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i am looking for an image i saw , its for a neko girl killed by 2 arrows as i remember on her stomach and she is laying on her back , and there is another blue haired girl on the right also killed but laying on her face, i wish to find it and/or find similar images to it , and if there is a nude version of it because she have a string bikini still on her (black) and its almost going to fall.

note: she somehow looks similar to the girl in the image



and to add more info to the image , the first girl is almost naked , only her nipples and pussy are covered , and both are dead on a road , also last thing the image is a widescreen one...


File: 1503710618567.jpg (255.66 KB, 2000x812, 1426374327332.jpg)

Found it , now can anyone make a nude version of it , and/or add piss or futa to it , i would be glad


Is there a Nekogirl Topic here?

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