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Hi can anyone who knows how to animate this please


You can't just 'ANIMATE' stuff. It would require you make another 2-3 dozen images and arrange them in a gif.


Animating picture is a lot of work as you need to draw many images.
however, animation can be made relativity easy when you do it in 3d

Your picture is far too complex to do animation easily


If you can do something similar for just ass removal that would be great


Maybe I will do something like that, but it will be much later, when I finish current series.




One more thing,
I wonder what method of ass removal you have in mind?


using a laser beam to slice off from one side to the other side for a group of people either boys or girls with bubble bums


You can copy the image and photoshop it, repeat over and over again. The quickest way would still be tedious.

Not that it's not potentially worthwhile... but you're better off commissioning animation based on that.

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