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I went to school with a fellow metalhead, and one day he came to school wearing a shirt with two of my biggest kinks. It was most likely an album cover from some metal band.
I was too nervous to ask about it, so I couldn't ask what band it was from so I can download the image
To describe it-
Skeletons were force feeding a very fat man, and I'm pretty sure there were mutilated corpses in the background
I'm taking a shot in the dark here by posting this but I really need to find this image!


The imagery you describe is common to two genres: death metal and goregrind. Not sure about the exact cover, but, given the description, here's a good start for your searches:


File: 1535892826608.jpg (105.08 KB, 1024x846, 0021033875685932_b.jpg)

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