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So,.. do anyone have this image without any dumb text?


The website for this artist is like seven letters long. I was going to post it, but, honestly - all of Google, TinEye, IQDB and SauceNao found it almost instantly. Meaning you can get the answer just as quickly if you Lrn 2 internets.

Also, get the SauceNao image search plugin off the Chrome Store. Free, very lightweight (couple hundred kb, essentially passes any image you right click on through to those four services), and pretty certain I got recommended it / given the link from a(n admin?) post on here somewhere. Thank me later, when you find it's become your new friend.

(and for anything you're not too certain of the, ah, legitimacy of, you can select to just send to the latter two engines, which are much more likely to turn up useful results at the same time as being much less likely to grass you up)


oh, and, yes... the original doesn't have the text.

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