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Does anyone know the name of this movie?
I want more context to what is happening, as the scene and the girl look super sexy to me.


Could you re-up this?


I want to know too! The scene is awesome! Sounds like French, but I'm not sure. My searching skills were not enough.


Haven't found the source yet unfortunately :(
Asked around multiple forums, nobody seems to know so far.
Damn french movies...
There's also another frenchie clip that I found on princes-horror-central a while back but now idk how it's called, with a hitman that goes to a woman's apartment, and she acts all cute and hits on him, but then he has to kill her.


Have you scoured this one in princess horror central database? Under the section Belly Stab?


It's uploaded under the name belly_stab_20170527, and there's no metadata.


I found this nifty collection of "out there" movies. I don't know if the scene you're looking for is in one on the collection. But i left that to your due diligence.>>8696


I accidentally stumbled across the movie...

It's a french 2 actor flick, lol.

Title: Volver a Morir (Wake up and Die)


Yay! Thank you! Found it too now.

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