyed. The festival bus pulled up at that moment, cutting the conversation short.

As the girls climbed onto the bus, the driver looked appreciatively at them. "Looks like you girls are going to the festival for a purpose." He said.

"You bet, sir." Betty bubbled in excitement. "In a few hours, all these tits will be someone's dinner!"

Reaching out, the driver cupped her tit. "This is my last run today. I was going to go home, but having seen the merchandise, maybe I'll stick around for a bit."

Pussy suddenly juicing, Betty leaned into the hand fondling her tit. "I'd like that!" she breathed. "You could have your way with my tits. I'll bet you would do it slowly and painfully, wouldn't you?"

Pinching her erect nipple, he assured her. "If I won these babies, you'd be screaming as I slowly sliced them off your chest. Now, take a seat while I get us there."

Betty stumbled to a seat and began frantically rubbing her pussy with one hand while she twisted a nipple with the other. "It's going to happen!" she moaned. "My tits are going to be history."

Jane, oblivious to the byplay between the two, had taken a seat next to the only other passenger. As she had hoped it was a young man. The sight of all the young nubile flesh exposed around him and the realization that all these girls were happily going to have their boobs removed of their own freewill had his pants bulging.

"Hi!" Jane cooed. "Are you going to the festival?"

"Y- yeah." The young man stuttered.

"We're going to have our tits cut off." Jane told him. "Have you ever cut off a girl's tits?"

"Aaah no."

"Would you like too?" Lifting up her top, Jane showed him her jugs. "Would you like to cut off mine?" Grabbing his hand, she placed it on her breast. "You could you know. If you win the game where my tits are the prize, you get to remove them however you like to. You could cut them off in one piece, or you could slice them off a little at a time. It would be up to you. I'd just stand there and let you do it. I know I'd enjoy it, would you like to do it to me?

The young man was speechless. He wanted to say "YES!", but he couldn't get the words out. Dropping her hand to his bulging pants, Jane continued. "You must be awful uncomfortable. Why don't you let me take care of that for you." Sliding out of her seat she knelt in front of him, unzipped his pants and pulled out his eight-inch cock. She had him so aroused, pre-cum was leaking from the bulbous head. "Mmmmm. That's nice!" Opening her mouth, she lashed the head with her tongue in circular motions before popping into her mouth. The young man groaned, his hips bucking to drive hid penis down her throat. Jane buried her nose in his pubic hair, swallowing him to the hilt and holding him in her throat for several seconds before beginning to bob her head up and down while sucking vigorously. With in a minute, she felt the head swell as his balls prepared to empty themselves into the warm cavern of her mouth. Pulling back so just the head was in her mouth, she jacked the shaft. Unable to hold back, he emptied himself in long juddering spurts into her welcoming oral cavity. When he finished squirting, she sat back on her heels. Opening her mouth, she showed him his load. After sloshing the sperm around for a few seconds to relish the taste, she swallowed. "Yum!" she said. "I just love the taste of hot cum. Let's get you cleaned up." Licking the deflating prick clean she tucked it back in his pants.

The bus pulled to a stop at the festival grounds. Standing up, she thrust her tits up to the young man's face. Opening his mouth, he fastened on to the offered nipple sucking strongly. With a tinge of regret she pulled free. "Remember!" she told him. "If you win my game, they're yours to take." With that she joined her friends as they excitedly piled out of the bus to fulfill their wager.

The festival grounds took up an entire city block at the outskirts of Dolcettville. Completely surrounded by an eight-foot fence, there were two entrances for the public. One was for people coming to enjoy the show and perhaps to take home a nice rack for supper. The other was for women who came to the festival to part company with their tits for one reason or another. A gigantic sign stood over the public entrance featuring a smiling girl standing with her arms tied behind her in front of a table. One breast had been severed and lay on the table. A knife was pictured, half way through her remaining breast. A large balloon containing the words "Welcome to the Tits Off Festival! Have Fun" completed the sign.

"We go through the registration door today girls." Jane announced. "It's down this way." Leading the five girls around the side of entrance building, she exclaimed. "There it is! Oooh, this is so exciting!"

As they approached the volunteer entrance, they noticed a freshly built structure. A ten by fifteen foot platform stood about five feet off the ground with stairs leading up to the platform located on one end. A four-foot fence surrounded the structure. On the top of the deck, were two pieces of equipment. One looked like a giant set of paper cutters, while the other resembled a set of garden shears, mounted on a pole.

"What the heck is that:?" Inez asked. The girls shook their heads in wonder.

"Isn't that a Denton Farms bus pulling in?" Helen pointed to the entrance. A bus pulled in and drove to the back of the parking lot, next to them. The door to the volunteer entrance opened and three of the festival staff hurried out pushing a large wheeled stainless steel cart.

Pushing the cart through the opening in the fence, they parked the cart in front of the pole holding the garden shears. Reaching into the cart , they pulled out a large tub and placed it in front of the paper cutter like equipment. Climbing the stairs, one stood beside each of the pieces of equipment, while the third took up position between them.

The door to the bus opened and a tall redhead with mammoth tits stepped out. Her breasts were barely contained by her leather bra as the two cups extended only to her nipples from the sides and were joined by a thin leather braid exposing her deep cleavage. Her short leather skirt did nothing to hide her meat tag and left the bottom curves of her firm ass visible. Thigh high leather boots and a cap with the insignia of Denton Farms completed her outfit.

Lifting a whistle to her lips, she blew two sharp notes. Immediately the bus passengers began to disembark. The girls were stunned to see that every passenger was a naked woman with her arms tied behind here back. "Those are Mark 3 and 4 milk cows" Inez exclaimed. "We learned about them in Meat Class last week. The Mark 3's were bred for milking. They're the ones with the huge tits and, look, at the length of their nipples! That's from the suction of the milking machines twice a day. The Mark 4's were bred to balance out their milk and meat potential. See, they the one's that look meatier and their tits aren't as big."

Thirty of the Denton Farms animal got off the bus and stood milling around, waiting for instructions. The male bus driver followed them off the bus. "Let's get moving. Stacey!?" He ordered. "I've got another delivery this afternoon."

"Right away Tim." Stacey replied. Blowing her whistle again, Stacey got the females attention." Okay cows! Single file inside the fence and to the top of the stairs. When it is your turn, move to the chopper and put your tits on it. After you get chopped, go and stand in the shears and keep your head up. Understood?" There was a chorus of *Mooos* "Let's move then!" Stacey ordered.

The cows immediately filed past the girls, through the gate and formed a single line up the stairs. The first one waited at the top of the stairs for a signal from the festival staff.

"Holy shit!" Dana exclaimed! "Is this what I think it is?"

Stacey and Tim had followed the cows to the gate and stood leaning against the fence. Stacey looked back at the open-mouthed girls. "It's culling time. These are milkers whose milk production has dropped below acceptable levels. When that happens, we convert them to meat."

The man standing by the tit chopper waved the first cow over. Obediently she approached the chopper and lifting herself up on her toes, placed her tits over the metal ridge. "Make sure you get you bellies right against the frame!" Stacey issued last minute instructions. The second staff member stepped forward. Grasping the cow's nipples, he lifted the tits and pulled them forward to seat them properly. Satisfied with their placement, he nodded to the man in charge of the chopper. Taking a firm grip on the handle, he brought the blade down, effortlessly slicing through the cow's jugs. For a split second, nothing happened. Then the tits slid down the angled metal body of the chopped and fell with a "SPLAT" into the waiting tub. Eyes closed in ecstasy, the cow softly mooed as she came with the hot pain of her breasts removal.

"Move along!" She was ordered. Leaving the tit chopper, she placed herself between the shears. As soon as she stood still the shear operator brought the handles together, neatly slicing through her neck. As her body started to fall, he placed his foot against her ass and gave the body a shove. The headless body, still spurting blood, dropped off the platform and into the large wheeled cart.

"Next!" Panting in anticipation, the second cow quickly ran to the chopper, her eyes wide. Seconds later there was a "Thunk! Splat!" as her tits joined the first cow's in the tub. Moving to the shears, her headless body followed the first into the cart.

The girls, mesmerized by the harvesting, unconsciously buried fingers into their sopping pussies. All had seen debreasting before, but the sheer scale of what they were seeing and the joy in which the Denton Farms animals hastened to both their debreasting and decapitation had them drenching their hands over and over.

Leaning over the railing, Stacey fondled her own burning tits and nipples. "I just love this part of the job!" she gushed. As she leaned over, her skirt rode up, exposing her own moist gash. Spreading her legs wide, she hoped Tim would take the hint. The sound of his zipper had her smiling. Ramming his cock into her hot snatch, he pounded into her violently, just the way she liked it. As she rose to the first of many cums, she hoped, she felt him unfasten her bra. Shrugging her shoulders, she allowed it to drop to the ground, freeing her tits and rock hard nipples to his questing fingers. Viciously pinching and twisting her nips, be brought her to a pulsing orgasm.

"Do my ass!" She begged. Pulling out of her spasming pussy, he slammed his prick into her rosebud. Cumming again at the rough treatment, she squealed in pleasure. The three men on the deck were quickly working their way through the available animals. The excited cows were now crowding up on the deck to get closer to the instruments of their demise. As fast as one was debreasted, another one rushed in without waiting for instructions.

As Tim reamed out her asshole, he leaned over Stacey's back. Still worrying her nipples, he whispered in her ear. "You know why this turns you on. You secretly want to be up there. Your belly pushed against the cold steel. Watching the blade come down. Wanting the blade to slowly slice through your soft tits. The pain making you wet, making you cum like you have never come before. You want to feel the blades on your neck . To feel them cut. To watch as blood spurts from your neck as your head lies on the floor. You want it don't you?" Groaning he emptied his balls into her bowels. "You want it. Admit it to yourself! Say it! Say it out loud!"

His words drove Stacey into the biggest cum of her life. As the final cow was dispatched, she screamed out loud as she came. "YES! I want it! Cut of my tits and head! Please! I need it! Do it! Do it slowly! Make it hurt!"

Pulling out of her ass, Tim slapped her on her butt. "Up the stairs. Make it happen. You need it."

Staggering though the gate, Stacey stumbled up the stairs. "Please!" She begged. Grinning, one of the men waved her to the chopper. "Thank you!" She whispered as she placed her gargantuan tits in position. Not that way!" he ordered. Confused, Stacey stepped back. "We'll do one at a time." He said, lifting her right breast over the metal bar. Rather than using the quick motion he used for the cows, he lowered the blade by degrees, slowly slicing though her doomed tit, extending the pain and causing Stacey cum after pain-induced cum. Finally the tit slid down the chopper and into the hopper.

"Now the other one." He told the sagging girl. "I'll try to make this one last." Stacey looked at him aghast. She had never cum so hard or so often and didn't know if she could stand it. True to his word, it took half as long again to remove the remaining tit. Stacey found that not only could she stand it but that she enjoyed immensely. Finally she took her place between the shears. Looking at Tim, she said. "Thank you Tim, for making me see the light. This is what I really wan-" The blades slammed together before she finished her sentence. As her head rolled on the deck floor she saw her body being kicked into the bin still pulsing blood from the neck stump.

The girls had all sunk to the pavement, worn out from the force of their own orgasms. Looking out on the six the working manning the chopper asked. "Any more takers?"

"Nooo!" Jane groaned. "We'll get ours chopped inside." Helping the other girls to their feet, she led the tired group to the volunteer entrance. Pausing with her hand on the doorknob, she cautioned them. "There is no going back once we go through this door. Are you still with me?"

Dana shook her head. "I don't know about the rest of the girls, but that spectacle made me want to do this even more. I can't wait to feel a knife having its way with my boobs." The rest of the girls nodded in agreement.

"Okay then!" Jane said as she opened the door and led the group through. "We're off and soon our tits will be as well!"

Part 3

As they entered the volunteer room, they were surprised to see it almost empty. Two strapping young men sat a table at the front of the room where one open wall led onto the festival grounds. To one side of the table, sat a large bin which was partially filled with clothes, The girls had to quickly step aside as the three men from the deck outside pushed the cart full of the cow's carcasses through the door behind them The men disappeared through a door marked "Kitchen."

"You must be the cheerleaders. Come over to the table. You have papers to sign."

"You knew we were coming?" asked Jane confused by the statement.

"Oh course. The winning squad arrived earlier. They're out on the grounds waiting for you." Arranging six sets of papers on the table with pens on them, he continued. "Sign at the bottom and we can get started."

The girls approached the table and picked up the pens. All except Jane signed without reading the contract. Jane, shook he head at the rest of the girls naivety. "It's a wonder they haven't been converted long ago!" she thought. "Signing a paper that a man gave you without reading it! The stupidity!" Quickly she scanned the document. "What does this line mean?" She asked

"We, the undersigned, in the event that circumstances lead us to change our status from free woman to meat animal, heretofore assign all right to the aforementioned meat animal's carcass to the Tits Off Festival."

"Well, there are rules and regulations and paperwork to be followed." One of the men explained. "You can't just harvest a woman without the paperwork being completed."

"We're not here to be harvested!" exclaimed Jane. "We're just giving up our tits!"

"Yes, Yes!" He assured her. "It doesn't mean you're going to be converted. But a certain percentage of the woman who are debreasted, decide to go all the way. By having the paperwork done at the first, it allows them to complete their desire without having to come back and do all the paperwork." Pointing the line in question, he continued, "See, it says "in the event" The decision is entirely yours. We just have the rights to your tits once you sign. As part of our service, we provide the means for you to complete your journey to meat, but only if you desire it. The decision is always yours. We like to think of it as meeting all our volunteer's needs."

"Come on, Jane!" Urged Dana. "It doesn't say we're meat. It's a "just in case" clause. We're not going to be forced into becoming meat. Sign, and let's get going!"

"I've heard that 90% of the women who have their boobs cut off end up as meat. Is that true?" Jane demanded.

"Oh No!" he assured her. "Certainly a percentage of the women decide to be converted. That's why we have the headsmen scattered throughout the grounds. But the figure is lower than 90%. Someone is just trying to scare you." Turning to the rest of the girls, he instructed them. "Now that you've signed, remove your clothing and place it in the bin. You can pick it up after you lose those luscious looking tits."

Giggling the girls began stripping, throwing their clothes in the bin as instructed. Still holding the paper in her hands, Jane finally thought. "Oh what the hell! It's what we came for!" Signing the paper, she tossed it on the table and quickly stripped like her friends.

After all the girls were naked, the two men lined them up. "First a quick exam!" they said. Moving from girl to girl, they hefted their tits in their hands, pinching and rolling their nips to hard points. The girls sighed with pleasure at the exam, closing their eyes in delight at the sensations. "A fine variety of tits! They will look beautiful on a serving platter" the men exclaimed. " Now, one last step and you're off!"

Turning to the table, one of the men picked up a branding iron. The end of the iron, a "V", glowed with heat. "You've all signed the papers. These tits are now our property. We mark them to make sure that as our property, they remain here after you go home. Every woman who still has her tits when she leaves the festival must prove that she does not have the volunteer brand on her tits. You've all been here before and had to show your tits on departure?" All the girls nodded, they had been expecting this.

Allison stepped forward. Clasping her arms behind her back, she thrust her tits forward. Grasping the proffered tit, he sank the red-hot iron into the upper curves of both breasts. Allison squealed at the sudden pain, sweat breaking out on her face. The other man quickly sprayed the V's now marking her tits with a topical analgesic. Allison sighed with relief at the immediate relief.

The other girls stepped up, one by one, and had their breasts marked as the property of the Tits Off Festival. "That completes the registration." They were told. "You are now free to enter the festival grounds. Feel free to wander around until you decide which game you want your tits to be the prize for. The games are located on the periphery of the grounds. The debreasting area is in the center. When you decide, present yourself to the gamekeeper. Most will tie your arms behind your back so your tits will be presented in the best possible fashion. It's always good to shimmy your shoulders so your tits bounce around. The customers love that. A number of the game's display areas feature one or more vibrating dildos. So don't be surprised. We like to keep our volunteers cumming. Once a customer has won your tits, he or she will take you to the debreasting section to remove your tits in the manner that makes him or her happy.

Pausing he told the girls forcefully. "Remember, they are not your tits anymore. They are ours and when the customer wins them, they are theirs. Do not prove to be difficult! After your tits are removed, the medical staff will spray your chest with liquid thrombin and cover the area with a circular bandage. Do not worry, we will not allow you to bleed out. Any questions? No? Then off you go! I would recommend you spend your first half hour in the stocks. Most volunteers find a half hour of fucking really gets them in the proper frame of mind." The two men left the girls and returned to their seats.

The girls looked at each other and broke out in smiles. As one, they headed toward the open wall, the festival grounds, and the impending removal of their tits. The two men watched them go. "90% becoming meat" one said to the other. "It's not that high is it?"

"No." Was the reply. "88.5% last month."

The two men chuckled. "It's so easy!"

Entering the grounds, the girls stopped to get their bearings. The area teemed with people. The noise level was what they remembered from their previous visits. Excitement was palpable in the air. They could see a number of naked women strolling about the ground, Most still carried their tits on the their chests, though there were some with round bandages covering were their breasts used to be. From the debreasting area, they could hear shrieks, some of pain, but most of joy.

"What do you think?" Betty asked, one hand caressing her tits while the other rubbed her throbbing clit. "The stocks first? I could really use a good fucking! I'm so horny, I could just die!"

The other girls eagerly agreed, their dripping pussies were crying out for attention. As they made their way to the stocks, they passed by one of the headsmen. He stood by his chopping block, leaning on his large axe. His assistant stood leaning against one of the wheeled carts. A large barrel stood along side the cart. As they drew near the block, a redhead with bandages on her chest approached the axeman. Without a word, she sank to her knees and placed her head on the block. The axeman lifted his axe above his head and brought it down on the offered neck. "Thunk!" the axe head buried itself in the block as the girl's head fell off onto the ground. The headless body jerked upright and fell over, blood fountaining in diminishing spurts from the neck. Leaving his axe in the block, he picked up the girls head. Turning it for a few seconds so the rapidly glazing eyes could see the twitching body, he then pitched it into the barrel. The two men picked up the cooling body and tossed it into the cart. Freeing his axe from the block, he resumed his stance.

The girls looked at each other and shrugged. Continuing their trek, they reached the stocks. "There's only five!" Dana complained.

"Don't worry!" Inez exclaimed, "Look a whipping station! That's for me!" All the equipment featured timed restraints. Once locked, they opened in 30 minutes freeing their captives. Inez hurried over to the rectangular frame. Placing her feet into the widely separated locks, she waited until she heard them click shut, Then, reaching up to the upper cuffs she locked her wrists in, one at a time, leaving herself spread eagled awaiting her first use.

The stocks were made from PVC pipe, the weight of wood would have required constant supervision to get girls in and out off The other girls , first locked their ankles into the cuffs on either side of the stocks. Lifting up the yokes of the stocks, they balanced them on their necks. Placing their hands in the appropriate openings, the slowly lowered their necks into the center opening. As their necks reached the cut out, the yoke clicked into place, locking them bent over, feet widely spread with their pussies and assholes easily accessible. Their tits dangled freely, available for any fun a passerby might wish for.

The sight of the six girls, their holes readily available, brought men over to them in no time. The girls were barely locked into place before their pussies were stuffed with hard cocks. Jane sighed in contentment as her moist cunt was vigorously reamed, she heard a mocking female voice. "I see the losers finally arrived!" Twisting her neck, she looked up to see their competition from the cheerleading games standing over them. "It's going to be so much fun watching you girls lose your tits!" the girl went on. "We freed up our entire afternoon so we could be here!

Jane opened her mouth to reply, but immediately was stuffed with an erect cock. "Beat it girls." The man ordered as he slid his cock down Jane's throat, "The stocks automatically open after half an hour. You can talk later." He groaned as Jane's talented tongue slipped out and caressed his balls. Unable to hold back, he poured his load into her stomach,

Irritated at having her gloating interrupted, the rival cheerleader saw Inez spreadeagled in the whipping stocks. Picking up the six-tailed whip attached to the stocks, she bought it down on the outthrust tits viciously. Inez squealed as the thongs of the whip lashed her nipples. With a cruel smile, the girl punished her tits. "You won't have those puppies much longer!" She goaded the girl to the delight of her friends who stood watching her flail the helpless girl. "Soon someone will be taking a knife to them, slowly slicing them off!"

The whip, slashing at her tits, had Inez writhing in arousal. Bracing her feet, she arched her back, pushing her tits out to give the whip free play. Her pussy creamed as the nerve ending in her abused tits screamed. The whip-wielding girl suddenly realized that Inez was a willing participant in the abuse. "Oh fuck!" she complained. "The bitch is getting off on the whipping." Drawing back the whip, she put all her strength into an upstroke between the girl's thighs. As the whip lashed her swollen lips and clit, Inez threw back her head and howled in orgasm.

Throwing the whip down in disgust, the girl snarled at her posse. "Come on! Let's get out of here! I want to see some tits destroyed." As she stomped off, the stocks opened releasing the well-fucked girls. The girls stumbled down from the stocks, cum dripping from their holes and covering their faces. "You look a mess!" Jane told Dana. "Find a mirror!" was the immediate reply.

To the right of the stocks was a shower station. The girls quickly sluiced off their cum-drenched bodies and used a small hose to flush out their holes. "I needed that!" exclaimed Betty, "A good half hour of cumming with big cocks in every hole. Too bad you missed out Inez."

"I had a great cum." Inez told her as she gingerly dried her well-striped tits. "The best part was when the bitch realized I was enjoying it. The look on her face as that last stroke made me cum was perfect."

Exiting the showers, they took stock of the opportunities now awaiting them. "Who's first?" Jane inquired.

"I think we should go alphabetically." Said Betty. "That's the easiest way to avoid problems." All the girls agreed. Turning to Allison, Betty said. "Pick your spot girl!"

With a smile, Allison pointed to a putting game. "I always liked watching golf on TV." With the girls following her, she made her way over to the gameskeeper. "Hi!" She said. "Need a prize?"

The man leered appreciatively at her 38C tits. "Those are real nice prizes!" Turning her around, he tied her arms so that the boobs were displayed proudly. Leading her over to a dildo chair located at right angles to the putting mat. Sitting her on the dildo he turned it on. Still horny, even after the recent fucking, Allison spread her legs for better purchase. Closing her eyes, she ground her hips in rhythm with the pulsating vibrator. Her tits swayed appealingly with her movements, bobbing back and forth.

"Step right up!" The gamesman started his spiel. "Sink the putt and win these magnificent tits for your dinner. Only five dollars. Five dollars gets you the right to remove these tits any way you like. Fast or slow, its up to you.!"

A young man quickly stepped forward. Handing over his five dollars he took the putter, Stepping over to the mat, he paced the ball on the mark. Pausing before taking his stroke, he reached over and squeezed Allison's right tit.

Opening her eyes, she gave him a dazzling smile. "Are you going to cut off my tits?"

"I certainly hope so!" Was the reply.

Retaking his stance, he eyed the twenty-foot putt. "Looks straight in." He muttered, Slowly, pulling back the putter, he took his stroke. The ball rolled toward the hole. Allison watched, holding her breath as the ball approached the hole. In the last five feet, the ball veered slowly to the right, coming to rest hole high.

"Try again!" She pleaded.

Digging into his pocket, the man turned to the gamesman. "Sorry." He said. "This lady is next." A tall black haired woman dressed in leather stood holding a putter.

Placing the ball on the mat, she took aim. "After that last putt," she said, "I think about six inches left." With that she struck the ball. The ball rolled swiftly toward the left side of the hole. As it slowed, it curved slowly toward the hole and disappeared.

Handing the putter to the keeper, she turned to Allison. "Follow me!" She told her. "You have something that now belongs to me."

Struggling to her feet, the vibrator leaving her wet cut with a "slurp", Allison quickly followed the winner of her tits to the debreasting area. The rest of the cheerleading team followed.

Reaching the center area of the festival, the leather clad dom led Allison to a structure Allison had never seen before. Two vertical rods joined two parallel metal slabs, the bottom slab with two shallow semicircular depressions. Motioning Allison to put her tits into the depressions, the dom fastened her tightly to the frame.

The metal felt cool on her now heated tits. Looking over the top slab, Allison could see her rock hard nipples. "I don't understand, Ma'am. How does this cut off my tits?"

"It doesn't, cow."

"But how will you cook them?

"Cook them! I don't eat tits! Far too much fat! Have to watch my figure, you know. I just like destroying them. This is a tit press my soon to be titless cow. It will slowly squeeze those luscious tits flat and then... Well, you'll soon find out!"

Moving in front of the machine, she pulled a large plexiglass screen directly in front of Allisons trapped boobs. The bottom of the screen had a large basin attached. Returning to the side of the tit press, she removed a long cord with a switch attached to one end. Unrolling the cord, she took up position behind the screen. "All set cow?" Without waiting for a reply, she depressed the switch to start the press.

With a low hum, compressed air began moving the slabs together. Allison squeaked in alarm as the edges of the slabs began squeezing the base of her tits. Both breasts rapidly became red as blood flow was constricted. Her nipples swelled alarmingly a blood was pushed into them. After ten seconds, the humming stopped. The two slabs were now an inch apart. Allison thought. "It's not so bad. I've had my puppies tied up tighter than this. Feels different than a rope with all the pressure going one way. My nips look huge!"

"Step one completed!" the woman chortled. "Now for the grand finale." Pushing the second switch, she waited eagerly. The hum started again and the two slabs started swiveling towards each other. Allison screamed as the pressure on her abused tits increased. Her nipples swelled more than she thought possible, but still the pressure increased as the two slabs moved inexorably together. "Just about there!" The woman cried, her fingers buried in her sopping snatch.

Oddly enough, Allison had become quite aroused. While she enjoyed titplay, this was so strange to her, it had taken a while before the pain had transformed into pleasure. The intense pressure in her now bulging tits sent her pussy into spasms. As the pressure increased, she could feel herself reaching toward a massive cum. With one final surge, the two plates moved together. With a loud "SPLAT", Allison's crushed tits exploded! Fat particles and blood splattered onto the plexiglass screen, running down into the basin. The dom screamed in orgasm as Allison's tits hit the screen in front of her eyes. The sudden release of pressure sent Alison into paroxysms of pleasure as her pussy gushed.

The waiting medical staff quickly reversed the tit press, and released Allison. Cutting away the empty bags of skin from her chest, they sprayed the wounds with a clotting agent and slapped on the tan bandages. Coated with a powerful analgesic, the bandages quickly eased her pain. Finishing up they told her. "Well done! Now off you go!"

Allison stumbled over to her friends. "Wow!" They said. "You did great!"

"Thanks!" Said Alison, still lightheaded from her orgasm. "That was more intense than any fucking! If I had two more tits, I think I'd do it again."

"My turn now!" Said Betty. "I think I saw a basketball game down the left side. Let's go! I need to lose my tits."

Almost running, Betty led the group back to the games area. As they neared one of the chopping blocks, they saw two titless girls approach the axeman hand in hand. After hugging each other, one of the girls knelt, placing her head on the bloody block. The axeman efficiently brought the axe up over his head and brought it down, severing her head. The second girl, after pushing the flailing body to one side, laid her head on the block Looking at the group as they paused to watch, she smiled at them as she awaited the axe. "Thunk!" Her head spun off the block and landed facing the first' girl's head, allowing them to gaze into each other's eyes as they faded away.


"I just don't understand them!" Jane remarked as they continued on they way. Looking back she said. "Allison! Wake up girl!" Allison was still standing near the block, watching as the spurts of blood from the headless carcasses slowed. Shaking her head, Allison hurried to join her friends.

Betty reached the basketball booth just as a satisfied customer led away a smiling buxom brunette. "I'm next!" she told the booth keeper, turning and placing her arms behind her.

"Excellent tits!" the man marveled, securing her arms tightly. "Go stand by the basket. Jump up and down so those tits bounce. The customer gets five free throws. Five baskets made and he gets your jugs. Two to four baskets and he gets to whip your tits. Three baskets, three strokes, and so on. Take your place, we have a lineup."

Hurrying over to the basket, Betty bounced in anticipation as the first man took his place. "Oh, I know you can do it!" she told him. Distracted by her tits jiggling as she jumped from on foot to the other, his first shot was an air ball. Disappointment evident in her voice, Betty tried to encourage him. "Take your time. You can still get to whip my firm tits. You'd like that wouldn't you? Taking that whip to my breasts?"

Basketball was apparently not the man's sport. His second and third shots bounced off the rim. The fourth shot went in, leading Betty to squeal. "One more and you get two whacks at my tits!" The fifth shot spun our leaving both Betty and the customer sighing in frustration. Her nipples were so hard with anticipation of a knife, they were crying for attention of any kind. Betty was on the edge of cumming and knew that even the hot pain of the whip slashing her tits would be enough to get her off.

The next customer fared even worse, sinking no free throws. The third managed to sink the first three, but failed to even come close on the final two. Betty was proving to be her own worst enemy, though she was oblivious to this fact. She bounced up and down, her tits flopping, just to one side of the basket and in the shooter's line of sight. Cheering on each shot, desperate to have someone sink all five shots, she had the shooters thinking more of how much fun it would be to slice off her 40C tits than concentrating on the shot.

Irritated at missing the shots, the customer took the flail and whipped the proffered boobs viciously, directly on the erect nipples. Eyes bulging at the force of the blows, Betty could barely breathe. The sudden pain was enough to push her into a small orgasm, which left her strangely unsatisfied. She wanted more. She wanted her tits cut off not whipped.

Ten customers later, she was still waiting. Though most had sunk enough free throws to whip her now well striped tits at least several times, none had come close to sinking all five. The constant whipping of her tender tits, though enough to get her off several times, did not come close to satisfying the gnawing desire of her dripping cunt. Hanging her head, she thought. "Why did I pick this game? They make it look so easy on TV. I though my tits would be gone long ago!"

The booth keeper was thrilled at how this particular cow had behaved. Her obvious desire to have her tits removed and the shooters so distracted, she had lasted three times as long as most of his prizes. Some customers were playing two and three times, desperate to be the one to harvest her jugs.

Hanging her head, exhausted by the level of tension generated by each shot that was made and then the letdown when one was missed, Betty heard a familiar voice. "Hi Sweetie! I've been looking all over for you!"

Betty looked up to see the bus driver slowly bouncing the basketball. "You've kept those luscious tits intact for me." He said. "I remember you want to scream as I slowly debreast you."

"No one's come close to getting all five in!" Betty sobbed. "I'll never lose my tits. And I'm so horny, I could just die!"

""Never is a long time, sweetie" SWISH! The first shot went in. Nothing but net! The booth keeper retrieved the ball. "You just be patient," SWISH! "Let old Bill get to work!" SWISH! "I've been thinking of those tits on my supper plate since you got off the bus." SWISH! "And I mean to have them!"

For the first time Betty was silent. It could happen! She held her breath as the final shot arced its way to the basket. Slightly stronger than the first four, it hit the back rim, Eyes wide, Betty watched as it bounce up in the air, Reaching its peak, it slowly descended … and hit the front rim. Back up in the air it went, hitting the backboard and dropping through the hoop.

"YESSSS!" Betty screamed, leaping in the air. Rushing up to the foul line, she bubbled, "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! No one was coming close! OH, THANK YOU!"

Grinning at her enthusiasm, Bill cupped a tit in one hand. "MMMM! These are going to be tasty!"

"They'll be the best you ever tasted!" Betty assured him. "Let's get them off for you. Please! I've been waiting for hours!"

Placing his arm around her shoulder, Bill ushered her over to the debreasting area. "I love a girl who is eager to have be cut off her tits!"

"You won them fair and square, I want you to have them and enjoy them. Aah, you did promise to do them slowly!"

"I did and I will!" Bill assured her as he untied her arms, "You'll feel every inch of the knife." Leaving her to rub the feeling back in her arms, he viewed the selection of knives available, selecting a eight-inch butcher knife with a ridged wooden handle. Showing the knife to Betty, he asked. "Will this be acceptable to remove those firm titties?" Betty kissed the knife in reply.

Setting the knife down on a table next to the chair, Bill handcuffed his more than willing victim. Leading her over to where a hook dangled from the ceiling, he left her for a moment to sit a stool under the hook. Retrieving a platter from the supply on the knife table, he placed it next to knife. Pulling out his erect cock, he nodded at her. Falling to her knees, she almost devoured him. After several minutes, he grasped her head and slipped his now shiny wet prick from her mouth to sighs of disappointment. Lifting her up, he pulled the hook down and placed her handcuffs on it. When he let go of the hook, it retracted, lifting her arms above her head.

Sitting on the stool he motioned her over. Turning her around, so that she faced away from him, her legs outside his own, he sat her down so that the head of his prick nestled against her anus. Slowly she impaled herself on his hard dick, sighing in contentment as it forced its way deep into her bowel. Reaching bottom, she bounced up and down, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of fullness.

"The knife if you please." He asked Jane. The girls were standing just outside the debreasting area. Naked women only entered the area to have their tits removed. Jane looked around, rushed in and handed him the knife and retreated to safety. She would be back, but only when it was her turn.

Reaching around Betty's torso with his left hand, Bill firmly grasped the her right pebble-like nipple, pulling the tit away from her chest. "Are you ready, my Dear?"

"God yes!! Slice away" Betty stared down at her doomed tit. All she could see was Bill's hand and part of the knife handle, but she could feel the sharp blade of the knife pressing against the soft under curve of her tit. Her puss gushed at the sensation. The knowledge that she was seconds away from seeing the knife appear and her boob falling off had her more aroused than she had ever been in her life.

"You can scream all you want," Bill whispered as he slowly slid the knife back and forth, effortlessly slicing vertically into the girl's tit. The razor sharp knife slipped through the fatty tissue like butter.

Betty howled with glee at the hot pain. "It hurts so good!" she screamed. Pussy juice squirted from her wide-open snatch as she orgasmed uncontrollably, Her anal sphincter pulsated wildly in concert with the spasms of her pussy. As the knife exited the top of her breast, allowing it to drop free into his hand, Bill emptied his balls into her intestines. Betty's head dropped forward as she fainted from the sheer force of her cum.

Placing the dripping breast on the platter, Bill said to the attendant. "Spray her!" Spraying the wound, the attendant stopped the bleeding and applied the bandage. Sitting patiently, Bill waited for Betty to recover. After several minutes, Betty stirred, lifting her head groggily.

"How was that sweetie?" Bill inquired.

"Stupendous!" was the reply. "The best ever! Look, I've got only one tit!" Betty marveled at the sight.

"Not for long!" Bill said. "Now we get to do it again!"

"Oh God! I'll die!" Betty groaned. "It's too much. Two cums like that will kill me!"

"I won your tits fair and square. Remember? You're not backing out are you?" Bill had no intention of leaving with only one boob.

"You're right." Betty sighed. "I can't back out. It would be wrong!" Taking a deep breath, she went on. "Do the other one. They're your tits not mine now and you should take them."

Pulling the left tit away from her chest by its nipple, Bill picked up the knife and began sawing again. "That's my girl! I knew you wouldn't back out!"

The hot pain of the knife slicing through her remaining breast sent Betty even higher than the first time. Her world shrank to the pain in her tit and the burning need of her cunt. Higher and higher she spiraled until her orgasm burst over her driving her into unconsciousness as her remaining tit was cut free. Bill shouted as her asshole clamped down fiercely on his prick as she came. As she slipped into unconsciousness, she relaxed her grip on his prick and once again he poured his load into her ass.

Without being told, the attendant moved in. Removing the knife from Bill's grip and placing it on the table, he took care of the wound on her chest. Placing her left tit on the platter with its mate, Bill held Betty in his arms until she came to. Lifting her off his now deflating prick, he pulled down the hook and unfastened the handcuffs. Throwing her arms around his neck, she kissed him soundly.

"Thank you!" she sobbed. "That was wonderful."

"You're quite welcome." He replied. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get home and cook these tits." Slipping the tits into a small bin, he left.

"Enjoy my tits. Have a wonderful meal!" Betty called after him, but he continued on without acknowledgement.

Rejoining her friends, tears streamed down her face. "He got what he wanted and now I mean nothing. I was nothing but a meal!"

Jane hugged her. "But you got what you wanted too, Betty. A great debreasting and from the look of it, two monster cums!"

Betty brightened at that. Wiping her eyes she said. "You're right. I used him to get what I wanted too. I guess we're even. Though he's got my tits."

The girls hooted uproariously at that. When the laughter subsided, Betty said, "Dana, you're on."

"Finally!" Dana exclaimed. "My poor nipples have hard as rocks watching you girls get your tits sliced and popped." Cupping her 44DD"s, she asked. "Do you think I'll have any trouble finding someone who will want these for dinner?"

"Hardly!" Inez said incredously. "You're carrying enough boob for a dinner for four with leftovers! I hope men don't come to blows over them!!"

Pleased, Dana squeezed her tits, making her nipples bulge. "I hope so! I want these to go to someone who will really appreciate them." Bouncing her tits up and down, she continued. "I saw a really neat booth over on the left. It looked like an adaptation of a dunking tank. Let's go see how they worked that into a debreasting event."

Leading the way, she took the girls over to her choice of booth. "Look," she said, "It's got something to do with wires and baseballs." As she started toward the booth attendant, she heard her name being called. Looking around, she saw a man and a young boy running toward her.

"Dad and Dan! What are you doing here?

Sliding to a stop, her father gasped. "Your mom told us you were coming here. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes." Dana stated firmly. "We lost the cheerleading contest, so we have to give up our tits. It's tradition. You know that. It's always been a possibility."

"Yes." Her father agreed. "But you girls were so good, I never thought it would happen!"

"Well Dad, it did.! And now we pay up. You know, I think you came to talk be out of it because you like fucking my tits so much."

Sheepishly, her father replied. "Well they are the best tits I've ever fucked. So big and soft. They're even better than you mother's. But don't tell her I said that!"

Smiling, Dana reached out and patted his cheek. "Would you like one last titfuck?

"Oh Yes!" His face brightened at the thought.

Settling to her knees, she unzipped his pants and pulled out his rapidly stiffening prick. Lovingly licking the bulbous head, she brought it up to its full nine inches. Running her tongue over the entire shaft, she soon had the shaft glistening with saliva. Moving in closer to the visibly throbbing prick, she placed it in her deep cleavage and pressed her tits together. The head was barely visible. "Fuck my tits, Daddy!" she crooed as she slid her tits up and down the shaft.

Bracing his hands on her shoulders. He began to thrust his hips back and forth in short strokes. Pre-cum, leaking from the tip of his cock, further lubricated the warm channel between her tits. Knowing that it was the last time he would fuck her monster rack, he tried to make it last. Leaning her head forward and extending her tongue, Dana began licking the head of his penis as it appeared on the upstroke. The sensations were too much for him. Driving his hips forward, he lifted her tits up to her face, his prick now extending beyond the swell of her tits. With that last violent thrust, his cock was now close enough for her to get the head in her mouth, With the head in her oral cavity and the shaft and balls still buried in the warm flesh of her tits, she rhythmically squeezed her tits on the trapped balls, eliciting moans from her dad as he emptied himself into her mouth.

When he had finished spurting, Dana reluctantly released him from the confines of her tits. She loved her dad and tit fucks. Sitting back on her heels, she licked her lips, making sure she got all of his cum. Her brother, Dan, stood nearby. His eyes were wide at the spectacle of his dad fucking his sister's tits. Dana noticed the large bulge in his pants. "Why not!" she thought. "They'll be gone in a few minutes!" Shifting her position so that Dan could clearly see her shaved pussy, she said. "Dan, come here!"

Dan looked like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. His aching prick said "GO!" He had spent many nights jerking off after seeing his sister sunbathing nude in their yard. He knew that his father was fucking both his mother and sister regularly, and he had an idea that they would be receptive if he propositioned them, but had never worked up the courage to approach either of them.

His father clapped him on the shoulder. "Go ahead, boy!" He boomed. "It'll be your only chance and you don't want to miss it."

Crossing to his sister, Dan stood woodenly as she freed his straining prick. "Oh my Dad!" she marveled, "It's bigger than yours! What have Mom and me been missing!" Slurping the boy's prick into her mouth, she quickly got it slick. Recognizing that he was on a hair trigger, she took far less time than she would have liked. Popping the drooling cock into the valley of her tits, she ordered Dan. "Fuck them Dan! Fuck them hard. In a few minutes they'll be on a plate! Fuck them!

Unable to control himself, Dan's hips bucked into a frenzy of motion, fucking his sisters tits like an animal. After only a few strokes, he cried, "I'm cumming!"

Swiftly, Dana corralled the bobbing cockhead in her mouth. Spurt after spurt of warm cum hit her tonsils. ""MMMM!" she savored the taste. After blowing his wad, Dan continued to fuck the warm mountains of flesh surrounding his cock. "Could he?" Dana wondered, squeezing her tits even closer together to increase the pressure and friction. Sure enough, after several minutes of frenzied fucking, Dan dumped another load of sweet cum in his sister's mouth.

Releasing the deflating prick, Dana rose to her feet. "Now, is everyone happy?" Both males nodded. "Okay! Time to lose these tits!" Striding over to her chosen booth, she presented herself to the booth attendant. "I'd like to lose my tits here!" she told him.

Unable to help himself, the attendant reached out and cupped the gigantic mammaries. "Beautiful!!" he exclaimed,. "This works best with big tits and these are the biggest I've seen for days! Damn! Why did I have to be on today? You can't harvest tits for your own use while you're on duty." He explained to Dana. "I'd love to have these beauties.

"Could you explain how you do it?" Dana asked. "I've never seen this booth before."

Leading her into the booth, The attendant stated proudly. "It's brand new!Two strands of piano wire are attached to eyebolts on the two boards on either side of the equipment. The boards are on swivel joints. We wrap the piano wire in an X around the tits. The boards are attached to a motor, which in turn is attached to that arm with the target on it. The customer throws the baseball at the target. When the target is hit in the bullseye with enough force, it starts the motor. The motor starts and pulls the boards apart. The two piano wires tighten instantaneously and end up side by side, slicing through the tits. The tits go flying through the air! It's really something! The best part is that it takes about six seconds after the target is hit for the pressure to build up before the boards move, so the cow knows its coming!"

Backing her up to the vertical pole in the center, he said. "Scoot up onto the dildo. Ass or cunt, it's your choice." Dana tried to get the dildo into her heated pussy, but found that her ample ass was too big for the small seat.

"I guess it's my ass then." She said, adjusting her position to slide the thick dong into her anus.

"Yeah, That happens a lot." The attendant stated. We'll have to rethink that." Taking her arms, he strapped them together behind the pole, Her tits thrust out magnificently. Pinching the nipples, he again told her, "Magnificent! This will be quite a show!"

Pulling the two boards into position, he carefully adjusted them so that the eyebolts were centered properly. Using a laser level he ensured they sat at the midpoint the her displayed tits as seen from the side "That's important," he told her," for a clean cut". After the eyebolts were at the right level, he took the piano wires and adjusted them around her jugs. The first wire was fed under her left tit, up her cleavage and over the top of her right tit. The other wire went under her right tit and over left tit, encasing them in an "X". After her tits were wrapped, he adjusted the distance between the boards, tightening the wires so that they sank slightly into the skin at the top over her breasts next to the chest wall. "That's so they stay in position. You don't want the top wires to slip down. You'll only lose half a tit if that happens. You're all set." He said, caressing her tits one last time. "From the looks of these nipples, you're looking forward to it!"

"Oh yes!" she breathed, her pussy helplessly juicing as her arousal grew with the knowledge that her debreasting was at hand.

Her father was beside himself with excitement at the explanation of the game. "Dan! You're a pitcher! You can do this! Just think! We can take her tits home with us!"

As the attendant exited the set up area, he rushed over to him. "How much?"

"Five dollars for three balls." was the reply.

"Here's twenty! Dan! Come on! Twelve tries! You're a great pitcher! Remember look and throw. "

Taking a ball, Dan toed the line. Assuming the pitching stance, he went into his windup and threw. "Thump" the ball hit the target, but nothing happened.

"Has to be a certain amount of force." The attendant told him. "That was a change-up. You'll need a fast ball."

Nodding, Dan motioned for his dad to toss him another ball. Once again, he took his stance, his eyes narrowed in concentration. Winding up he let fly with his best fastball. "Thump!" the target rang with the force of the blow. Immediately the motor started.

All eyes focused on Dana as she sat impaled, waiting. Her eyes wide open in anticipation, she squealed. "It's coming. Oh My Tits! Oh My God! Oh My God!"

The two boards slammed apart with a bang, the two strands of wire slicing through her huge tits effortlessly as they straightened. Dana screeched. "Oh My God! I'm Cumming!" as her tits flew through the air before her eyes. Cunt juice splashed in spurts from her spasming pussy as she watched her severed tits land with a "Splat" on the floor of the booth. Looking down at the bloody circles where her breasts once rode proudly, she orgasmed again.

The attendant sprayed her chest and slapped on the required bandages. After completing the first aid, he unfastened her arms. Completely worn out physically by her debreasting, she couldn't pull herself off the dildo stretching her rectum. He had to lift her of the anal invader, Half-carrying her to the front table, he leaned her against it while he retrieved the tits lying on the floor. Packaging the still warm jugs, he presented them to Dan.

Returning to the table, he found Dana still lying on it as she tried to find the energy to stand. Legs spread, her still dilated asshole visible, she panted. Stepping behind her, the attendant pulled out his cock and promptly plugged her asshole. "If I can't have the tits, I should at least have a fuck!" he told the supine girl.

Energized by the warm prick pounding her ass, and enjoying the feel of his hips slapping against her ass cheeks, Dana braced her hands on the table so she could meet his strokes. "You deserve it. It was heavenly. Seeing my tits fly through the air..!!" Dana couldn't compete her sentence as another orgasm ripped through her body. Barely descending from that cum, she felt his cock jerking as he flooded her bowels with sperm. The feel of the hot jets of cum set her off again.

Pulling out of her ass, he told. "Okay business to run. You're done." Putting away his cock, he turned to where another buxom girl awaited her turn with the wires. Crooking his finger at here he said "Next" The girl almost knocked Dana over as Dana exited the booth in her haste to be bound up with the piano wires.

Joining her friends, Dana wiped the sweat from her brow. The girls crowded around her congratulating her on her debreasting. Her dad and brother were walking off carrying her tits. "Twenty bucks!" her dad was complaining. "Twenty bucks! You could have told me you would only need two throws!"

"I'm next!" said Helen. "I don't know if I can top that. Every one seems more intense that the last."

"It's not a contest." Jane told her. "Just find one you'll enjoy."

"Let's get you done!" Inez exclaimed. "Then it will be my turn!" she pinched her nipples viciously. "Maybe my guy will pull these off! Would that be something!"

Helen shook her head. "Sometimes I think you're just sick, Inez."

"Hah!" retorted Inez. "Remember how yow came when you got your nips pierced! You'll be screaming and cumming when you lose your puppies!"

"Quite likely!" Helen sniffed, "But I won't suggesting anything to him like you would. There is an order to this, you know. The "How" is up to him. Anyway, you'll have to wait. All these tits getting lopped off have me terminally horny. We're going to spend sometime in the fucking area before these babies and I part company." With that she turned and set off.

Quickly following her, Jane agreed. "That sounds like a wonderful idea. I could use a hard cock as well."

Unable to help herself, Inez also concurred. "Or two or three!"

The fucking area, as it was colloquially called, was originally set up as a rest area for the festival's attendees. The organizers, correctly assuming that the sight of all the lovely women being debreasted would have their customers wound tight with sexual energy, provided an area where people could relax and wind down. As Robbie Burns said "the best laid plans o' mice and men gang aft agley" The rest area quickly became the place where aroused festivalgoers released their sexual tension. At any time, you could find a number of couples or threesomes fucking madly. Realizing it was a lost cause, and recognizing that people fucking throughout the grounds was a distraction to their customers, the operators provided a huge tent and blankets to make the area more attractive. Entering the tent, either alone or as a couple, indicated a desire for sex, which was quickly accommodated.

Pulling back the tent flap, Helen was amazed to see virtually no women. There was, however, a large group of men, including her math teacher, Mr. Jones. At the sight of the nude girl, her breasts with their hard pink nipples leading the way, the men visibly perked up. As the other five girls entered on Helen's heels, the men cheered.

"Ah! It's sooo nice to be appreciated!" cooed Helen with a blazing smile, Stopping in front of her math teacher, she cupped his prick through his shorts. "Hi, Mr. Jones!" she chirped. "I need some math help. I'm particularly interested in the "goesinta". Would you help me out?"

Roughly squeezing her firm tits, he answered. "I'd be glad to! It's a difficult subject, we may have to go over it several times from different directions!"

Pushing him down on the blanket and freeing his cock, Helen said. "I certainly hope so!" Straddling his legs. She positioned the bulbous head at the entrance to her heated pussy. Slowly she impaled herself she sighed with relief as she reached bottom, she sighed in relief. Looking over her shoulder, she commented to the rest of the men. "I really think I'll need more than one tutor. Math is so hard you know!"

Immediately a number of men rushed to her side. The remaining girls separated and split up the rest of the men between them Leaning forward so Mr. Jones could suck her tingling nipples, Helen felt him grasp her meaty buttocks and pull them apart, exposing her brown rosebud. Feeling a warm rod pushing at her sphincter, she squealed with delight. "Ooooh, I love being DP'ed!" With little difficulty, he slid balls deep into her willing ass. Eyes closed and her mouth hanging open in lust, she breathed, "That feels sooo good!" The words were barely out of her mouth when another cock was slipped between her lips and down her throat. "MMMM" she gurgled happily and began sucking vigorously.

The rest of the girls echoed her sentiments as they were soundly pummeled in all their holes. As quickly as one man emptied himself into one of the girls holes, another replaced him. Cum after cum wracked the girl's bodies as they were used unmercifully.

Slowly the number of men using the girls as cum dumps dwindled. After satisfying themselves with the willing girls, the men would leave the tent. Finally, only Mr. Jones remained. Filling her well-used ass, he slowly stroked himself to one last cum. "So Helen! Those lovely tits are going to be removed shortly. I wondered if they would be. I was at the competition. I so enjoyed watching your firm globes bounce as you cart wheeled across the stage."

Rising to yet another glorious cum, she stuttered. "Y-you like my tits?"

"Oh yes!" he replied increasing the speed and depth of his thrusts, his hips slapping her firm ass. "Pear-shaped tits with upturned nips are my favorite!"

"Do you want them, Mr. Jones? If you do, they're yours. I'd be very happy if someone I knew got them. I'd so like it to be you that sliced them off. Please!"

"That's so sweet Helen. Of course I want them. It would give me great pleasure to cut them of your torso, leaving you flat as a board!" Shoving his prick as deep as he could, he blasted her intestinal walls with sperm.

Feeling his cock jerking within her colon, Helen exploded one more time. "Thank you, Mr. Jones! Aaaah! My tits are yours! Please take them! Take them now!"

With a "POP", he disengaged from her ass. All business now, he pulled her to her feet and hustled out of the tent. Watching her tits sway as she walked, he felt himself start to stiffen once again. The thought of slowly slicing her gorgeous melons from her body had his heart beating faster.

Entering the debreasting area, he quickly bound her arms high up her back to get her tits thrust out as much as possible, Leading her to a table equipped with a glass shield with two circular openings in it, he sat her down on the requisite dildos. Adjusting the height of the stool, so that her tits lined up perfectly with openings, he pushed the movable chair forward so that her tits pushed through the circles. After ensuring that as much of her breasts as possible projected through the shield, he locked the chair and Helen in place. Picking up a rubber bulb attached to the dildos, he began inflating them further. "Tell me when they're big enough." He ordered.

Feeling the dildos stretch her swollen cunt and ass, Helen gasped. "That's enough!"

"Oh, you're a big girl!" He countered, still pumping. "Another three pumps!" Setting the bulb down, he inquired. "All full, are we?"

Her openings stretched more than they had ever been, Helen could only nod.

"Good! You'll really like this then." Flicking a switch, he started the dildos plunging in and out of her pussy and anus. Helen squealed in panic at the motion. "Nooo! Too big!" she cried.

"Nonsense! Give it a few minutes! You'll adjust!" he assured her.

Surprisingly to Helen, he was correct. Her pussy quickly accommodated the huge intruder and began juicing furiously as the hard rubber prick sluiced in and out. Her leaking pussy lubricated the dildo in her ass, easing its movement. Soon she felt herself begin the climb to orgasm.

"Now, let's take care of those tits!" Moving to the front of the table, he placed a platter under her trapped breasts. Four long rods extended in front of the shield's openings. A long leather belt was strung between the rods. One end of the rods terminated in what appeared to be a stepping mechanism. The other end disappeared into a large open face metal box. Approaching the stepping mechanism, He muttered, "Quarter inch advance I think. Don't want them too thick. Opening a glass covered keypad, he punched in some numbers and then closed the lid. Moving to the other end of the setup, he reached into the box and pulled out the device, which would lay waste to Helen's tits.

Helen's mouth dropped open at the sight. "Oh My Gawd!" she cried. Riding the rods stretched in front of her was a vicious looking band saw with a double-edged blade. The teeth of the blade were set perpendicular to her now tingling breasts. Pulling the saw so that it sat in front of the soon to be sliced tits, he moved it forward until it just touched her pebble like nipples.

Satisfied with the alignment, he returned the saw to its starting position. Caressing her tits, he told her. "There's enough meat here for tit burgers for all next week's dinners. I'll be sure to tell the rest of the teachers that you supplied the meat for my lunches. You'd like that wouldn't you Helen?" Speechless with anticipation, she could only nod. "Every bite I take, I'll picture you strapped in, waiting for the saw. It's a beautiful sight. But, let's get sawing!"

Returning to the control panel, he pressed a button. Immediately, the saw sprang to life, the blade winking as it spun. Smiling he pressed a second button, starting the pulley system. Helen could barely breathe as the saw approached her distended nipples. Closer and closer it came Helen held her breath as the saw passed in front of her nipples, She could feel the slight breath of wind from the rapidly turning blade, but nothing happened!

The saw continued to the far end of the rod and reversed its direction. Again it approached her tits. With a spray of blood, first one and then the other nipple fell onto the platter. The saw continued on it's way to the end of the rods. Helen now understood what he meant by a quarter inch advance. Each time the saw reached one end of the mechanism; it moved a quarter inch closer to her chest.

Back the saw came. As it neatly sliced off her areolas, Helen helplessly orgasmed. Still riding her orgasm, the saw returned. Two more quarter inch slices of titmeat hit the platter. The time between passes was just long enough for her to catch her breath and wait in both dread and anticipation for the next slice. Inexorably the saw reduced her once proud tits to slices of sandwich meat, a quarter inch at a time, the sudden jolts of pain never allowing her cum to subside. The pile of meat on the platter grew with each "Plop". Finally, the last pass seeming to move right below her nose, the saw hit the automatic shutoff and slowly spun to a halt. The triggering of the shutoff switch also released the locking mechanism on her chair and moved it back to the end of its track, allowing the medical personnel to bandage her chest.

Completely wrung out, she sat, stunned at the ferocity of her cums. Mr. Jones carried the platter holding her sliced tits and held it in front of her dazed eyes. "I'm not sure where your tits looked better!" he declared, "On your chest or on the platter. It's a toss-up." Setting the platter down for a moment, he shut of and released the air from the dildos. Pulling her off the intruding objects with a wet "Slurp", he spanked her ass and sent here off to rejoin her friends.

As Helen left the debreasting area on wobbly legs, she was greeted by applause.

"You thought you couldn't beat our debreasting," Allison informed her, "But you at least matched it! That was hot!"

Still weak from her extended cum, Helen marveled. "Yeah! It was something! I never knew I could cum for so long!"

"Finally! It's my turn!" Inez enthused. "Watching you girls get your tits sliced and diced has got me so horny! Let's find somebody to take care of mine. I can't wait to feel the knife cutting slowly through them. There must be an easy game, which won't take long for someone to win my gorgeous boobs. Let's go over to the other row of games."

As Inez started off, a tall brunette wearing a Festival uniform stopped her. "You! Come with me!"

"I can't!" Inez protested as the woman grabbed her arm. " I have to let someone win my tits so they can be cut off!"

"Are you refusing a Festival worker?" the woman demanded. "Didn't you read the contract? Refusal to give your tits to a festival employee upon demand is punishable by immediate conversion to meat! Do you want to be meat?"

"Nnnno!" stuttered Inez. "I thought someone had to win them! I don't want to be meat yet! Sometime, yes, but not now. I just want to be debreasted. If you're going to cut off my tits, I'd be happy to go with you!"

"I am in charge of finding new innovative ways for debreasting women who want to lose their tits. Especially well endowed blondes." The woman sneered as she eyed Inez's 38 EE melons. "You will be the first to experience my latest creation." Pulling a pair of vicious looking nipple clamps from her pocket, she approached the now enthusiastic girl.

"The first? Oh, I love being first! Ouch! My, they have a strong spring! Can you buy them in Dolcettville? My Dad would love a set of those for my Mom. YEOW!!" Irritated by the babble, the woman let the second clamp snap closed on the second nipple. "Wow! That hurts so nice!"

Ignoring the girl, she grabbed the chain connected the two clamps, gave it a tug, and started off.

"Come on, girls!" Inez threw over her shoulder as she followed the woman. "I think this is going to be great!" Pausing occasionally, so the chain pulled on her now flattened nipples to her great enjoyment, Inez wondered what was in store for her tits.

As the group headed for the debreasting area, they passed by another of the chopping blocks. They had to pause while a container full of carcasses was trundled down the walkway in front of them as the workers headed for the kitchen. Arms and legs dangled from the over full cart.

At the chopping block, four debreasted women waited for their turn at the block. While waiting for an empty cart to arrive, the axeman and his assistant decided to take advantage of the delay. Leaning his axe against the block, the axeman took the first woman in line by the arm and threw her onto the bloody surface of the block. Freeing his erect cock, he unceremoniously rammed it into her snatch. The woman could not take her eyes of the axe leaning six inches away from her head. Her eyes almost glowed with need.

The second woman in line approached the assistant. Sinking to her knees, she unzipped his pants and slid his rampant member down her throat. Two more employees arrived with the new cart. Seeing the first two men busy, and with two more women waiting, they parked the cart and engaged the parking brake. Bending the remaining women over the side of the cart, they buggered them roughly. The two women could see the congealed blood at the bottom of the cart. The sight and the knowledge that their bodies would soon be lying, headless, in the blood brought them to screaming cums, the pulsing of their vaginal muscles bringing off the two men simultaneously..

After finishing with the girl lying across the block, the axeman tucked himself back in his pants and picked up the axe. "Head on the block!" he ordered. The girl obediently pulled herself back so that only her head rested on the block. "THUNK" the axe head was buried in the wood. The body was quickly scooped up and deposited in the waiting container. The other three girls had lined up in their previous positions. At a nod from the axeman, the second girl bent over the block and was quickly dispatched.

As soon as the full container had passed, the brunette pulled Inez into motion and led her down the path and around a corner. Squealing with delight at the tugs on her nipples, Inez willingly followed her. Helen and Jane accompanied them, but Allison, Betty and Dana stayed to watch the events at the block.

Noticing a strange look on Allison's face, Dana asked. "What are you thinking Ally?"

"Things seem different now." Allison replied, her eyes never leaving the axe. "I'm having trouble walking right. Without my tits, I feel like I'm going to fall over backward. There's not enough weight in front. I look down and I see nothing. Did you girls find the sex at the fucking area strange. I mean, I came several times, but it was weird. Like something was missing. I always liked having my boobs pinched and squeezed hard during fucking, but they're gone. And the men, it was like I wasn't a real girl. I was a doll or something."

"I know what you're saying!" Betty agreed. "I'm screwed up as well. I never really thought about what it would be like afterward. I just wanted the experience of being debreasted."

"I'm with you girls!" Dana rejoined. "But it's not like we can go back. We will just have to learn to cope."

"These girls coped." Allison said as the last girl got tossed into the bin. "Is that the best way?"

"We can't think about it now." Dana ordered. "We came as a group. We need to support the last two and not get in the way of what they came here to do. We have to catch up with Inez. She was there for us and we have to be there for her. Come on!"

Grasping their arms, Dana firmly led the two girls down the path Inez had taken. Without resistance, the two girls allowed themselves to be pulled away from the chopping block. As they headed away though, their heads turned for one last look.

They found Inez just around the corner. The woman had secured her to a wooden cross. A projection at the level of her shoulder blades pushed her chest out and ensured that her tits jutted out proudly.

"Now for a little fun!" the woman crowed. Picking up an eight thonged flail, the woman lashed the proffered tits. "Ohhh" Inez squeaked as the slender thongs lashed her skin. Starting at the upper part of the breasts, the whip methodically made its way down the swell of her tits. The nipples were singled out for multiple strikes before the woman continued down the sensitive undersides. Finishing with one final blow where the breast met the abdomen, the woman reversed her path back up over the nipples to the upper slope.

As her tits became covered in thin red strips, Inez closed her eyes lost in sensation. The pain in her tits echoed throughout her body. It seemed as if there was a direct connection between her abused tits and her engorged clit, her juicy pussy spasmed with each blow. Cum after cum reverberated through her body.

After the fourth trip up and down Inez's tits, the whip was laid aside. Surveying her work, the woman smiled in satisfaction. Every square inch of the outthrust tits glowed crimson. "Part two!" the woman declared.

Inez hung limply on the cross. Eyes still closed, she luxuriated pain and heat of her well-whipped tits. "SMACK!" her eyes bulged as a line of white fire lanced across her tender tits. "That got your attention!" the woman gloated as the red weal from the stroke of the rattan cane blossomed on the upper slope of Inez's tits. "The whip was just the beginning." Raising the cane once more, she brought it down viciously just below the weal from the first stroke. The cane buried itself half an inch into the tit flesh before its momentum was halted. Immediately a second raised weal joined the first.

Inez screamed hoarsely at the assault. Pain literally exploded through her, becoming her entire universe. By the fourth stroke however, the endorphins produced by the cane's assault on her tits had allowed her natural masochistic tendencies to ride the strokes into a sexual frenzy. With each subsequent stroke, pussy juice squirted as she orgasmed.

Oblivious to the effect she was having on the bound girl, the Dom continued to rain stroked on the tortured tits. The twelfth stroke landed full on the girl's nipples, splitting in two. Throwing the cane down, the Dom sighed in satisfaction. It was only then she noticed the puddle on pussy juice on the ground in front of the cross. "Well!" she exclaimed as she freed the sagging girl. "Looks like we both enjoyed ourselves!"

Dragging Inez over to the adjacent table, she sat her in front of the mechanism located there. A pair of two walled metal rectangular boxes shared one interior wall. The ends of the boxes parallel to Inez's chest were open. Located on the interior side of the boxes were what appeared to be drawer guides. Two separate metal boxes with matching drawer guides sat in front of the first box. Each of these boxes was subdivided into half inch by one-inch sections by thin metal walls.

Pushing Inez forward so that her stomach pressed against the table, the Dom tied Inez's hands behind her back. Centering each tit with the open end of the box, she shoved the box in to the bound girl's chest. With some difficulty, she stuffed the EE tits completely within the boxes. The EE tits were too wide to sit normally in the available space, so they were squeezed vertically to fit. "Another production issue!" she grumbled.

"Excuse me?" Inez gasped as the pain of having her already tender its squeezed out of shape. "What did the whipping have to do with your invention?"

Satisfied with the placement of the tits, the brunette stood up. "Nothing! I just like whipping big titted blondes!"

Picking up one of the two separate boxes, she stood behind Inez and fitted it into the guides of one of the sections housing Inez's tits. "A little history for you. Before the virus that killed off all the meat animals, one of humanities favorite foods was called chicken strips, Rectangles of meat from the chicken, usually the breast, were coated with batter and deep fried. It was supposed to be delicious." Tilting the remaining box, she showed Inez the bottom of the interior partitions. Light glinted off their razor sharp edges. Fitting the box over her remaining tit, she smiled as a look of understanding swept over Inez's face.

"Yes, my soon to be titless blond, tonight I'm having tit strips for supper." With that she leaned over Inez's shoulder, placed both hands on the top of one of the boxes and pushed. Smoothly the razor edges sliced through the girl's firm tit flesh. White-hot pain accompanied the boxes downward movement as her tit was neatly sliced from the body. Reaching the bottom, the woman pushed the box forward, off the guides and flipped it end for end. Turning it around so Inez could see her once proud tit neatly sliced into strips of tit meat, she exclaimed "Ta Da!"

Inez's cunt juiced uncontrollably at the sight. "The other one! Do the other one! But slowly!"

"Sure thing hon!" Pressing on the top of the remaining box, she inched it through the unresisting flesh. Inez groaned as she orgasmed repeatedly as the de3vice slowly reduced her last tit to strips. Too soon for Inez's tastes, the box completed its work and the medical personnel pulled her back from the table. After her wounds were bandaged, she returned to the table in time to see her tit strips being dumped from their respective boxes onto a platter.

"That's amazing!" She gushed. "They all look so perfectly cut! And I was the first!"

After the woman picked up her boxes and sauntered off, all eyes turned to Jane. "Yes!" She smiled cupping her tits and rubbing her erect nipples. "Would it be appropriate to say we saved the best for last?" At the vociferous objections of her friends, she amended her statement. "O.K. O. K. We saved me for last."

"What game will you be the prize for?" inquired Allison.

"I'm going to go in a different direction." Jane told her. "All you girls went for a sporting type game or at least attempted to. My luscious breasts are going to someone with brains. I saw a Mensa type game just around the corner. Follow me!"

Leading the girls, Jane set off to find the game, which would soon present her tits to a satisfied patron. Spotting the booth, she hurried over to it. The booth's attendant sat with his head in his hands, staring at the ground.

"Good afternoon sir!" Jane gushed.

"Good? Good? What's good about it?" The attendant didn't even raise his head. "I get stuck with this booth again. No one comes to volunteer her tits at this booth. I get a front row seat to watch tits getting hacked off with no volunteer to use to relieve myself. I've got the worst case of blue balls ever. There's nothing good about it!"

"There, There!" Jane cooed. "I'm here to make your day better!" Sinking to her knees in front of him, she unzipped his pants, releasing a thick erect penis. His eyes bulged as the blonde vision lovingly stoked his cock.

"Holy Shit!" He exclaimed.

"First we'll take care of those pesky blue balls and then we'll find someone to take care of my huge titties!" Running her tongue over the head of his cock, she lubricated it with her saliva. Satisfied it was slick enough, she slowly slid it down her throat much to the attendant's delight. As her nose buried itself in his pubic hair, he helplessly bucked his hips trying to get deeper. Slowly pulling up, despite his efforts to the contrary, she let the cockhead, now drooling precum, slide from her hot mouth. Pumping the jerking cock with her hand, she soon had precum oozing out the slit. Leaning forward, she laved the head with her tongue scooping up the fluid. "YUM!" she breathed.

Engulfing the head, she sucked strongly as she vigorously pumped the shaft. After a day of watching tits sliced and diced, he was unable to hold back for long, and, groaning, emptied his balls in long juddering spurts into her welcoming mouth.

Quickly swallowing the massive load, she licked the rapidly softening prick clean and tucked it back into the man's pants. Rising she leaned forward, thrusting her 44DD's into his face. "One job done and one to go!" She announced.

Latching on to one of her pebble like nipples, he nursed it for a moment. Reluctantly letting it slip from his mouth, he told her. "It might take a while. This is not a popular booth."

"I'll just have to work hard then." Was the reply. Exiting the booth, she stepped in front of a pair of men walking down the path. Placing her hands under her tits, she offered them to the men. "Would you like these?" she asked.

"Gosh yes!" was the reply as the two men groped the succulent melons being held up for their inspection.

"Five dollars. You just have to answer three questions correctly and they're yours to remove anyway you'd like!" Jane purred. "Just step this way."

"The brainiac booth?" One of the men questioned. "No thanks. They're great tits and I'd like to chop them off, but I'd just be throwing away the five dollars. Come to another booth!"

"No." Jane shook her head. "I want this one. How about you sir?" She asked another passerby, who shook his head and kept on walking.

After ten refusals, Jane was getting worried. "Are my tits not good enough?" She asked the booth attendant. "They're big and firm and real. I don't understand it!"

"It's not your tits." He assured her. "They're perfect. It's the contest. The vast majority of the people coming here have trouble getting one answer right, let alone three. Maybe you should try another booth."

"But I wanted this one!" Jane wailed.

"Excuse me!" A voice called form the booth entrance. "I'd like to have those tits, if you don't mind."

Jane wheeled around at the statement. "You!" She exclaimed as she beheld the male passenger from the bus they had arrived on.

"Yes. Mike is my name. You offered me those lovely tits if I won the contest they were the prize for, so here I am."

Throwing herself at him, Jane pressed her jugs into his hands. "Oh please get the answers right. I want you to have them!" As he caressed her now aching breasts, her nipples hardened even more eliciting moans of desire from the aroused girl.

"Ahem!" the attendant cleared his throat. Reluctantly, for both of them, the contestant let go of Jane's tits with one final squeeze and passed over the required five dollars.

"Thank you." Placing the contest fee in the till, the attendant explained the contest. "I will ask you three questions taken randomly for this stack." He showed mike the stack, "If you answer all three correctly you get to take the young lady to the debreasting area and remove her tits for both your pleasure. Are you ready?"

"Yes!" Mike replied. Pulling Jane in front of him, he slid his hands under her arms and cupped her tits possessively. Fanning the stack of questions out, the attendant offered them to Mike. "Please choose a question."

"My hands are bit full right now." Mike said, pinching Jane's nipples. "Would you mind helping me out dear? This way you can take an active part in my winning these beauties."

"No problem!" Jane replied, her breathing quickening. Pulling a question from the stack, she handed it to the attendant.

"The first question is. What is the next number in the following number sequence? 1,3,5,7"

Jane's eyes widened as she drew a blank. Nuzzling her neck while continuing to fondle her heated tits, Mike answered. "Prime numbers are only divisible by themselves and one. 1,3,5,7,11."

"Correct. Please choose another question."

Jane's hand shook as she reached out to take another question. The prospect of debreasting and Mike's constant stimulation of her tits had her juices running down her inner thighs. She desperately wanted to cum but was too keyed up to do so.

Accepting the second question, the attendant read. "A chair is located four feet from a wall. If the chair is moved half the distance to the wall on each move, how many times must the chair be moved to reach the wall"

Jane couldn't help herself. "Four times!" she exclaimed. "Two feet, one foot, half a foot and it's there on the next move!"

The attendant glared at her. "You are not playing!" he sternly told her. "Must you be dildo gagged?"

"Aaah my dear!" Mike whispered in her ear. "Such a luscious body. It must be nature's way of compensating for other areas." Bouncing her mounds in his hands, he gave his answer. "The chair will never reach the wall."

"Correct!" The attendant conceded. "It's lucky you did not listen to her. Her brains must be in those huge tits."

"Now, now!" Mike cautioned. "There is no need to be nasty. The last question please. I'd like to take my tits home."

Extending the stack, the attendant ordered Jane. "Pick one and keep your trap shut."

Obediently Jane pulled out the last question. Her legs were getting weak. Not only was she more aroused them she had ever been without cumming, but, she had given the wrong answer. If Mike had listened to her, he would have lost!

"This is the final question. Answer this correctly and her tits are yours. You go home with them and she goes home with a flat chest. The question is: You are standing on a spot on Earth. You walk one mile north, one mile east and one mile south arriving at your starting point. Where are you?"

Jane sagged with shock at the question. It made no sense. It was impossible with only three steps. There had to be four legs to the trip. She could feel her chance to be debreasted slipping away. Why did she choose that question? It had been so close! Through the roaring in her ears, she could hear her friends gasping in disbelief.

"That's a tough question!" Mike exclaimed. " To return to your starting point almost always requires a journey of four legs if all the legs are of the same distance. There are only two places on earth where it does not. Since the first leg of the journey was north, it means that the starting point was the South Pole."

"Correct!" the attendant exclaimed.

Jane almost fainted with relief. He had gotten it right! Spinning in his arms, she showered kisses on Mike's face. "You did it! You won my tits! Oh! Thank you! Thank you! How are you going to take them? With a knife? Or a guillotine? Oh my God! This is wonderful!"

"Congratulations!" the attendant continued. "You may now take her to the debreasting area and slice her tits off. And, my I say they are a fine set! They must be at least a 40E cup. What fun you'll have!"

"44DD, I'll have you know!" Jane retorted, her arms still hanging around Mike's neck. "And real!"

Disengaging her arms from his neck, Mike led her out of the booth, high-fiving the attendant as he left. "Come along girl. Let's get you and my boobs separated."

Skipping gleefully behind him, Jane called to her waiting friends. "Come on girls! It's time for me and my tits to part company!"

Entering the debreasting are, Mike waved Jane into a seat. Without being asked, Jane placed her arms behind the chair back. Pulling her arms back as far as they would go, Mike tied them securely. Jane's tits jutted out like the prow of a ship. Moving in front of the girl, Mike picked up a pair of nipple clamps. He grasped each of the outthrust tits in turn and snapped the clamps onto the rock hard nipples. The spring of the clamps was quite thick and compressed the trapped nipples almost flat. Jane squealed in pain as the jaws of the clamps snapped shut.

As the pain from her crushed nipples flooded through her, Jane's pussy flooded even more. The final moment of her tits was upon her. Attaching the chain of the clamps to a pulley system, Mike pulled her tits forward until they stood perpendicular to her torso.

Panting with desire, Jane gasped. "What's next? A sword? I hope you'll enjoy eating my tits; I think they will make a great barbecue or a roast."

As Mike turned from the table, Jane saw a utility knife in his hand. Eyes widening, she thought. "Oh goody, this will be slow!"

Approaching the restrained girl, Mike told her. "I don't want your titmeat. I just want your breast skin to make some wine skins." Holding her right tit, he made a shallow cut starting at the upper left side of her breast next to the chest wall. Jane groaned in pleasure as the knife sent shivers of hot pain through her. Slowly he ran the cut across the top of her tit, down the side, under the breast and up the remaining side to join with the original cut. Jane helplessly orgasmed as she watched the knife complete its circuit and blood trickled down her chest. She tried to lift her other tit toward the knife but was tied too securely Moving to the other tit, Mike repeated his actions to Jane's joy.

Returning to the table, he replaced the knife with a blunt probe and a set of forceps. Returning to his work, he grasped the skin of her tit with the forceps and pulled it up so he could slip the probe between the skin and the meat of her tit. Whistling he moved the probe back and forth, breaking the connection holding the skin and titmeat together. Within a few minutes, he had worked his way completely around the tit, freeing a one-inch flap of skin.

Watching intently as he skinned her tit, Jane orgasmed repeatedly from both the pain and the sight of her skin being peeled back from her tit. After completing one circuit, Mike switched to a large set of forceps and a larger probe, allowing for faster progress. With the larger instruments, he quickly skinned her tit to her areola. Draping the loosened skin over the nipple clamp, he retrieved his original instruments and started on the left tit. With the expertise gained from skinning the first tit, he progressed more rapidly with the second, and soon had the second tit skinned.

Jane sat gasping in a pool of pussy juice, having been in continuous orgasm through the entire proceedings. In a state of complete exhaustion, she numbly waited. Picking up a set of garden shears, Mike placed the blades behind the nipple clamps. "You can't skin too close to the nipples or the wineskins might leak." he informed her. Jane shuddered in anticipation, unable to take her eyes off the blades surrounding her tit. Slamming the handles together, he effortlessly sliced through her tit. Jane howled and bucked in the chair as yet another cum ripped through her. The nipple clamp dropped from her tit and hung from the chain with the breast skin dangling. Moving to the remaining tit, he cut the nipple from it as well.

Grasping the clamps, Mike unfastened them from the pulleys. Holding them up in front of Jane's glazed eyes he told her. "These will make the very best wineskins. I'll have them tanned immediately." With that, he set off, whistling.

The medical staff rushed in. "Damn! He hasn't debreasted her. He just skinned her!" Picking up the garden shears, one of the techs fitted the shears over Jane's left tit with the blades pressing against her chest. "This will hurt," he told her.

With a weak smile, Jane told him. "I certainly hope so. Since he didn't want to have my tits for dinner, would you like to?"

"I would indeed"


"They're yours then. Lop ‘em off whenever you're ready. I'll just sit here and cum again."

A second tech reached between Jane's wide spread thighs and plunged three fingers into her sopping cunt. "Oooh!" Jane sighed. "I really needed something in my puss! Fuck me hard!" With his thumb on her engorged clit, he obliged her, pounding his hand in and out. With her pussy finally filled, Jane panted and rolled her hips as she rose to another cum. Gasping, she cried "Now! Do it now!"

*TCHUNK!* One skinless tit dropped onto her lap. *TCHUNK!* Its mate followed as she erupted. Dropping the shears, the medical tech sealed the wounds on her chest. Pulling his hand from her spasming cunt, the second tech presented his fingers for Jane to clean. Jane happily licked her pungent juices from his fingers.

Untying the girl, the two techs helped her up from the chair. "Enjoy my tits!" she told them. "I'm sorry they're skinless, but, you know…"

"That's fine!" they assured her. "The titmeat is the best part! We'll have them for dinner tonight."

As Jane rejoined her friends, they all clustered together for a group hug. Inez commiserated with Jane. "I can't believe he took off with just your tit skin! And he didn't even finish debreasting you and just left you tied up! What a jerk!"

"I know." Jane answered. "Thank heavens for those two med techs. They finished it up stupendously well. Now what do we do?"

Lost for words, they all looked at one another. Their plans had focused on being debreasted but not on what they would do afterward. Suddenly a voice broke the silence.

"Well! Well! Look at the titless cheerleading squad. You girls look a bit flat! I can't believe you were dumb enough to go through with it. You all must have gotten tits instead of brains!"

"What do you mean, dumb?" demanded Allison. "We lost the cheerleading contest to you five sluts because you cheated!, but the losing squad has to give up their tits."

"Are you that stupid?" The buxom rival cheerleader retorted. "There is no law that says that."

"Maybe not." Rejoined Jane. "But the tradition has always been that the losers are debreasted."

"To hell with tradition! We're not losing our beautiful tits for that!" the girl cupped her 44C's with both hands. "These babies are staying right where they belong. No law ... No tits."

"There may be no debreasting law for the contest," a deep voice spoke behind the five jeering girls, "but there are laws about conspiracy to commit bribery and committing bribery."

Their heads snapped around at the sound to see Sheriff Brown and four deputies "W-what do you mean?" The head cheerleader stuttered.

"Judge Smith reported the visit of one Ann White and her sister June, that would be you?" He asked rhetorically."On the eve of the yearly cheerleading contest. During that visit, the topic of whether or not he would accept a spitted girl, if a spitting occurred during a routine, and whether or not that would be sufficient to win the contest. Needless to say, Judge Smith immediately reported the conversation to the City Council. The events alluded to in the conversation did, in fact, take place the following day. The cheerleading team presented the spitted meat girl to Judge Smith in accordance with the commitment inferred the previous night. This presentation added bribery to the charge of conspiracy to commit bribery"

"City Council has met and deliberated this matter fully. June White. You and the remaining four members of your cheerleading team have been found guilty of both charges. City Council has decreed that you five are stripped of the status of Free Female and are designated Meat. Strip ‘em and cuff ‘em, boys!"

At the command, his deputies spun into action, stripping what little clothes the stunned girls were wearing from them. Completely overwhelmed by the turn of events, the newly designated meat girls put up no resistance. "We knew nothing of any visit!" one cried. "It was all Ann and June's idea! We're innocent!"

"Are you part of team? Did the team win the contest?" The sheriff asked as he cuffed June's hands behind her. "The team benefited, so you're as guilty as this cow!" Hefting a tit in his hands, he mused. "Nice tits! Should barbecue up well!"

"Round ‘em up boys! We're off to the barbecue pits!" Turning to Jane and the others, he told them. "Come along, girls. Council has decided, as the injured parties, you get the first slice of these cow's tits."

"But, Sir," Jane asked as they followed the men who pushed the cuffed animals in front of them. "If the council knew of the bribery, why did they allow the contest go on and let them win? We could still have our tits!"

"It's a law thing girlie." Was the reply. "Conspiracy is harder to prove than bribery. They might have got off. You wouldn't want that, would you? Once they gave the spitted meat to the judge and were declared winners, we had them. The girl was delicious. We barbecued her last night. Beside, you all enjoyed your debreasting immensely. Didn't you?"

The girls had to agree on that even if they found his explanation troubling. Entering the barbecue pit, the sheriff exclaimed. "Look, boys! Mark 7's!"

The Mark 7 barbecue was designed to solve the pesky problem of how to grill a tit while it was still attached. Since it was impossible to turn the attached tit over on the grill, you ended up with the nipple area overdone, while the area next to the chest wall was still raw. The Mark 7 had two closeable lids with varying numbers of semicircles cut in them on each side of the grill. After the tits were put on the grill, the lids were closed, trapping the tits within them. The closer was adjustable to handle varying cup sizes. Once the two lids were brought up and closed, the heat could not escape. Since it could reach upwards of 500 0F inside the closed barbecue, the tits were cooked on all sides at once.

"We'll use three barbecues." The sheriff told his men. "These two will take two cows each and we'll put the ringleader in one by herself."

Nodding the men separated their cows into pairs according to their tit size. After they had matched cows with roughly equal sized tits, they stood them side by side. One of each pair of deputies picked up a skewer from the supply next to the barbecue. The other grasped the tits of the cow on the left by the nipples and pulled them out taut. Placing the sharp point about two inches behind the nipple, the deputy with the spit quickly ran it through both tits.

The second cow was pulled close to the first. As they stood shoulder to shoulder, the second animal's tits were pulled out and the skewer ran through her tits as well. The skewered girls were then pushed into position in front of their barbecue and the skewered tit lathered with sauce.

While the four girls were being prepared as two sets, the sheriff, with assistance from Jane had slowly shoved a skewer through June's tits. June could not do anything but helplessly watch as the point slowly broke the skin of her firm globes. Panting, she endured its slow passage through her breast tissue. Her pussy lips engorged at the exquisite pain. With her clit throbbing and her pussy dripping, she waited, eyes wide, as the skewers point pressed against the skin of her inner breast. She could see the point pushing the skin, forming a small peak in her cleavage. She caught her breath and came explosively as the sharp point appeared, the peak of skin collapsing as the skewer slid through her tit.

Pausing, with Jane pulling on the remaining tit and the skewer halfway across June's cleavage, the sheriff reached down and cupped the cuffed girl's cunt. "Just as I thought!" he said. "Soaking wet. The bitch is cumming. Well, if you like your tits getting skewered, you'll love having them cooked." With that he rammed the skewer through her remaining tit and pulled her to her barbecue.

"Lock ‘em in boys!" The girls were bent at the waist and their skewered tits lowered on to the grill. The skewers were slipped into slots and locked down ensuring the girls could not move. The girls squealed in pain as their tender tits contacted the hot grill. After locking June's tits in place, the sheriff ordered the lids closed. "I set yours for a 38B." he said with a grin. June screamed in agony as he slammed the lids together crushing her 44C's at their base.

All the barbecues were set low enough that the girls had to stand with their legs widespread, with all their holes at a perfect level for use. After making sure the lids were locked, the deputies took advantage of the situation. Within moments, each girl had a hard cock buried in her pussy or ass. With the obvious possibility of barbecued girlmeat, the barbecue pit filled up with patrons. Seeing the influx of men as he slipped his prick down June's throat, the sheriff called. "There's a few holes left. Help yourselves!" Within minutes all the girls were filled fore and aft, with men waiting their turn.

After dumping his load into her stomach, the sheriff relinquished his position to a waiting patron and sauntered over to Jane. "These Mark 7's are very fast." He informed her. "You should be eating in about fifteen minutes."

Jane was speechless as she and her friends stared at the barbecues.

Inez whispered to Betty. "I wish I still had my tits! That looks sooo cool!" Betty could only nod in agreement.

Once the nerve endings in their tits fried from the heat and the initial pain subsided, it was clear to all that the five girls were enjoying the whole barbecue experience, quivering in orgasm after orgasm as hard cocks continuously plunged in and out of their throats, asses and pussies. Cries of pleasure were heard as a spent penis exited their mouths, but they were cut off as another was shoved in within seconds.

Finally, the sheriff called a halt to the festivities. "Time to eat! Everyone finish up!" After the last man had pulled out, the lids were opened to the heady aroma of barbecued tit. Unlocking the skewers, the girls were pulled upright. As they straightened, they displayed lovely browned tits with dark lines from the grill bars decorating the nipple area. Using an oven mitt, a deputy pulled the skewer from the trapped tits. As the skewer exited each tit, melted fat ran out of the hole left behind.

Jane and her posse were waved over to the picnic tables. Large platters were lined up on one side of the tables, while plates and cutlery were on the other side. The girls were instructed to all sit on the side with the plates.. The deputies had to assist the others to the tables after the skewers were removed, as they were all weak-kneed from both the cooking and the numerous cums. They were all seated with their barbecued tits placed in a platter across the table from each of Jane's group. "You two will have to share." Jane and Inez were told. "There's only five sets cooked, but you have the biggest set." June was placed in front of the two them, her tits still skewered.

"Lean over so she can pull out the skewer." June was ordered. Obediently June leaned over the table. Grasping the skewer, Jane pulled it out of the browned tits releasing a flood of fluid, which dripped onto the platter. Collapsing back onto her ass, June rested her boobs on the platter and waited with her eyes closed.

"Dig in!" they were ordered.

Picking up her provided cutlery, Jane speared the right nipple with her fork. Using her knife, she sliced off the nipple and areola and placed it on her plate. All down the table, her friends followed suit. Dividing her slice of tit meat in two, Jane popped a piece into her mouth. The scrumptious flavor had her taste buds shouting for joy. "Ooooh, Delicious!" she cried, spearing the second piece. "I'm so glad!" June told her as Jane chewed the last bit of the cooked nipple with a look of delight on her face.

Picking up the knife again, Jane sliced off a huge slab from June's tit. "I just realized," she told Inez, All we've had to eat for hours is cum." Inez grunted as she stuffed her mouth with succulent barbecued tit.

Conversation ceased as the five girls stuffed themselves, slicing off the cooked tits of the girls sitting across from them until their torsos matched their own flat chests. Finally they sat back sated by their meal. The waiting deputies pulled the winning squad upright and then pushed them down onto the picnic table so that their upper bodies lay flat on the tabletop and their pussies sat on one edge and their heads were almost in the lap of the girl who had just made a meal of their tits.

Each man slid the point of a long spit into a slick pussy. All eleven girls realized what was going to happen next, but before they could do or say anything, the men shoved the spits through their unresisting targets. Jane and her friends gasped as the spitted girls lifted their heads in surprise just in time to allow the spit to slide up their esophagus and out their mouths. While they had all seen girls being spitted before, they had never been this close to one before.

One by one, the deputies carried the spitted girls off an placed them on the roasting pit. When the last girls had been removed from the picnic table, the sheriff informed the still frozen girls. "You are free to go, you know."

Shaking herself out of her trance, Jane replied. "Yes. Right. Aaah, come on girls. Let's go home." Slowly moving down the line, she corralled her friends and herded them out of the barbecue area without a backward glance

***This is where Barbecue left off. Everything past here is from FrictionByBill - apologies for any changes in tone/mood but I am only as good as I am***

As Jane lead the group out of the barbecue area and towards the exit they came across another of the chopping blocks. *THWACK!* Went the headsman's axe as it separated a pretty blonde girl from her head.

"Uhhh..." Allison moaned, stopping to stare as the headsman tossed the blonde's head into a nearby bin and casually hefted her body into a cart that was already half-full of headless bodies.

"This again?" Jane asked, stopping to stare at Allison with her hands on her hips. "We agreed to come here, lose our boobs and go home, remember?"

"Well, we agreed to come here and lose our boobs." Betty interjected, her gaze never leaving the chopping block as another blonde girl, possibly the first one's sister, knelt with her neck on the block.

"Yeah, we never said anything about going home." Allison said. "And, without my tits I'm feeling all out of what and like I'm missing out."

"Of course you do, you're missing your tits!" Jane exclaimed.

"And it felt amazing to give them up! But, now I'm wondering if I want to live without them..." Allison muttered, fingers dancing across her bandaged chest and to her slender neck.

"Or go all the way and donate your meat?" Betty asked, caressing her own taut ass with one hand.

*THWACK!* Went the headsman's axe as it came down clean through the blonde girl's neck. A murmur of interest rippled through the girls as the headsman picked up the blonde's severed head and shoved his impressive cock into her still moving lips. They watched her body flop & twitch on the ground as the muscular headsman fucked the girl's severed head - groaning and cumming into her mouth and out her neck as she faded with a smile.

"...yeah." Allison said, nodding decisively as she watched the blonde's head get tossed out like so much trash. "Yeah, I want that. More than I want to go home with you girls and spend a while longer living without my tits before someone finally finishes me off and roasts my ass."

"Um, me too." Betty muttered, blushing as she buried one hand in her pussy.

"Burn out rather than fade away?" Helen asked the pair. "You know, I think I'll join you two."

"Wow, three of us?" Jane blurted. "How about you two?" She asked, turning to Dana & Inez.

"I'll keep my head thank you." Inez laughed. "I may only have a few more weeks before I get myself spitted, but I want to spend them letting my Dad and Uncles cane the shit out of my ass and leave me screaming as they fuck my senseless. What can I say," she said, shrugging, "I'm a good little meatgirl and I want to be used up at home."

"How about you Dana?" Jane asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Mmm... I'd lose my head too," Dana muttered, stroking herself as she gazed at the chopping block, "but I know my Dad & Dan really want me to get my body home so they can fuck my holes a few more times before roasting me."

"Excuse me," came the voice of the headsman, "do you girls know about our home-delivery service?"

"Um, what?" Dana asked.

"We offer home delivery of meatgirl bodies, for a small $50 fee." The headsman explained.

" I could lose my head and my Dad & brother would still get to fuck my body?" Dana asked, fingers absently caressing her slender neck.

"Absolutely. We can send them your head too if they'd want to play with that." The headsman nodded.

"Um, I think they would. And Dan totally owes me $50 for that time I blew his entire hockey team while they were waiting for a bus." Dana said, grinning eagerly.

"Wow girls, I, um, I guess we're going to miss you." Jane said, giving hugs and gropes to Allison, Betty, Helen and Dana as the four titless beauties headed for the chopping block.

"As long as he doesn't!" Allison laughed as she knelt in front of the bloodstained chopping block. "Oh wow, this feels so exciting." She gushed as she pulled her hair to one side and laid her neck across the block. Reaching between her thighs she buried two fingers into her sopping pussy and began stroking herself towards yet another great big cum.

"Are you ready?" The headsman asked, axe held at the ready to take Allison's head off.

"A-a-almos...Ohfuck that axe looks so sexy!" Allison gasped, girly orgasm building as she glanced up at the gleaming steel of the axe waiting to remove her head. "Oh god you're going to chop of my heaAAAOODOITNOW!!" She cried, fingers buried in her gushing pussy as her orgasm erupted.

*THWACK!* Went the headsman's axe and, in mid-cum, Allison's pretty head was chopped off. Her body spasmed, one leg kicking out, and toppled over to lay twitching in the dirt.

The headsman picked up Allison's head and casually tossed it into the waiting trash bin.

"Which one of you is next to lose their head?" He asked, all business as he hefted Allison's body over his shoulder and smoothly dumped her pretty corpse into the nearby bin.

"Alphabetically if you don't mind girls," Betty grinned as she knelt at the block, "since it's been working so well for us so far."

"Oh wow, now that's a nice ass!" Exclaimed a handsome passer-by as he spotted Betty's ripe ass thrusting up as she had her neck on the chopping block.

"And it's free for fucking, both holes." The headsman told the gentleman.

"Don't mind if I do - I could use a good ball-draining." The guy said, hauling his big dick out as he stepped up behind Betty's raised ass.

"Wait, what?" Betty asked, glancing back at the guy who was about to violate her ass.

"Once you knelt at the block, your body became meat and fair property." The headsman explained. "Removing your head is merely a formality."

"Oh? Well, *UNGH* that's fair." Betty grunted as a cock sank deep into her ass. "I mean, I like a good violent ass fucking and my meat may as well be enjoyed while I can still offer it up." She said, glancing at the guy who was pistoning his cock into her tight ass. "Um, please sir, you'll need to grab my hips and hold my ass up once my head comes off, ok? I'm sorry I won't be able to help with that once I'm dead."

Betty smiled as the guy grunted and nodded at her.

"Ok, I'm ready now." She told the headsman, resting her neck on the block and stroking herself towards an orgasm as her ripe ass was vigorously fucked.

*THWACK!* Came the headsman's axe, splitting Betty's head from her body and leaving her with a startled expression on her face as her head tumbled to the ground.

Her body jerked & shuddered as her head came off, but the guy grabbed hold of her ass and kept fucking her as she died - plowing his cock into her and groaning as he emptied his balls into her spasming anus.

"Mmm... Going out with a bang like a good meatgirl." Helen purred, stepping up to the chopping block and wrapping an arm around Betty's corpse as she laid her neck across the block. Grabbing Betty's severed head, she planted a kiss on Betty's lips - forcing her tongue into her friend's mouth and moaning with pleasure as she kissed the rapidly-fading babe.

As soon as Betty's eyes rolled back, Helen tossed her head aside and pulled her body close. "I'm ready." She told the headsman as she settled her neck into position. "Do me like a good meatgirl and let me join my friend."


Helen's eyes opened wide as her head was chopped off. The headsman quickly scooped her and Betty's heads and tossed them into the waiting garbage.

"Mmm... That's going to be my bod at the hands of my Dad & Dan." Dana purred, caressing her toned figure as she watched the fairgoer finish pumping cum into Betty's headless corpse. "I can't wait!" She gushed as she watched the headsman collect her friends' bodies and dump them into the bodybin.

"You wanted the home delivery service for your body and head?" The headsman asked as Dana stepped up to the chopping block.

"Yes please! I want to make sure my Dad & brother can enjoy fucking my body." Dana replied, nodding eagerly and quickly filling out a simple form the headsman presented to her.

The headsman scanned the completed form, nodded and quickly pinned tags to Dana's ear and cunt before motioning for her to kneel at the block.

"I'm just meat now?" Dana asked as she knelt and placed her neck on the block.

"Nothing more, nothing less." The headsman replied as he hefted his axe up.

"Ohhh... It feels so good to be mea-"

*THWACK!* The headsman's axe cut Dana off and her startled face tumbled to the ground as her body jerked back and toppled to the dirt.

"Oh wow..." Jane muttered as she watched the headsman collect Dana's tall form and set it, with her head, aside for collection & delivery.

"...yeah, that was kinda hot." Inez muttered, two fingers buried in her moist cunt as she finished watching four of her sexy friends have their heads chopped off.

"Are you gonna?..." Jane asked, indicating the chopping block.

"Ummm... Tempting." Inez replied. "But, I'm looking forward to a lot more caning and abuse before I have my ass turned into meat."

"Ha-ha! Always the pain slut, aren't you?" Jane laughed.

"What can I say? Suffering is my thing." Inez grinned.

"Well, let's get what's left of us out of here." Jane said, motioning to the exit and pulling her grinning friend along with her. "Thanks!" She called to the headsman who waved cheerfully at her before turning to a pair of fresh-faced early-20s brunette beauties.

"On wow, what a day..." Inez moaned, caressing her titless form as she was lead out of the festival.

"Yeah! That was SUCH a rush." Jane exclaimed. "I had so many amazing cums giving up my tits. It was so much fun to go as a group!" She gushed.

"Even if most of us didn't make it out alive?" Inez grinned.

"Ha-ha! Oh silly, we're all meatgirls anyway, what does it matter when we die? As long as there's lots of cumming and everybody gets to enjoy fucking and torturing our bodies." Jane laughed.

"I know, right?" Inez laughed. "Speaking of fucking and torturing our bodies," she mused, "what do you think our bus ride home will be like now that we're naked and such obvious meatgirls?"

"I think it'll be a ton of fun. Let's go see what people want to do with us!" Jane replied, smiling eagerly as a public transit bus pulled up and she & Inez climbed aboard.




OP, the story was "For Vanity's Sake" by T'Sade:

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