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I was wondering if there are any type of guro
(GIFS, manga, images, etc...) were the female's breasts or belly inflate and expand with semen to the point of her breasts or belly exploding? I've looked everywhere and have not found any luck.


You mean exactly inflation with semen and not anything else?

that may be hard to find


Strangely enough, I just found this


Not necessarily with semen, but preferred. Also the link doesn't work.


Link works fine you probably just don't have exhentai access

If any kind of inflation if good you should have no problems finding that.
You can even try to find some videos on Pornhub


Tumblr can help, search for inflation and bursting there. Definitely seen a lot of it. Nylonwave has done some, ecchi-panda has done some. People blog Japanese art of inflation bursting too.


Oh yeah, a few others (My alias is taken), (Aeris airways) and Alorok did some too.

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