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I've found a few images in this style, most of them by "The Veterinarian." artist. But I'm looking for pregnant females who are carrying litters of pups or even a foal or calf. Any theme is acceptable and bonus points if petplay is involved.

PS: I've literally never posted anything on any kind of chan board before so, if this is the wrong place. Lemme know.


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I'd like to clarify that insects are not animals, and I'm not looking for Oviposition art so no eggs please.


Not really sure gurochan is the most appropriate place for this sort of content, however there is an entire thread about it already on the 8chan beast board.


Cheers for that.


FWIW, I'm not sure if the Veternarian ones are actually impregnation (as outside of magic or nanotech that implies transplanting a canine/other ovaries and maybe uterus), probably more IVF and embryo implantation. Given that the tails are just buttplugs after all.

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