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Hi, does anyone have the rest of the pages to this comic?


File: 1506212958758.jpg (805.02 KB, 600x1685, 1480142052326.jpg)


File: 1506212967837.jpg (882.39 KB, 600x2000, 1480142107613.jpg)


File: 1506212974245.jpg (907.42 KB, 600x2000, 1480142145182.jpg)


File: 1506212983944.jpg (886.44 KB, 600x2000, 1480142176668.jpg)


File: 1506212990781.jpg (874.3 KB, 600x2000, 1480142239292.jpg)


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File: 1506213004768.jpg (1 MB, 600x2000, 1480229453597.jpg)


File: 1506213012183.jpg (978.38 KB, 600x1859, 1480229478336.jpg)


File: 1506213080917.jpg (1.09 MB, 600x2320, 1480229551579.jpg)

These are all the artist ever posted.


thank you!


Who is this guy? Does anyone know?


I'd hazard a guess that he's most likely South Korean, its panels are set up to read left to right, and the art has a lot of stylistic elements common to Korean artists. I can't remember whether he gave his name or a (if he had one) blog in the original thread.

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