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Looking for a story from the old gurochan about a girl who mutilates herself to survive the zombie apocalypse


"Cunning Plan" by Anon [2015]

A Cunning Plan

A pale, petite and naked young woman stood by a blinded window, tensed like a coil. This would normally be unusually behaviour for the woman, who was called Brie. But normalacy had been abandoned long ago, and it all came down to one simple reason.


It all kept coming back to that word. Brie was in danger because of zombies. She couldn’t get out of her apartment because of zombies. No one was coming to rescue her because of all the zombies. The power was out because of zombies. The water for her shower was out, meaning that Brie stank of sweat, Ganga and her own musk because of zombies, and certainly not because the only thing taking the sting out of the situation was a healthy supply of weed and near-constant masturbation. It was zombies all the way down for Brie, and that word wasn’t going away anytime soon. Even her “stress relief” fantasies were starting to include the fuckers; there was just no escaping them. Zombies.
Literal, actual zombies, straight out of the movies.

Her life's zombie surplus had went from “practically non-existent” to “more than needed” overnight. Her roomies-the wacky and out there Becky, the brainy medical student Michelle-were in all likelihood dead, or worse. Her family were back in the Midwest, but god knows how they were doing. Brie had manage to remain undetected in her small apartment for almost a whole week (it was hard to tell), but the number of undead outside seemed to be growing larger; surely they would find her soon. The time to act was fast approaching.

Brie risked a quick glance through the blinds of her window. Down below, hordes of zombies shambled aimlessly through the streets, seemingly oblivious to the state of their own bodies. A zombie with no arms butted its head against a door across the street, leaving a smear of blood. Horrified and yet strangely curious, Brie’s eyes were drawn to the more urgent limping of a formerly alive woman wearing a jogging top and nothing else making her way down towards a bakers. Her progress was delayed as she tripped over her own intestines. The ghoulish thing started to drag herself (“itself”, Brie corrected herself) along the ground, with a look that seemed to Brie to suggest boredom rather than anything else. In front of her, a bearded man horrible claw scratches all over his torso looked around wildly-
Brie shot back from the blinds, breathing hard. If she was discovered, the horde would make short work of her. “Please oh please oh please, tell me he didn’t just see me” she prayed silently. She had to know. Slowly, Brie opened the blind again.
The bearded man stood still, staring vacantly up at the clear November sky. He slowly, ever so slowly began to rotate…away from the apartment. Brie breathed again, and shut the blind. Her hand automatically went to her bare snatch, a finger circling her clit. Despite herself, she once again could only think of dismembered, dismantled bodies. Brie didn’t care anymore about being weirded out by her own thoughts-if anything, turning horror into fantasy was a coping mechanism. If her pussy was wet after thinking of the hot blonde next door getting her entrails torn out, then so be it; she just needed to cum, and forget the horrible tension. Her orgasm was like the countless others she had
had since the outbreak-quiet, yet intense.

Nevertheless, her day and a half spent peaking out the window had gotten to her. She would surely go crazy if she remained cooped up waiting to die, among other concerns. Not having anticipated a zombie apocalypse, the modest supply of food in the apartment was all but gone. Same with the weed, which was just as bad. But how could she possibly escape?

She began to think of what she knew of her antagonists. She knew that they were slow, but with so many out there she could hardly just make a run for it. Their senses seemed poor contrary to the razor sharp zombies in some video games she had played. Their sense of smell didn’t seem as hot as it could be if they hadn’t smelled her yet. Nor was their hearing particularly sharp, and Brie was willing to bet that zombie eyesight was not a strength.

Brie also knew that while they were extremely hostile towards anything that looked alive, they weren’t the usual brain-eaters she had come to know so well from popular culture. Once a living thing had died, or become infected, they seemed to lose interest. Brie remembered seeing an unfortunate woman having the brain ripped right out her head, but rather than feast upon it and the newly made corpse, the zombies went right on with their pressing business of shambling and moaning. And that was the other thing Brie knew: Whenever they weren’t tearing apart the living, they were really quite passive, content to stay in the streets and wail to each other rather than try anything adventurous. It was probably why she had survived so long. So far, anyway.

It was not a lot, but that was all she had to think on. Thinking hard, Brie sunk to the floor and absent-mindedly licked the cum off her fingers. She couldn’t outrun them. She couldn’t outfight them. She couldn’t count on rescue. She couldn’t stay here. Could she hide? Surely not; Brie was no Solid Snake, and that many eyes, no matter how dull, would surely spot her eventually…

A memory suddenly shot into her head: Shaun of the Dead. A group of survivors in a zombie-ravaged city, evading detection by dirtying themselves up, practicing their moaning and shuffling in a back alley, and then in a stroke of genius, pretending to be undead. It was played for laughs sure, but…would that actually work? Brie couldn’t help but smile at the memory, but she also started to seriously consider the plan. She had nothing else to try other than “sitting in the dark eating peanuts”, as one of the characters from the film put it. If it worked, she could potentially slip out of town, or even find a better place to hole up. If it didn’t…
It was going to have to be a fool proof disguise. Or zombie proof, rather. The survivors in the movie managed to get away with it just by ripping some clothes and moaning, but if this was going to work, Brie was going to have to look absolutely, 100% dead. Anything less would run the risk of discovery. Rising to her feet, Brie ambled over to her own room, which had a full sized mirror on the opposite wall. She studied herself. Short brown hair that had seen better days. Pale, dirty skin covered with a thin sheen of sweat. Tired brown eyes. Medium breasts, perky nips. She looked like a person who had not had a lot of sleep, which was broadly true. Still, the fact was that Brie didn’t look very dead. Her complexion, which she liked to consider “naturally fair” rather than being the result of staying indoors to long, could count in her favour. Staying naked would also probably help out-most of the zombies outside were in various stages of undress, for whatever reason. Maybe the outbreak happened before anyone got a change to get their clothes on before work. It’s not like there would be anyone alive to see her.

Brie considered how to look more dead. There was probably ketchup or something she could smear on her, but would that really cut it? She didn’t want to take the chance of a poorly-made disguise. She would just die of embarrassment if the hordes outside made a fool out of her. No, it had to be more convincing: the real deal. Brie retrieved a large knife from the kitchen. As she made her way back to the mirror, shaking slightly, she passed Michelle’s room. She knew that the seemingly straight-laced student had managed to stow away various drugs, but had never really bothered her about them-what she did in her own room was her own business, and Brie was fine with Becky’s weed. But now she was curious.

Stealing into the bedroom, which was still surprisingly neat all things considered, Brie conducted a quick search. It was not long before she found a tub underneath the bed. Inside lay a goldmine of pilfered medical materials-bandages, drugs, syringes and such. Among the drugs were…yes, this would do. Painkillers, strong ones. Becky took two and promptly swallowed them dry. Just before she put the tub away, Brie spotted an antihemorrhagic tucked into the corner. While she did want to show a little blood, Brie had a feeling that she was about to perform some home-surgery, and would rather not bleed out before she even left her apartment. She took it as well. Before beginning, she waited about 20 minutes for the drugs to take full effect. In the meantime she spied once more on the zombies outside. There seemed to be even more of them now. Perhaps they sensed a live human-a part of her wished she knew the “rules” to these zombies, who seemed so similar and yet slightly different from the classic sort.

Once she began to feel numb, Brie walked back to her room with a certain calm. The plan was not just a fantasy she was entertaining anymore. This was really happening. She was getting out of this hellhole, or she would die trying. If it meant slicing up her body a little bit then so be it. Brie stood before the mirror, and held the knife against her left arm. Hesitating for only a second, she quickly cut herself across the forearm. Surprisingly she barely felt it-were the drugs really that strong? Disappointingly though, there was only a small trickle of blood. It seems the antihemorrhagic, too, was some serious stuff. She made another, larger cut higher up on her biceps, with a similar result. She repeated the process for her other four limbs, being careful not to accidently sever any major arteries. Examining herself again, she certainly looked messed up, but more in a “fight with an angry cat” way, rather than the “undead monstrosity” look she was hoping for. More extreme measures were needed.

Fishing out the toolbox that was kept in the cupboard for emergencies just like these, Brie returned to the mirror wielding a hammer. It wasn’t pleasant business, but as she had decided before, this disguise had to be as close to the real thing as possible. Sure, she could fake a shuffle, but how about actually having a limp? Sitting down, she rested her left foot on her lap, and started to feel around the bones in her lower leg, settling on the joint between her angle and her femur. Taking a deep breath, Brie brought the hammer all the way back over her head before bringing it down with all of her might. Then she done it again, and then a third time. A few sickening crunches later, and her foot was facing a very unnatural position, practically dangling on. It stung quite a bit, but all things considered it wasn’t as bad as she thought it was going to be. Huh. Must be the drugs. Shrugging, she got to her knees, clinging onto her bed to help her to her feet, or rather her foot, and tried a few experimental shambles around the room. Her foot was more numb than anything else, and whilst she wasn’t able to support any real weight on it, she did move much more like a zombie now.

And yet she still didn’t look quite dead enough yet. Not wanting to prolong this self-mutilation Brie decided to escalate the situation. It was time to lop off some body parts. Acting fast so she didn’t have to think about it, Brie grabbed hold of an ear and sliced it off. Then she lost her ring and pinkie finger on her left hand. Blood was still coming at a fairly slow rate, much less than she would have though, as she looked around for other parts to amputate. Getting into it now, she started to chop away at her right breast, and after a few seconds butchering it had dropped to the floor, revealing a part of her own ribcage. She rubbed it hazily, feeling only a faint sting where her tit once was, and kept just enough wits to keep the other one intact-this was still a science in a way, and one tit gone was enough of a sacrifice on that front. Now she was looking “better”, at least in terms of what she was aiming for. But there was still nothing obviously fatal-looking in her condition. Fuelled by a heady mixture of various drugs, adrenaline and a week’s worth of sanity slippage, Brie decided to take things even further.

With as much precision as she could muster given the circumstances, Brie drew the blade across her midsection in a small, yet deep horizontal cut, cutting through the layer of muscle. Then she slipped her free hand inside. For the first time she felt something approaching pain, but not enough to stop her from feeling around, brushing against what must have been her kidneys, her hot stomach, her bumpy spine, even her own womb, to which she gave a brief, experimental squeeze, before pulling a loop of her own intestines outside of her body, letting it dangle down toward her navel. It was a bit shocking, seeing herself become less and less normal and more and more disfigured and horrifying, but Brie was now so caught up in the moment, so absolutely committed, that her only real thought was one of pride in her work. Now she was looking like a proper zombie…at least from the front. She still hadn’t mutilated herself from behind yet. What if they saw her from the back and mistook her for a still living human? That just wouldn’t do.
It was easier said than done to carve her own back up. Outside of some cuts, there wasn’t much she could do given her lack of reach in that area. So instead, she moved onto an easier target-her ass. Brie began slicing off a reasonable sized chunk of it. She never had much in the ass department to begin with; it wouldn’t be a big loss. As she bent over, supporting herself with her free hand to compensate for her destroyed foot, a little bit more intestine fell out. Brie made a mental note to try to stay upright during her shambling, lest too much of her organs fell out. Once done with one cheek, she repeated this with the other side, dumping the meat on the floor beside her discarded breast meat.

Looking over at herself once more, she began to think that this was probably enough. But still Brie hesitated slightly-it was good, but was it perfect? It still felt like she could do more. Most zombies had some sort of grievous looking head wound, and the only think out of place on her head was a missing ear, easily covered up by her hair. She supposed that she could lose an eye, but of all hers senses, her vision was the one she was most reluctant to lose. Her sense of smell, however, would be a welcome loss when she was knee deep in the dead. Soon, her nose had joined her ears and her fingers on the bed, leaving a dark hole in the middle of her face. It felt strange to breathe now, but if anything it gave It a raspy quality that aided her undead illusion. Still, more was required.

Brie considered slicing her tongue out, but again it needed to be more obviously visible. She almost began to remove her lower jaw, thinking it would look great without killing her, but then she considered the possibility of meeting another survivor. She did want to let people know that, despite her new look, she was still very much alive, if not entirely well. It would be rotten luck to escape the zombies only to be shot by a human. Scalping herself would also look pretty gross-perhaps she could skin her entire head, leaving just a skull atop the body of a partially disembowelled woman. It would work, she was sure…but there was something even more fool proof than that, even more daring, that would leave any curious zombie in doubt that Brie Weir was a bona fide zombie: exposing her own brain.
Brie wasn’t sure if her trust kitchen knife would be able to slice through her skull. Theoretically she could use the hammer to smash the hard bone to pieces, but that was a gamble-ideally this would be a clean operation. Remembering something, Brie went back to the toolbox in the cupboard, a little slower this time, trying to keep her hand away from her exposed entrails-zombies do not concern themselves with such matters after all. Inside the box there were screwdrivers, nails…and a small hacksaw. Perfect. Before heading back, Brie ventured into Michelle’s room for perhaps the last time, and took some Prozac from the magic tub, as well as a few extra painkillers and anti-bleeding medicine for future use. Making her way back to the room, she debated how to do this. She could try to take off just a small portion, but she wasn’t sure if she had the dexterity needed to make precise cuts around her brain. And the point of this was to look as zombielike as possible-the bigger the better. In for a penny, in for a pound, as her granddad might have said had he ever had to dismember himself to escape from the undead.

Firstly, Brie cut a line all the way across the top of her head, about an inch or two above her eyebrow, so that she wouldn’t have to saw through skin and hair. This was the tricky part-one false move could give her permanent brain damage, and all this work would have been for naught. Despite the risk, Brie felt eerily calm. Her non-mutilated right hand was perfectly still as she held it out in front of her. She picked the handsaw up, placed it on the cut in her forehead, felt it against the bone, and began to saw, going slowly and with great care. She could feel the saw move slowly through her own skull, a little bit at a time. Careful…careful…then, the resistance stopped suddenly. Angling the saw slightly, she repeated this process inch by inch along the circumference of her head, making sure to pull away at just the right moment each time, and taking care to pull her hair above her hand and out of the way of the saw’s teeth. Halfway through the process, Brie smiled sadly as she thought of her medical student friend, and how impressed she might have been at the home-surgery on display. A career as a top-class surgeon was hers in another reality, she was sure.

When she was finished, Brie set the saw down by the bed, and faced herself in the mirror for this final touch. Placing both hands on her now shaky temple, he lifted the entire top half of her head off, revealing her pink brain. Brie set the top of her skull on the bed, and stared at it thoughtfully. Most of her hair was still on it, her chestnut fringe and bangs still intact. When she looked back at the mirror, she did not see Brie Weir staring back at her-that was surely a walking corpse in the mirror.

The hard part was done then. Examining herself from all angles, Brie was satisfied that she could do no more to look like a zombie. After a little practice, even the trademark zombie walk was easy to pull off. Just one more thing to do-some storage for her pills, which she would certainly need. Retrieving a plastic bag from the kitchen, Brie stored a healthy supply of drugs inside them. Clutching a bag seemed to human like, so in order to carry her goods, Brie shoved them deep into the cut in her stomach, smuggling them between some organs. As long as they didn’t fall out she should be fine. She didn’t need anything else. As she passed her bedroom one final time, she gazed sadly at her discarded body parts-her left breast, her ear and nose, some fingers, most of her butt, and of course the top of her skull. The horribly disfigured woman briefly considered taking them with her, but the odds on them being in a condition to get reattached were far too low for the extra hassle. Well, the fleshy parts anyway. What about her skull? Brie had seen zombies carrying what she presumed to be their own limbs around. It would certainly look ghoulish: the woman with the exposed brain still carrying around her detached scalp. She could at least use it as a helmet when zombies weren’t around: that’s what a skull basically was, after all. She picked it up by the hair, letting it hang loosely by her side. She hoped the skin would be strong enough to not detach from the bone.

There was a sudden thump on the door. Then another, accompanied by a loud moan. It was happening alright-the enemies were at the gates, and it was now or never for Brie. The amazing thing was that, after all this, she was in a state of almost zen-like calm. Maybe it was confidence in her plan, maybe it was the drugs, or maybe she had just gone completely insane the moment she first considered turning herself into a walking dead woman. But as she waited for the door to cave in (being able to open it herself might give her away), she was so wholly in character that she began thumping on the door in return, rasping and moaning like a true zombie. Eventually a pale, bloody hand crashed through the door. 5 minutes later, she was face to
face with a trio of undead.

They stared hard at her. She stared right back. Everything was still. The only sound Brie could hear out of her one ear was the heavy breathing of all four beings. The foremost zombie-a bald man with most of his face missing, including his jaw-nevertheless cast a beady blue eye across the naked woman. Then, he moaned softly, before advancing slowly towards her. Brie knew what to do: she calmly walked forwards, and allowed the man into her apartment. The other three followed behind, still moaning in something almost like conversation. Not stopping, Brie calmly moved towards the stairs, outwardly neutral, but soaring inside. It had worked! She was truly a genius.

Thankfully Brie lived on the 1st floor, so after an awkward but trouble-free period of hopping down the stairs, Brie was soon at the now busted open front door of her apartment. Brie felt fresh air on her skin for the first time in a week, felt the slight breeze sway her loose intestines slightly. Her remaining nipple stiffened in the cold, or perhaps simple due to the excitement of it all. Brie was dying to finger herself a little, but pleasure would have to wait for now. She could see the zombies milling around, and now they could see her-but they ignored her almost completely. Brie had escaped the apartment. Now she had to survive the night…


It was maybe half an hour after escaping her apartment when Brie began to list a few flaws in her cunning plan. That’s not to say it hadn’t gone well-she was still alive after all, and there was a certain thrill to walking around her hometown more exposed than she’d been in her life-but there were a few little critiques nagging away at her.

The first problem was that it was quite difficult to move around with a broken foot and a loop of intestine sticking out of your stomach. This was not a surprise-her plan was essentially the ultimate calculated risk after all-but that did not make her trek down the cold streets any easier. The hundreds of zombies that kept getting in the way simply added to the hard work, and Brie was hardly going to ask them if they could kindly get out of the way. As it was, she was forced to continue along at a snail’s pace, trying to keep upright at all times without appearing to be trying to do as such, all while giving off period moans and the occasional rasp.

The second problem was that she didn’t have any shoes on. This may appear to be a minor problem, some way below “zombie apocalypse”, “most of skull missing” and “naked in public” (which was technically true). But Brie had failed to take into consideration that her good foot was now getting absolutely shredded by glass, garbage and even shards of bone from those lucky/unlucky enough to be lying dead on the street, instead of walking undead across it. The painkillers were enough to keep her from being in too much pain, but she was concerned that her good foot might get damaged.

Speaking of painkillers, there was problem number three: Sooner or later the painkillers, antihemorrhagics, Prozac and so on would eventually start to wear off, which means she would soon have to find somewhere quiet to pop the necessary pills. Which was easier said than done-zombies were seemingly everywhere. Brie would have to find a place to lay low, and soon. But where? Brie had a lot to think on as she turned onto West Street, which would start to lead to her to the more industrial part of town. Her theory was that if she could follow the rails, she would get out of the urban centre and into smaller towns, with less zombies-or maybe even a survivors centre. Assuming they didn’t immediately shoot her for looking too much like a zombie, she could get the medical supplied she needed to stitch herself back together and wait for this whole thing to blow-


A zombie near the front of the crowd exploded into a red mist. She gasped in shock, which may have been a fatal mistake had the sound not been covered by deafening gunfire. Straight ahead, running across the street and into an alleyway, a young man with a Mohawk and an assault rifle sprayed the crowd of undead with bullets. Behind him, more zombies had emerged from a newly opened door. It seemed like his hiding place had been compromised, and he was not taking it well.

“DIE YOU BRAIN-EATING FUCKS!” he offered, before hurtling into the alley. A split second later, Brie seen two more youths-one man, one woman-charge out. The woman was unarmed and mostly just screaming and wind milling her arms like a tiny Chinook, but the man, wearing a trench coat, was wielding a katana. He attempted what surely must have been a graceful decapitating blow in his own mind. The blade got lodged in a burly zombie’s shoulder. Paling somewhat, he fled down the same hole his companion had scurried into. The crowd lurched as one after them. Well, almost one. Opportunity had arisen for Brie.

Slowing down as much as she could without just standing still, Brie ended up at the back of the crowd, before subtly moving in the opposite direction. She could still hear the spirited screaming of the survivor group, and a part of her felt a little bad for them-they wouldn’t last long. Another part of her felt very glad indeed that she hadn’t gotten to close to her, or she would probably be dead by now. For the first time she felt a little breathless-the bullets from that machine gun could very easily have decimated her, had it not been for her own good fortune. Her grip on her hair was vice like, her knuckles white as bone. She needed to be alone for a minute, to be herself again.

10 minutes of relatively zombie-free shambling later, and Brie found herself surrounded by warehouses. Somewhere like this would be perfect to hide for a night, to get some sleep, take pills and maybe some “stress relief” while she was at it. Most of them were, of course, locked. But God rewards a trier, as wise Grandpa Weir would say. After almost giving up in sheer frustration, Brie found a side door on the side of a small warehouse that was slightly ajar. Caution having long since been thrown to the wind, Brie peered inside. Nothing. Dead silence greeted her. She could see a couple of large metal containers, and stairs leading up to a room, with another open door. Hobbling in, she quietly shut the door behind her, before heading up to the other room, hoping it was empty.

She was half right.

The headless remains of a zombie lay down on the floor, oozing blood. In front of it, slumped against a wall, was the body of a man. He had shot himself in the head. Bite marks were all over his corpse. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what had happened. That open door had cost him his life. Brie would not repeat that mistake. Lying beside him was a wicket looking combat knife, which might come in useful later.

There was a bag lying on a mattress to the side, containing various supplies-food, bandages, ammo and a crowbar. Placing the top of her head back on now that she knew she was alone, Brie took a couple of bites out of some bread to keep her going. Then, she reached inside her abdomen, searching for her bag of goodies. Once again her hand came to rest on her womb. Despite herself, Brie was getting some kinky ideas, but she needed to take care of some business right now. Retrieving the bag, Brie downed what she needed to down, drinking it down with a bottle of water. Conveying silent, brief thanks to the fallen survivor, Brie pulled the mattress over and dumped it over the banner and onto the floor below. She just couldn’t bring herself to sleep in a room with two dead bodies.

Grabbing the crowbar in one hand and the combat knife in the other, she made her way downstairs, and wedged it between the door and the bar, securing it in place. After a brief scout of the building to make sure she was safe and alone, Brie collapsed onto the mattress, feeling the tension leave her for the first time. Her skullcap fell off as she did so, but she couldn’t be bothered getting up again. It rolled away before circling and coming to a quavering stop nearby, the inside facing up. She lay her head down, making sure her brain didn’t touch the slightly dirty looking mattress. Her arms already started to move downward, exploring this new body. One hand went to where her right nipple used to be, only to find muscle and bone. The other trailed south down cut skin, until it ran into something smooth and slimy. Keeping it there amongst her own guts, Brie trailed her hand down to her clit, thanking herself for not making any modifications down there. Moaning for real this time, she slowly thumbed the little nub, all while her left hand slipped inside her stomach area. Curiosity was starting to overwhelm the poor girl.

Brie took the time now to explore her organs. She had already identified her womb, and what must have been the bladder near it. To reach further inside and see a little better, Brie removed most of her intestines from the cut, curling them up on the mattress. Now with more room to mess about in, she was able to identify her small kidneys, spleen, liver and stomach. Her heart and lungs were still just out of reach, and until she had a good reason to mess with them, they were staying untouched.

Brie’s right fingers soon joined her left hand inside her body, although this opening had been there a lot longer than the other. She had always been a bit looser than other girls, and it wasn’t long until she had three, then four fingers slowly sliding in an out of herself. Five minutes later and she was able to make a fist. She was working fast, but there was something resembling a plan forming inside her head. Her other hand had already hour her womb, and she traced fingers around it in wonder, feeling the small bumps that must be her ovaries on the side. As her right hand travelled up her vagina, she slowly pulled her womb upwards, making sure not to tear it out completely. She had to pull a few more coils of entrails out, but eventually she was able to look down and see her own uterus poking out of the wound in her abdomen. The sight, coupled with her fist finally bumping against her cervix, almost sent her over the edge, but she wasn’t there yet. Her fist started moving with some force now, and she started to squeeze her womb. Soon she felt a most alien sensation, even to her—something passing through her cervix and directly into the core of her own womanhood. She came hard, and had to stifle her own cry in her throat.

Breathing hard, she gently eased her head back into a comfortable position, intestines now strewn around the mattress, hands still inside herself. She theorized that the painkillers had allowed her to push through a normally insurmountable obstacle, as she had no idea she was fisting herself so hard. Flexing her fingers, she could see each digit’s outline against the walls of her womb. She did this for a minute or so, entranced, before starting to feel horny again. She wondered what else she could do…

Brie tried to slip her fist out of her pussy, forgetting it was still lodged in her womb. There was a sinking feeling as she pulled herself out, and when she looked down, she seen a red tube handing between her legs, leaking cum. Oops. Shrugging, she raised her soaking fist to her face, licking it. Feeling daring, she traced a wet finger around the raw circumference of her skull, occasionally letting it fall down the ridges of the other side. When the finger finally met with brain, it felt soft and rubbery against her touch.. Gently, she trailed her finger from one end of her brain to the other. Feeling nothing untoward happen, Brie grew bolder, adding more fingers in her trailing motions. Her left hand soon joined its partner. She pushed her fingers down the side of her brain, towards the bottom of her skull cavity. It was a tight squeeze, but she could just about slip her fingertips along the bottom edges of her brain. Brie wondered if she had a pleasure centre she could directly simulate, but all she felt was a bit tingly. She was feeling destructive again-her session in front of the bedroom mirror had awakened a dark side to her. She wanted to start tugging, to feel her spinal cord quiver with tension…but she at last stopped short, survival instinct still ingrained within her. There were lines that could not be crossed after all.

Sliding her hands out of her skull, Brie gave them another lick, tasting her own brain. She spread her hands out behind her, and inadvertently touched her own hair. Dragging the discarded piece of skull back towards her, Brie examined the inside. She wanted to take a sniff, but of course she had no nose now. The texture inside was bumpier than she had imagined. If only Michelle was here. She could have taught her so much more about the human body, now that so much of hers was exposed. She could have told her apart the different parts of her brain, thought Brie, hand slowly stroking the sensitive tube protruding from her pussy. Maybe she could have detailed each organ in her now gaping abdomen. Or let Brie perform a little home surgery on her fit body…

Brie’s thoughts were interrupted by a sudden clanging noise. The side-door that she had previously secured rattled loudly, causing her to shoot straight upright and get to her knees, her prolapse swaying behind her. The clanging continued for a bit, giving Brie time to compose herself, spool her intestines back so they were mostly inside her, and get into character once more, on the off chance that the door opened. It did not. Time passed. A muffled voice could be heard, sounding out what sounded like coherent sentences rather than brainless moaning. A survivor? Brie thought about opening the door…then hesitated. She was safe here, and opening that door would compromise that safety. She remembered the bullets whizzing past her earlier. Brie stayed where she was.

Eventually, silence reigned once more. Still, it was enough to shock Brie out of her lust-fuelled haze. She suddenly felt tired as the tension left her, and she realised that she had not slept in nearly a whole day now. She had enough energy to drag the mattress behind one of the metal containers: it wasn’t really making her any safer, but it created the illusion of safety, which Brie was happy to settle for. Gently laying down once more, she was soon fast asleep.

Morning sunlight fell on Brie’s face as she woke. She opened two tired eyes, feeling woozy and in pain. Pain…that’s right, she had cut herself open. Because of the zombies. For a second she was sure that had been a dream, but the various aches and the odd feeling in her stomach confirmed otherwise. Water…she needed a drink, for her medicine. Groaning, she shifted out of bed. Climbing the steps felt like an eternity. Her feet were particularly painful, both from broken bones to the fact that she had went barefoot through city streets during a zombie apocalypse. Finding the water where she had left it, she chugged it, then took her medicine.

Sighing with a certain satisfaction, she considered her next move. It was safe in here, but she would eventually have to leave anyway-might as well leave now while she still had some supplies. But she had begun to reconsider her earlier plan-the idea of walking long distances was looking more and more unappealing. Besides, she wasn’t as keen on meeting survivors now. Originally she had intended to win over survivors, somehow. Now she doubted any stranger would accept her as a fellow survivor. Hanging around with the zombies seemed a safer bet than angry, frightened, gun-wielding maniacs.

But what if she found a friend? Last night’s erotically charged fantasy of her former roommate had now made Brie feel a bit lonely. She had written her friends off for dead while she was in that apartment, thinking that she was going to die. But that was the old, negative Brie. Who’s to say they hadn’t found their own way to survive, and had simply not been able to get back to the apartment? It had been right in the middle of zombie central after all. As long as she kept up the zombie façade, she had free reign to explore the town for places they were likely to head to. Brie was sure that if they could only hear her speak, they would know that she was not a zombie. Then she could be in a familiar space, rest her feet and relax with her BFF’s. They maybe wouldn’t be up for anything more intimate given the state she was in, but at least she wouldn’t be alone in a warehouse with two dead guys. And if Michelle knew where to get medicine, she would be all set. Maybe Becky could find more weed for her too...


It was a strange thing for Brie to feel the sun on her naked skin for the first time in a long, long while. It wasn’t amazingly bright, and clouds were looming ominously in the sky, but sunlight took the edge off the atmosphere a little bit. Brie was a little concerned about those clouds though-she wasn’t sure if heavy rain would agree with her brain. It was one more reason to find new shelter as soon as possible. Maybe leaving that warehouse wasn’t such a good idea. Her impulsiveness could really land her in trouble at times, even if it did grant her moment of inspiration.
For example, there was the stroke of genius of sticking that combat knife into her back, leaving the handle jutting out. It looked nasty, but she had been careful to guide the blade in with her other hand so that it avoided cutting any organs, and wrapped the blade in bandages just in case it started slipping. Now she looked even more dead, and at the same time managed to subtly conceal a weapon/tool for future use. That brain wasn’t just for display.

Brie had been out for a few hours now, and had been meticulously scouting areas that she thought her friends might be found. She had passed by a few apartment areas where she knew Michelle had uni friends staying, but judging from the zombies hanging lazily out of the windows, it seemed incredibly unlikely that they would be sitting around in there. Scratching that off her metaphorical list, Brie shambled on down to the more central areas of town. She knew that Becky had a part time cashier job down at a video game shop; maybe the goofy redhead and stowed herself away there, somehow. Brie had been wary of this part of her search-it was crowded, which meant more chance of something unexpected happening. Her disguise was still fooling them for now however.

Most of the shops around here-hardware stores, fast food joints, convenience stores and so on-were visibly compromised. Brie inspected each one with a sideways look as she passed them, feeling a little sad at seeing such familiar haunts in such a sorry state. Worse than that, Brie was recognizing people she had seen around town. She was sure she recognised Ramon, the affable shopkeeper, wandering aimlessly around his little store, covered in blood and missing an arm. Old Ms Whittaker the teacher passed her by in the street, her eyes dangling from their sockets. Would she eventually see Michelle as an undead abomination, mindlessly walking the streets? Had Becky succumbed too, or perhaps even have simply been torn limb from limb like a piece of meat?

Lost in her own thoughts whilst expecting a tool shop to her right, Brie stopped mid moan as she bumped into something fleshy. Looking slowly back, she started into a leering, eyeless skull of a naked woman. A week ago this would have caused Brie to scream and cover her eyes. Now she barely even blinked, maintaining perfect composure. She would still rather get away before the woman realised that Brie was in fact still alive. Moaning a goodbye, Brie slunk to the side and continued on her way.

Or rather, she tried too. She felt something catch in her midsection as she moved away. Looking back, Brie saw what had happened. Her new friend had a thin metal pole sticking through her torso. That same pole had accidentally become caught up with Brie’s exposed intestines. Shit. She couldn’t well go back and untangle herself from the pole. Her new adversary was already moving away. As she moved, Brie’s guts were getting pulled out of her own body. If they were pulled out all the way, she would lose her medicine!

Thinking fast, Brie moved to the side, and after crossing the street she had essentially created a leg-high tripwire made from her own entrails. It wasn’t long before a pair of unlucky zombies stumbled into it. As they tripped, the loop caught around the pole tightened, spinning the woman around. With a discreet tug, Brie managed to free herself from the pole. After the pratfalling zombies crawled away, Brie now had about three metres of intestine dragging along. She walked on with the long ropes of flesh trailing behind her, before sidestepping into the nearest alley to fix herself up. As she did so, she couldn’t help but notice that her abdominal wound had gotten a little wider since her original cut, leaving more of her insides exposed than she had intended. It might be wise to keep an eye on that in future.

Finding Beckie’s workplace, Brie was disappointed. It had been thoroughly trashed, with boxes and hardware strewn everywhere, as well as a few bodies. Beckie’s was not amongst them. The door to backstage had been left swinging open, and inside it was the same story. There wasn’t even anything useful to take-perhaps it had been raided already by some opportunistic survivor. Still, her venture into the middle of town had been a disappointment. Wherever her friends were, they weren’t here.
The next logical place to look would be the medical building down at the university. On paper it was a great hiding place-full of supplies and fairly secure. The only problem Brie had with the plan was that she was fairly sure other survivors would have had the same idea as her. If Michelle was with some of them then maybe she could vouch for her, but if Brie was walking down a corridor and met a survivor with an itchy trigger finger…she would have to be careful.

The university campus was on the edges of the town. It was modestly sized and fairly new-it would normally be a shiny, modern looking place, had society not collapsed. Now it just looked dull and lifeless. As Brie shuffled around, trying to remember where the medical building was, she thought it looked a lot quieter than she would have assumed. Then she saw the union building. Dozens of undead bodies lay by the entrance, riddled with bullets. The union building itself had been heavily fortified-it seemed like there were survivors here after all, and they had made the union their headquarters. If she had looked normal, Brie would have jumped for joy. Now she just hid herself behind the nearest corner, not wanting to join the corpses by the front.

Passing on by, Brie finally came to the medical building. It was relatively large for the size of the campus, and had about 4 or 5 floors. The front doors were also locked. How very rude. Frowning, Brie looked for an alternate way in. Circling round to the back of the building, which faced a medium-sized wall, Brie found a side door…that was also locked. She briefly considered knocking, just in the off chance that Michelle was standing by the door. That would have been nice. Then again, maybe someone else would answer and blow her head off. Not so nice.

Walking round to the side again, Brie was coming to the conclusion that if she wanted in, she would have to climb in through a window or something. It might draw attention to her, but it was looking like the only way in. She would need a brick to throw, although it was amusing to think about throwing her own skullcap through a window like a frisbee. She managed to find a reasonably heavy stone with which to smash her way inside. Before getting on with it, Brie had a quick look around to see if she was being watched. The coast was surprisingly clear for once. She looked up to check the windows in case there was someone there, and found Michelle.

Their eyes locked for only a second, and it sent a jolt of electricity down Brie’s spine. The face behind the window gasped and ducked away, but it was definitely Michelle-golden hair, ice blue eyes, angular cheeks. A little dirtier, a little more tired, but still the same face she had shared a room with for the last year. She was always the smartest of the roommates. A little shy perhaps. Not someone who was suited to situations such as these. She had survived though, somehow. The question that Brie had to ponder now was-did Michelle even recognise her anymore?

After about 30 seconds of waiting, Brie seen Michelle peek her head back up again, only to immediately pop down again after seeing the “zombie” still standing outside. Brie placed the top of her head back on, holding it there with her good hand, and waited. This time, when Michelle took another look, Brie took care to strike a casual pose, smile widely, and wave her 3 fingered left hand up at the student. Michelle stared blankly for a second before a look of shocked comprehension dawned on her fair features, her jaw almost unhinging. She went to open the window, but Brie gestured for her to be quiet, still wary of being spotted. Instead, Brie silently motioned to the side door. Michelle kept on staring. Brie couldn’t blame her for not exactly springing to unlock the door. If the roles were reversed, she would have hesitated herself. Brie made a praying motion towards the girl in the window, making sure to clearly mouth “please, Michelle, please”. After a tense few seconds, Michelle disappeared from view. After a few even tenser minutes, the door opened.

There she was, tall frame looking down at Brie, clad in her tattered medical student jacket and skirt, incredulous expression still etched on her face. It dawned on the dead-looking woman that she had not said a word in a very long time now, and now she had to pick her words very carefully.

“Hey” she said.

Michelle kept staring. Brie could see her eyes wandering. She was aware that she should feel embarrassed at being naked in front of her friend. The events of the past few days had desensitised her somewhat.

“Uh…could I come in please?”


“Michelle? Eyes up her, missy”

“Huh? Oh. Uh…sure…” said Michelle. She sounded in a daze. They both walked inside, shutting and locking the door behind them. The blonde girl was now looking Brie right in the eyes. Brie sighed.

“It’s me, Michelle, really. No trick here. I know that…all this…must be a bit shocking, but-“

Brie was cut off suddenly by a tight hug. Michelle shook as she placed her cheek into Brie’s shoulder, sobbing, and Brie wrapped a supportive arm around her friend’s back. She felt herself tear up a bit as a week’s worth of emotional duress got hugged out. After a few minutes of mental healing, Michelle pulled out of the hug, looking a bit embarrassed as she wiped her tears away.

“That felt good. It’s been…tough”. She smiled weakly, then faltered, staring up at something. Brie realised that her skullcap had fallen off during their hug. Laughing awkwardly, she squatted down, picking it up and balancing it on her head again.

“Heh, sorry. Weird, huh? I must look like one of your cadavers.”

“Uh…yeah. Brie, what…how did-I mean, why are you…”

“Do you have anywhere a bit more private we could talk? Are we alone in here?”

“No, it’s just me. The others have all been leaving over the course of the week. I tried to tell them we were safe here, but they wanted to join the other survivors at the union.” She beckoned Brie to follow her up the nearby staircase. They talked as they went.

“Why didn’t you join the others?” asked Brie, genuinely curious.

“I know this building better than anyone else. Even if it got breached, I can think of 5 escape routes just off the top of my head, and I have supplied. Well…"


“Uh…well, I might be running a little low. Especially now that you’re here. No offense.”

“None taken. Wouldn’t you be safer staying in a group?”

“Did you see the bodies outside the union building? They’re firing on anything that moves. Sooner or later they’re going to attract more than they can handle. I’m just fine here.”

Michelle eventually led her friend down some hallways and through a few double doors, and into an all-white, medium sized room. There was a long table in the middle, as well as benches, a whiteboard and plenty of medical equipment. There was also a pile of what liked sofa cushions piled onto a floor in the corner. Shuttered windows lined the left wall. Michelle explained that this was her “base of operations” so to speak-from here she could reach 3 sets of stairs relatively quickly, have a good view of the campus, feel relatively secure with several obstacles to be overcome before reaching this room. Or so she said-Brie had her doubts about Michelle’s plan, but she stayed quiet for the moment.

Now that they were secure, Brie explained the events of the previous week, and how she had came up with the idea to create the ultimate disguise. Michelle was, typically, fascinated.

“Brie, I’ve no idea how you managed to pull this off. I’m really impressed.” She said, circling around to the back of Brie, gasping slightly at the sight of her carved up ass. “You must have nerves of steel.” Brie glowed at the compliments-she was proud of her work. Michelle circled back round to the front.

“It’s a shame you had to resort to it though. You always looked pretty cute.”

“Well, you do what you have to do. Desperate times, and all that.” Replied Brie with a shrug. “Besides, I wasn’t that good looking. I mean, compared to you and Becky…”

“Now that’s not true, and you know it. Stop being so modest.” Michelle huffed, “If you thought that you wouldn’t have kept your hair.” She lightly ruffled Brie’s hair, making sure not to move the skull piece around too much. “And your clothes on…”

Brie mimed shock outrage. “Yeah, I’m really flaunting the goods here” she said, pointing to where her breast used to be. “I’m really giving those zombies what they want out there.” They both laughed. It was good that they were finding the funny side to Brie’s condition-she had worried that Michelle would have freaked out or fainted or something. Probably the upside to being a medical student-less grossed out at seeing dead things. Or dead-looking things in this case.

After a happy hour or two of chatting, reminiscing about the good times and generally just hanging out like they used to, they got to the question that had been on Brie’s mind for a while now.

“So…what now?”

Michelle had taken her lab coat off, revealing the smart black shirt underneath. Brie had sat down on one of the benches-her butt felt weird, but it was better than having to lean with her arms all the time so support her broken foot. She twirled her skullcap around in her hands absentmindedly, apparently unaware at the view her spread legs were giving her friend. As Brie asked the big question of the evening, Michelle crossed her arms and furrowed her brow, thinking hard.

“Well…we’ll need more food. There’s a cafeteria not far from here, but I don’t know what sort of condition it’s in. I’ve not left the building since the outbreak.”

“I could check it out, but bringing stuff back might be hard. We might have to relocate. I’m not sure staying here is a great idea anyway.”

“Why not?”

“All it takes is one enterprising zombie to smash a window in, or find another way in or something, and then you’ll be swarmed. I mean it’s no biggie for me, because…well, you can see why. You’d be dead meat. And with those chuckleheads in the campus attracting attention, that’s only going to be a matter of time.”

“Yes, I suppose that’s true. But I don’t think there’s anywhere in the whole campus-the whole town probably-that’s 100% safe.”

“I agree completely” said Brie, looking Michelle in the eye. She looked away. Brie pressed on.

“There’s something else. Michelle…I want to find Becky.” The blonde perked back up.

“She’s alive?”

“I don’t know. I checked her work, but she wasn’t there. Place was trashed. But I didn’t give up on you, and you’re hardly Jill Valentine. I won’t give up on Becky.”

“I want to find her too, but…well, it just seems so risky. I’m not a risk-taker like you, Brie.”

“I took a gamble and it paid off. I took more than one actually. Maybe it’s time you did the same.”

Michelle paled somewhat.

“Brie…you’re not suggesting…”

Brie stood up, placing the top of her head on the bench behind her. She walked forward, intestines swaying as she went.

“I don’t regret what I’ve done. I survived because of it. More than that-I’m not afraid anymore. You’re cooped up in here, waiting for…what, rescue? You think the army’s gonna blow through any day now? You could be dead by then. Maybe they’re never coming. I think you’re the one taking a risk.”

Brie spoke with hard authority. She really believed in what she was saying, and Michelle seemed to recognise this. She slowly nodded.

“O…O.k. It worked for you, I suppose.”

“That’s the spirit. Besides, you’re a medical student. This should be a pinch for you.”



“…could you do it for me?”. Brie was taken aback slightly, but before she could respond Michelle spoke again.

“You’re clearly good at it. I’ve never performed surgery on a real person before, and…well as I said, I don’t like taking risks. I don't think I have the nerves for it. Doing it to me will be even easier for you. There’s heavy narcotics in the back. I could take it, and then you could just do your thing.”

“Uh…sure.” Brie said, giving her friend a reassuring smile. In her darkest heart, she had to admit that she was looking forward to the opportunity. She was much more of a freak than she thought, it seemed. Deciding that now was as good a time as any, Michelle went to one of the cabinets and retrieved a bottle, before filling an empty syringe with the stuff. Taking some strong anti-bleed medicine as well, she handed the syringe to Brie, walked over to the long table in the middle of the room and lay down on it, looking expectantly over at her soon to be surgeon.

“You should probably take your clothes off for this.” Said Brie, matter of factly.

“Really? Oh, uh…”

“Look, I’m about to get to know your body very well indeed. Being naked is the least of your concerns. It’s only fair after all.” Blushing, Michelle nodded, and started to strip, revealing her toned, fair body. Her breasts were very small, but the nipples were perky and inviting. Still covering herself up with her hands, she lay on the table. Brie came over and, with a little assistance from Michelle, found the vein.

“Any requests before I send you under?”

“Yes, actually. No missing limbs please. I’d like to be as fully functioning as possible. Don’t break my foot either, you move pretty slow.”

“Gotcha.” She pressed down on the syringe, just as Michelle started to speak again.

“And nothing that’s going to leave my major…organs…in danger…or…”

She was soon fast asleep. Brie had work to do. So no limbs off, don’t break anything major and don’t touch her organs. Sheesh. What did that leave? Brie thought about it as she looked down at her naked friend. Some creativity was in order here. She could take her eyes out and leave them hanging by the nerves…nah, she would complain that her vision had been compromised or something. Cut her jaw off? No chance she was giving up the ability to talk…inspiration struck. She wanted to look dead? Oh she would look dead alright.

First, she made sure that Michelle was completely asleep. Holding an eyelid open, she waved her hand in front of the eye-it did not move. Good. She turned her friend around so that she was facing downwards, her face hanging over the edge of the table. Selecting a sharp looking scalpel, which was probably better suited to this delicate task than the combat knife that was now lying on the nearby bench, Brie made a long cut down the centre of Michelle’s back, from just above her ass to the base of the neck, making sure it was only skin deep. Then she slid the scalpel underneath the skin, separating it from the muscles. She went slowly, trying not to damage any of the muscles underneath. She did one side of the back, then the other, until the skin was nice and loose. Her hands then traveled south, over her friends round butt. Feeling a little resistance, she made sure to cut the anus away from the rest of her. Finally, she loosened the skin around Michelle’s shoulders, and peeled the skin away from her back and down their respective sides.

She repeated this process for the sides themselves, exposing more and more of Michelle’s muscles as she went. Gently flipping her back over, Brie started to skin Brie’s stomach area. She had to be careful not to cut too deep and disembowel her, but her steady hand prevailed once more. She moved up the chest, slicing the skin away from the ribcage, and reached her breasts. Good thing they were so small. Soon, most of the torso skin was now hanging loosely in one piece. Brie made we way down to Michelle’s shaved pussy. It was a lovely looking thing, and she was tempted to play with it a little, but needs must-she angled the scalped around the side and separated the clitoris and labia from the rest of her. Michelle would understand.

Brie slowly worked her way down her friends legs, separating a bit at a time, before reaching her feet. Soon her toes are skinless, nails coming with it. Lifting the legs up, she manages to free the skin entirely from her long legs. After some more work, the arms were similarly skinned, leaving only her head and neck skin still attached. Flipping her back over once more, Brie pulled Michelle’s long blond hair to one side. Then, going from her original cut, she made an incision up the back of her head. Stopping around midway up, she got to work peeling the skin of around the head. It was a weird feeling, working her hand around the inside of her own friends face, feeling her cheekbones and forehead, but soon her work was done. A final flip later, and Brie was able to gently pull off the entirety of Michelle’s skin, still in one piece, leaving her completely skinless. She was still sound asleep, eyes closed, breathing deeply, unrecognisable to the woman she had been

Brie held the skin up in front of her by the empty arms, looking at Michelle’s former face, the holes for the eyes and mouth hanging open. Not being able to help herself, Brie kissed the face, slipping a tongue inside and tasting the skin from the inside. She didn’t really need to have kept the skin in one piece, but it seemed right to. And now she had a great idea for when Michelle woke up…


Everything was fuzzy. Dark and light danced around Michelle’s vision, her thoughts muddled and slow. Was she sleeping? Was this a dream? Where was she? Memories returned. Chaos. Danger. Sleepless nights on a cold, hard floor. Friends. Brie. A choice…everything was fuzzy. Her eyes tried to focus, but it was hard; she felt confused, and tired, and numb. There was a voice, and it was calling her name. Michelle concentrated: there was a figure standing to her left, leaning over her. She squinted, as she tried to make out the persons face.

It was her own.

This failed to register with poor Michelle’s brain. She tried to focus again, and met with the same results. That was definitely her own features smiling down benevolently. But that couldn’t be. She was Michelle, surely. Was she? She was still a little out of it. She looked again. Still her face up there. Ah of course. This was a dream. Oh well…might as well play along.

“Hello, me” she slurred, smiling. The other Michelle giggled. Something about her was off, but it was hard to tell at the moment. There was something else that seemed off too actually, but right now she was just letting this crazy dream carry her off.
“You look pretty…” said Michelle. She noticed that her clone was naked. Noticing that she was staring, the other Michelle smiled seductively, sliding her hands down her sides towards her thighs. Oh, so it was one of those dreams then. Well, whatever. She didn’t quite feel up for moving yet though, so she simply kept enjoyed the show, narcissistic as it seemed. The other Michelle (Michelle started thinking of her Chell) rotated, shaking her butt. But the skin of her but seemed oddly flat, as if there was more skin than meat there. And was that a cut down her back? Michelle couldn’t see any blood though…As if realising this mid-routine, Chell quickly turned round again. Now the smaller details were starting to slide into focus. One of her breasts seemed larger than the other one, and her pussy lips hung wide open. It was as if someone was wearing an ill-fitting suit shaped like her own skin.
“Who are you?” She asked Chell. Her not-quite double, whose nose hung limply off her face, put a finger to her lips and winked, which looked very odd indeed.

“It’s ok, Michelle. You’re going to be fine, just don’t freak out, ok? Please?” Wait a minute. That wasn’t her voice at all. And those eyes were brown, and looked so familiar. The imposter placed her hands onto her top and bottom lips, and then pulled. The skin stretched up and over, and through the now gaping mouth pushed the head of Brie.


Michelle gasped, but didn’t quite scream, as Brie finished pulling her head through the mouthpiece, so that the lips were at each side of her neck. Wiping her face with her hand, Brie smiled down at her friend, who was starting to remember what had happened before she fell asleep.

“Well, you wanted to retain full functionality, right? You’ve still got all your limbs, your eyes, your nose…I even kept your lips and ears on for you!”

The truth of the situation finally dawned on Michelle. For the first time since waking up, she leaned up so that she could look down at herself. She had been completely skinned, her muscles on full display. She brought her hands to her face, spreading her bony fingers wide, and was filled with…not horror, because she had gotten used to horror over the past week. It was more like awe. In a way, she had become a medical students dream.

“Woah” she whispered. “Can you bring me a mirror? There should be one here somewhere.” Brie found one in a drawer and brought it over. Michelle clutched it in her hands and stared into it. She was almost unrecognizable now, save for her baby blue eyes. Most of her face was as red as her body was, but a lot of her head was now white bone. She rapped the top of her head with her knuckles.

“This is…actually kind of cool.”

“Isn’t it? You look like the dude from Hellraiser. Only, you know, not a dude.” No, she wasn’t. She examined what was left of her breasts-small yellow lumps of fat, with no nipples. They were soft and yielding to the touch, but she decided to leave them alone, lest they drop off. She felt herself down between her legs, and frowned.

“Hey, where did my clitoris go?” Brie shrugged, still wearing what Michelle now realised was her own skin.

“Sorry, it had to go. Don’t worry, your pussy will still work fine, you big perv you.” Michelle would have blushed if she was able to. Instead she drew her hands away hurriedly, and sat up, swinging her skinless legs up and down so she could see them.

“I can’t believe how good you are at this. Are you sure you’ve never skinned anyone before?”

“Ok, I’m a serial killer Michelle, you’ve rumbled me.” Deadpanned Brie, holding her hands up in surrender. Michelle laughed.

“It’s the “not killing” part that you’re really good at. You’d be a really shitty serial killer if that was all you did.”

“I still reckon my victims would be pretty pissed off.”

“It’s a matter of perspective” said Michelle. She tested her foot on the floor, then the other, bother standing up, still feeling a bit woozy but able to stand. “So tell me, Buffalo Brie, why do that?” She pointed towards Brie, indicating the skinsuit. Brie looked down and pulled on the nipples, stretching them out.

“Wouldn’t you, given the chance? Getting it off in one piece was kind of a pain, but it was worth it for the look on your face. “Oh you look so good, me! Oh you’re so sexy!”

“Stop it! S-t-op it!” wailed Michelle as Brie cackled. When she didn’t stop, she grabbed Brie’s hair and yanked, pulling the top of her skull away with it. Brie recoiled in mock horror, then chased after her. Given that she had a broken foot, Michelle was easily able to outmanoeuvre her, using her height to keep it just out of Brie’s reach.

“All right, all right, you win. Now give it back” pleaded Brie.

“Only if you take my skin off. It’s not yours.”

“Deal.” Handed the missing skullpiece back, Brie placed it too one side, then slipped her head back between Michelle’s lips and then quickly lunged forward, kissing Michelle on the lips with her own face. Michelle’s eyes shot open in surprise, but when she realised what was happening, she accepted the gift and reciprocated pushing a tongue past those familiar lips and into Brie’s mouth. After a while they parted, and Michelle stared at her own face ,with those brown eyes which looked so strange there. The face smiled back at her.

Brie scooted back, and then pulled herself out of the back of the skinsuit, revealing her full body. She wiped herself down with the skin before handing it to Michelle, who started to put it back on again.

“Woah there, Michelle. I know that’s yours and all, but don’t you think you should try to get used to your new look? I mean, we need you to pretend to be a zombie here, or else you’ll not just look like meat-you’ll be meat.”

It was a good point, actually. This was all so strange, still. Better get used to it. Michelle spread her skin face up out on the table. Perhaps she would use it as a blanket tonight. She couldn’t help but gaze at her labia, but she resisted playing with it for now. Maybe when Brie was elsewhere. Speaking of Brie...

“So uh…about that kiss.” She asked. Brie giggled, embarrassed.

“It just felt right, somehow. I’ve been trusting my initiative a lot more these days.” She fiddled with her intestines as she talked. “Sorry if I made this weird.”

“I think we passed “weird” a long time ago” said the skinless woman to her friend with the exposed brain. “I’m not mad or anything. I like you…”

“I thought I only used to be cute?” teased Brie.

“That was then. I’ve changed a little since then. Thanks to you” replied Michelle, stroking her hair. “Hah. We’re both a couple of baldies now.”

“It’s not so bad. I mean it could be worse, right?”

“A lot worse.” Michelle went over to the shuttered windows, suddenly conscious of the dangers lying all around them. She peeked out, spying on the hordes below. She startled slightly when a hand was placed on her shoulder.

“Hey, you don’t have to worry about them now. Things are going to be alright, I told you that.”

She trusted Brie, but it was hard to shake the feeling of paranoia that had haunted her for over a week now. Brie hugged her from behind, resting a chin on Michelle’s fleshy shoulder. She wanted to make Michelle feel safe. The best she could do right now was to take her friends mind off things.

“I was thinking earlier on…I’d love to hear an anatomy lesson from you.” She rubbed her hands up and down Michelle’s torso, never going above breast height.

“Anatomy lesson? You seem to know more than I do.”

“Not really. It was all just intuition and luck for me. I don’t know the names of a lot of things. Besides, I know you’re curious, aren’t you? About me…”

“I…uh..” Brie spun the girl around and took her hand.

“Come on, it’s ok. Show me what you know.” She led her to the table and laid down on it, on top of Michelle’s skin. “Ooo, this is quite comfy actually.”

Michelle hovered uncertainly, not sure how or where to start, or even if she should be doing this. Brie sensed her hesitance and gently grabbed onto a bony hand, which didn’t resist as she guided it to her abdomen. A finger gingerly poked at one of the loops of intestine. She quickly rattled off facts about the length and function of Brie’s bowels, moving from the small to the large intestine. As she did, she snaked the lengths out of the wound, letting them hang off the side of the table. Excusing herself for a moment, she went off to retrieve a clear tub, and placed it on the floor below the exposed entrails. It was better than letting them touch the floor. She went on to list similar facts about the rest of the organs in the lower part of Brie’s torso, getting a good look at them herself in the process. Brie was in truth only half listening to the lecture, preferring both the feel and the thought of having someone practically face first inside her torso, poking and prodding around in there. She wondered if Michelle would notice her arousal.

“You know, if you slip your hand up, I reckon you could touch my heart.” Said Brie.

“I…yes, I suppose I could.” Michelle grinned.

“Would you like to?”

Michelle paused, one hand resting on Brie’s spine, before slowly sliding her arm upwards…and then snatching it back out.

“S…sorry, that just seems like a step too far for me.” Brie rolled her eyes.

“You really are a big scaredy cat, aren’t you?”

“I just don’t want to risk anything with you, ok?”

“I understand. Still…it would be pretty cool. Think I’ll give it a go when you’re not looking.”

Michelle laughed nervously, her hand now hovering over Michelle, looking for a new target. She moved downwards towards Brie’s uterus, stroking it softly. Brie gave a deep moan.

“Oh, I was wondering when you’d get to that. I’ve gotten to know that part of me quite well…”

“Brie are you getting…off…on this?” her friend merely giggled in response.

“I know you want to do some exploring. Go on…” Brie brought her hands down to her soaking folds, lifting her legs and spreading herself wide. Michelle stared down at the site. It was an inviting one. She lowered her face down, noting that Brie was sitting on what was once Michelle’s face. She ignored that and focused on the hole in front of her face. She tried to part it with her fingers, and found that Brie was much looser than she thought. She couldn’t see very well without a light, but she was sure she could see Brie’s cervix. Brie squirmed on her table, still holding herself open as Michelle peered inside her birth canal.

“I turned it inside out, you know. Earlier on.”

“You did…what?”

“Watch.” Brie moved one of her hands inside herself, inching her way upwards. She hooked a finger through her own cervix, which seemed easier now that she had already penetrated it beforehand. Michelle watched, fascinated, as Brie dragged her womb outside her body. Then, Brie took two hands and forced her cervix apart. Michelle could now see inside of her friends womb, all the way up to her fallopian tubes.

“Go on. Put a hand in there” goaded Brie, panting now. Michelle carefully pushed a hand through the gap, feeling the rubbery texture of the womb with her hand. She see the outline of her fingers pushing up against the walls of the organ,. She was even able to push her fingers partly up the fallopian tubes. Eventually her curiosity was satisfied, and she gently pulled her hand back outside. Brie whimpered with pleasure as she did so, but she hadn’t came yet-it seems her boundaries were being pushed every day. Frustrated, she waited for Michelle to finish her off, expecting a finger or even a tongue to grant her release.

Nothing happened.

She opened an eye, only to see Michelle. calmly making her way across to the other side of the table, towards Brie’s head. Groaning, she sat up, glaring daggers at Michelle.

“Woah, woah, woah! What gives?”. Her friend said nothing as she continued on with her personal examination, although Brie could have sworn that she seen a small smile on her lips. Was Michelle teasing her? Had Brie made herself out as too eager, and was Michelle less naive than she had thought? Or was she really just the most oblivious idiot in the entire world god damnit all she needed to cum so badly.

“Please, Michelle, go back round and-“

Brie stopped mid-plea as Michelle stuck a finger down the hole where her nose used to be, wiggling it around. It made it hard to breathe, and she had to start breathing through her mouth. She felt a strange tickling sensation in the middle of her own head as Michelle added a second finger, before eventually retrieving them, Wiping her fingers with the nearby, dangling skin of her foot, Michelle moved on to her real target-Brie’s brain. The skinned woman wondered what angle to study this from. She squatted down, stared at the exposed organ without touching anything, before standing up again. Brie noticed her plight.

“Need a stool, doc?” she asked, with a hint of frustration in her voice.

“That would be ideal ,yes. I think there’s a few barricading a door somewhere down the west wing…”

“Or you could just, you know, sit. Like, on the table? Here, let me scoot up a bit.” Brie turned herself over so that she was facing down, before shifting down to create space for Michelle. The table was long but thin, so Michelle was easily able to straddle it with her long legs. It was only as she got comfortable, adjusting herself on the skin beneath her, that she realised that Brie’s face was now level with her crotch. She did, however, now have excellent access to the brain.

“So, uh, would you like me to talk you through the different areas of the brain? I mean I can only really see the frontal and parietal lobes, but-“

“You just go ahead and do whatever you want, Professor Buzzkill, I’ve got plenty to focus on right here though.” Said Brie, eyes straight ahead. She had a perfect view of what was basically an extreme circumcision. Michelle’s vagina had nothing to hide behind, and now was more like a basic hole than the cute slit it used to be. Given that Michelle’s legs were spread apart at the moment, the skinless pussy was wide open. On the whole Brie preferred her genitals to be intact, but as had been the case for the last couple of days, she was feeling adventurous. Brie felt a touch on the rim of her skull as Michelle traced a finger along the edge.

“Go ahead, touch it. I tried it earlier as well.”

“So do you basically have zero self-preservation instinct, or…”

“Hey, I’m alive, right? It’s fine. Seriously I want you to touch my brain.”

“Well…if you say so…”

Michelle placed her index finger on a lobe. Brie didn’t die. It was a good start. Her experiments grew bolder much in the same way that Brie’s had the day before-gentle taps became firm touches, one finger was soon joined by five, and soon they began to travel down the sides of the skull. She wondered if she could shift the brain out of the way a little and see some of the side, or even the underside. Caught up in her thoughts, she was too late to notice Brie creeping forward towards her. She was still holding Brie’s grey matter with two hands when her tongue slipped inside her pussy. She arched back, gasping loudly as Brie wrapped her arms around her thigh muscles and continued her assault.

Michelle was inexperienced in the sexual arts, and it wasn’t long until she was on the edge of an orgasm. In her throes she retained enough sense to slide her hands back up Brie’s skull, and they now gripped the rim and guided Brie’s face into her skinned crotch. As her climax started, Michelle had a moment of inspiration. She moved suddenly upwards, away from Brie’s face, so that her vagina was over her friends most precious organ. She came all over it. Clear liquid splattered onto Brie’s brain, and the thought of that was what finally drove Brie over the edge herself. They both cried out as they rode their respective orgasms. Brie sunk face first onto the table, and Michelle soon collapsed down on top. Her raw muscles rubbed on Brie’s back. They shared in the afterglow.



“We’re…kinda suck fucks”



Brie woke from a pleasant dream that had already been forgotten, leaving behind only a feeling of having achieved something great. She checked her surroundings; found that nothing had been disturbed, and relaxed. She had been sleeping on the pile of cushions in the corner of the room. Michelle had been with her, but now she could see that her friend was staring out the shutters. She had put her skin back on, and had not noticed that Brie was awake. Brie quietly got up and attempted to sneak up on Michelle, but stealth was hard when you had a noticeable limp. Michelle snapped round, seen Brie, and relaxed.

“Jesus Brie, don’t do that.” Her eyes were red. Brie apologised, coming closer.

“Something wrong?” she asked. Michelle stared. “You know what I mean”.

“I’ve been up a while. Didn’t sleep well. I guess…all this…” Michelle pulled on her loose skin for emphasis. “It’s hard to believe this isn’t some crazy dream".

“Oh, Michelle, I know it’s tough, but we’ve got to be strong now.” Cooed Brie, cupping her friend’s face with her good hand. “We’ll get by, somehow. Me, you and Becky. We’ll find her, promise.” Michelle said nothing, still brooding. Brie kissed her on the cheek, although she knew Michelle could no longer feel it.

“I hope you bring this along with you.” She said, playing with her friends face, pulling it up so that the eye holes were now on Michelle’s forehead and the mouth over her nose. Michelle tried to reply, but it came out muffled. Letting go, Brie laughed as Michelle tried to readjust her face, before giving up and pulling it down, leaving it hanging down past her neck.

“That took ages to get looking good you know. And to answer your question…can I? Like, physically how could I? Just drag it around? Won’t that look a little suspicious?”

“I suppose you’re right. I just carry my skull around, but the two of us doing it might look suspicious. Let me think about it. First I need to take my….” She trailed off as the thought hit her. She didn’t really feel very sore this morning. Huh.

“What is it?” asked Michelle, her red face looking as concerned as it was capable of looking. Brie shook her head.

“It’s…nothing. Take your medicine, then we’ll think about getting out of here.”

As they did so, Brie put that thought to one side and considered the next step with Michelle: Finding Becky. She didn’t want to admit it, but there weren’t many places left to explore that she hadn’t already visited. Where could that elusive redhead be?

“Do you know if she had any other hangouts? Bars, friends, that kind of thing?”

“Hmm...she liked that place down near the museum. Uh, what was it called, 'Malloy's?”


“Yeah that’s it. The museum might be a good bet as well. And there's a park...”

“We’ll start with the bar.”

“Before we go, we’re gonna need food. I’ll show you down to the cafeteria, there should be something there. Hopefully it's quiet.”


“I’ll give you some more medicine for that bag of yours. If you want anything else then now’s a good time.”

“I’ll have a look.” Replied Brie as she scouted the room, bag in hand. She had her drugs, and the combat knife was still there to be used. Just in case, she added a scalpel inside the bag, making sure to wrap it in bandages, and did the same for a small saw as well-she had plans for Becky.

“Ok, think we’re good to go. Shall we?” She said, nodding towards the door.

“One second.” Michelle peeled her skin off herself again, laying it out on the table. Starting at the feet, she started to neatly roll her skin up into a cylinder of flesh, a couple of inches thick. She then presented the roll to Brie.

“Uh, thanks?”

“Now you can stick this in your torso along with your other stuff, right?” Brie checked herself out. It was getting a bit crowded in there, and she wasn’t sure if she could fit the skin in the now-full bag. Trying to shove it in left even more of her entrails pooling out of her wound.

“It’s a torso, not a tardis. Sorry Michelle, but not sure if this is a goer.”

“Well…how about putting it up your…you know…”

“Up my what?”


“…you’re a lot kinkier than I thought you were.”

“It’s nothing to do with that!” insisted Michelle. “Look, I seen that you’re pretty…loose, you could probably fit this in.”

“Stick it up your ass, Michelle. Literally.”

“If I could, I would. Look stop being such a drama queen and do it, Brie, this is important to me.” The skinless woman pleaded. Brie sighed dramatically.

“Ok fine, the living suitcase is here to help.” She marched over to the table and sat on it, angrily spreading herself wide. Michelle placed one end of the skin-tube at her entrance-Brie’s vagina had been gaped far enough that it fit in pretty easily. She pushed it down as far as she could, until she felt it pressing against something. The tube was only about ¾ inside. Brie groaned.
“Just push it through some more.” With some force, the tube entered Brie’s womb. Michelle pushed until the tube was well hidden from view. Brie stood up cautiously, but her cervix was keeping the tube from dislodging…mostly.

“Hold on, don’t want to take any chances.” Said Brie, sitting back down. “Push it all the way inside.” Michelle did so, until all of her skin was now inside Brie’s womb. Now the skin was secure, and taking up less room than if she had simply placed it next to her organs. That was good enough.

"So...any chance of fitting my clothes in your-"

"Do not complete that sentence."

"Just asking!"

Before they left, Brie went over the basics of posing as a zombie-move slowly, moan often, and don’t draw attention to yourself. She insisted on seeing Michelle’s zombie walk, and made her practice until it looked right. She suggested taking a hammer to an ankle “just to be sure”, but Michelle managed to convince her that her zombie shuffle was convincing enough. They left the medical building behind them.

It had rained overnight. The sky was grey and the sun dull. Michelle came face to face with the undead for the first time as they traversed the campus, taking care to move around the union building and out of sight of any snipers that may be lying around. It was quiet. Not too quiet, because the sound of death and misery was a constant in this new world, but to those still alive this was as quiet as you could expect it to be. In the moments when she was sure they were not being watched, Brie asked Michelle what it smelt like. “Imagine if everything in your fridge was out of date, and times that by a hundred.” was Michelle’s description.

They soon found what was left of the cafeteria. Zombies freely loitered by the entrance, soaked wet with rain. The windows showed signs of once being boarded up, but whoever had been hiding inside were either long gone or zombified. There were boxes of what looked like tinned goods stacked inside, but with so many of the walking dead around, there was no way they could stealthily extract the goods. There was nothing that looked in any way edible. Not wanting to hang around too much, the two slowly shuffled away empty handed.

“Well that went well.” Muttered Brie as they ducked into an alleyway. “Any ideas?”

“We’ll just have to scavenge as we go. It’s not ideal, but it’s just too crowded to do anything in public.”

Brie was concerned, and frankly ravenous, but what Michelle said was true. They would just have to deal with it, and hope that they got lucky. They continued on, leaving the university behind, and headed down towards Malone’s.

Malone’s was an old Irish bar that Becky, for reasons that completely eluded her two flatmates, seemed to spent at least one night a week at. Perhaps it was because she was a little older, and had older friends who preferred ambiance to atmosphere. Perhaps the drink was just really good. It was hard to say. Becky always did seem to march to her own beat, with her eclectic tastes and eccentric mannerisms. It was hard to predict how she would get on during an event like this, which is probably why she had so far proven hard to find. Brie flatly refused to consider that Becky wasn’t just really good at hiding.

The bar looked in fine mettle compared to the rest of the buildings in the town. The windows were boarded up, the door was secure, no obvious breaches in security. Heading round to the back where there were, for a change, no undead eyes on them, Brie knocked on the backdoor.

“Hello?” she asked. There was sounds of movement inside. Then a voice.

“Eh? That you Becky?” it said. It was a man’s voice. Old, by the sound of it.

“No, we’re friends. Is she not here?”


“I said we’re friends!”

“Friends? You those uh…Michelle and Bee people she mentioned?”

“Yes!” they replied, although Brie rolled his eyes are his version of her name. The voice behind the door chortled.

“Well blow me! More girls for Ol’ Pat, hehe! Come on in kids!” he said, and the sound of locks being removed could be heard. Michelle intervened, sharing a worried look with Brie. New, sage lodgings would be nice, and food would be better, but if the man seen them they would have a lot of explaining to do, and fast. Especially if he was armed.

“Uh actually, sir, before you let us in…is Becky there? We really need to see her.”

“Need to what?”

“We need to see her! Like, make sure she’s ok?” The old man was apparently a little deaf.

“Aaah, right. I get you.”

“…So, is she there?”

“Becky? She went off to get some supplies, we’re running a tiny bit low you see. There’s a couple shops just near here down by the park.”

“You…you just let her go? Are you insane!” hissed Brie. “Why aren’t you helping?”

“Well, not sure how much help I’d be, on account of being in a wheelchair.”

“Oh. Sorry.”


“I said-look, we’re going to go look for Becky, then we’ll come back, OK?”

“You girls take care now, you hear?”

“Better than you”


“I said thanks. We’ll be back soon”

“Hold on just a second dear, this door’s just about open-“

“No wait, wait!” they pleaded, but it was too late. There was a loud clicking sound, and the door swung open, revealing the oldest looking man they had ever seen, long white beard hiding most of his face. He squinted ahead of him, concentrated, squinted some more, then gasped. Michelle smiled nervously and Brie waved. Ol’ Pat’s ice-blue eyes widened in fear, mouth frozen in a silent scream as he goggled at the gruesome sight before him. His hand flew to his chest as his eyes bulged out of his head. Before Brie and Michelle could do anything, he slumped in his chair and lay still. After a long period of stunned silence, Brie turned her head towards Michelle.

“I really hope Becky didn’t like him.”

Wheeling the chair inside of a cupboard for now, the two scouted out their new base of operations. It was a bit grimy looking, but from past experience, Malone’s was permanently grimy. Apart from that and the lack of any food or drink that wasn’t alcohol, it seemed a pretty good place to hide out in. Not as out of the way as Brie’s last two haunts maybe, but it will do for now. All they had to do was wait for Becky to come back. Michelle asked for her skin back, so that Becky wouldn’t completely freak out when she saw the two of them. It took a bit of teamwork, and it meant that they had to prolapse Brie's vagina yet again, but eventually the roll of skin was extracted. It was a bit damp but Michelle put it on anyway. Brie fixed her pussy, wondering if she was going to break it permanently with all the abuse it was taking, then placed the top of her head back on-she was getting better at balancing it. They waited.

After about 30 minutes, there was the sound of knuckles on wood.

“Pat, open up. Please…” came a voice. It sounded like Becky, but she sounded like she was in pain. Sharing a concerned look, the two naked girls approached the door.

“Becky? It’s me, Brie. Michelle’s here too.”

“Brie? Oh my god…please, open the door. I’m kind of messed up. I think my arm is broken”. There was a pause, then a welp of pain. “Scratch that, it’s definitely broken. Oh…Where’s Pat?”

“Ok, we’re opening the door. Listen, Becky, we’ve uh…went through some…stuff. But we’re gonna help you out, ok? It’s gonna be ok.”

“Sure, whatever, please just open the door before one of those things sees me.” Brie fiddled with the locks until at last the door opened. Becky shouldered her way into the room without even looking at her friends, marching towards the bar. She was wearing denim jeans and a leather jacket over a black t-shirt. Her clothes were tattered and dirty, and her red hair tumbled messily down her back. She was sweating profusely, and seemed out of breath. Her left arm hung limply by her side as she went behind the bar. After some searching, she produced a first aid kit.

“Michelle, thank god you’re hear. I need you to have a look at my-CHRIST” Becky was startled as she finally set eyes on her two friends. “Are you guys naked? Why are you nak-Fuck me, Brie! You’re…holy shit! Fuck!” She winced and clutched her arm.

“Calm down Becky, we’re fine.” Brie said soothingly. “I know about my stomach. It looks worse than it is.”

“Your intestines are hanging out!”

“It’s fine, honest. Look, let’s fix that arm up first, we’ve got painkillers here for you. Wait a sec…” Brie pushed a hand past her bowels and retrieved the bag of drugs from inside her torso. She walked over to Becky and held the painkillers out in front of her. Becky simply looked at her, stunned, until she winced with pain again. Then she took it, got herself a glass of water, and downed it.

“Thanks. Uh, want some?”

“We had some earlier, I’m good thanks.”

“If you say so. At least Michelle looks like she’s OK.” Michelle walked over at the mention of her name, sensing that Becky had started to calm down a bit.

“Hey Becky. I’m glad to see you’re still alive.”

“Nice to see you guys too. Even if you are naked. And gross looking. You must be one hell of a doctor.”

“Let me look at that arm” said Michelle, averting her eyes. She examined it thoroughly from all angles, occasionally touching it and asking if there was any pain as she did so. It wasn’t long before the painkillers began to set in. As Michelle worked, she told them how she had just gotten to Malone’s when she heard the news that the dead were attacking the living. She had immediately converted the place into an effective hideout that sheltered her and Pat from pretty much everything that had happened, figuring that the military would be here within a few days. She hadn’t banked on them taking so long to show up though, and supplies were low. So she had made a dash for food.

“I botched it. Pure and simple. Stood on glass like an idiot, then panicked like an even bigger idiot. Ran up a fire escape to lose most of them, went through an apartment block full of them, then fell off trying to climb back down the other side. I’m amazed I got back here at all, really.” She shook her head. “Always next time, I suppose. Hey, where did you say Pat was, the pervy old bastard? Please tell me a zombie got him at last.”
“Well…Becky, actual-“

“Oh yeah it was terrible, he opened the door and got jumped.” Interrupted Brie, hand over Michelle’s mouth. Becky blinked, then shrugged sadly.

“I feel kinda bad now. Oh well…least I have you guys now.” She perked up immediately, smiling at Michelle. “I’ll be honest, girl, wasn’t sure you’d pull through. You’re a lifesaver. How about a sling for the ol’ arm, eh?” She ruffled the student’s hair affectionately in what would have been a touching moment, had the action not caused Michelle’s face to peel off her skull again.

“It’s cool, it’s cool! Honest!” said Becky’s friends, as Michelle replaced her face. Becky waved her hands in a show of exasperation.

“OK, can you two tell me what the fuck is going on then? Are you zombies?”

“We’re not zombies. I’ll explain.” Brie explained her actions to Becky, leaving out the kinkier stuff. Michelle filled in when appropriate, reassuring her that she was not only fine with what had happened, but that they had survived explicitly because of Brie’s cunning plan. Becky shook her head in disbelief.

“Wow, man. I mean…wooooow. That’s the dumbest plan I’ve ever heard.”

“It worked.”

“Sometimes dumb plans work. They’re still dumb. Ho-lee shit.” She laughed suddenly. “Funny thing is, I always thought of myself as the wild one. I’m kind of disappointed I’ve just been hiding in a bar eating peanuts now. You guys are fucking crazy.” Everyone laughed now. Becky was starting to take things in her stride. She insisted on seeing Brie’s brain, and was obliged. She took the skullcap off Brie and held it in her hands, grinning manically.

“Finally. The toilet doesn’t flush anymore, this will do nicely.”


“Woah woah, neither of you two get to say “eww” ever again, ok? That was a family friendly joke compared to you two.”

“A point well made” conceded Michelle. Becky put the skull piece down and turned her attention to Michelle.

“So, your skin comes off in one piece?”

“That’s right. Want to see?”

“Well…kinda, yeah.” Smiling, Michelle reached behind herself and pulled her skin off, draping it over the bar. She let Becky examine her. Strangely she felt less naked with her skin off. Her breasts were now just lumps of fat, rather than looking like tits, and her pussy was mostly gone. Becky respectfully kept her hands away from her sensitive parts as she felt the muscles of Michelle’s body, and the smooth bone of her skull.

“Any chance of us seeing that brain of yours? I bet yours is bigger.”

“No thanks, I think this is plenty.”

“Just throwing ideas out. Oh shit, I just had an amazing idea.” Becky took her jacket off, revealing that the sleeves of her shirt had been torn off, started to put Michelle’s skin over her own clothes. "Hey, was this out in the rain or something? It's all wet."

“Uh actually that's-Hey, careful not to rip anything!” said Michelle, as her leg-skin bulged over rough denim. Brie had to help her with the arms, given that her left was still mostly useless. Eventually, Becky fit underneath the skin-suit, smiling out from under Michelle’s face, arms outstretched as if she had just finished a particularly impressive magic trick.


“I thought of it first” laughed Brie, watching as the Michelle/Becky hybrid ran her hand down her side. “I think you’re stretching it out a bit though.”

“Oh it’s fine.” Said Becky. She bent over and mooned the two girls before spreading Michelle’s pussy wide with her good hand, revealing the blue of her pants. Brie blushed as her skinned friend gasped in outrage before running over to the Becky, clawing her hand away. Laughing, Becky did the same with the asshole, stretching it obscenely wide before letting go, the hole not quite snapping back into place. Brie had to admit that the site was pushing her buttons a little, and she squirmed on her stool.

“Not funny, Becky.”

“I dunno, seemed pretty funny to me.” Laughed Becky, before taking the skin off, sweat dripping from her newly-exposed face. “Here you go” she said, handing the skin-suit back to Michelle, who snatched it away and draped it over a stool before sitting on it. “Any other tricks you guys wanna share?”

“Just surgery.”

“Oh. Oooooh…h-hey now.” Becky shifted her eyes between her two friends, knowing what was coming. Michelle smiled evilly.

“We can’t stay here forever. You tried to go outside and you broke your arm. Almost died. You want to take that risk again? Or do you want to join the winning team?”

“You mean…become a zombie?”

“Uh, no. I meant like, let us fix you up”. Brie stood up, leaving a wet smear on her stool that remained unseen, as Becky looked into a face of steely determination.

"I'm good at it. Real good. I won't hurt you, and I won't harm you. Then we'll be safe from those freaks. I just need you to trust me."Becky was silent for a while, before nodding.

“Fuck it, we’re gonna die anyway. Let’s do this shit.”


“So…any requests?”

Becky was laid out on a pair of tables that had been pulled over into the centre of the room. She was naked, and didn’t seem particularly bothered by that fact. Her breasts were easily the biggest of the three, and perhaps there was a quiet sense of satisfaction in that. She didn’t actually seem nervous at all, considering what was about to happen. She considered the question, rolling her eyes in thought. Then she shrugged.



“You seem to know what you’re doing. Actually, I’ve got one request…”

“Yes?” asked Brie, who was already holding her scalpel.

“No repeats. Wearing matching outfits is a total no-no, even now.”

“So you’re saying not to skin you?”

“Just try something that looks dead but doesn't involve skinning me alive or gutting me, ok?"

“Uh…I’ll see what I can do?”

“Magic. Put me under, Doc.” Soon, the redhead was sound asleep. Michelle regarded her prone form. She didn’t have any eyebrows, but that was clearly what she was going for.

“I don’t think she’s treating this with the gravity it deserves. This isn’t a fashion show.”
“Whatever helps her cope, I guess. I just hope she’s as calm when she wakes up.” Brie measured up her latest subject. Well, skinning and gutting was out. Good thing she had someone to brainstorm with this time.

“Any suggestions, nurse?”

“Well…I think that arm has to go.” It was a good point. The arm was broken, and even if she took painkillers, it was functionally useless now. Plus, it was something new, which was the only “request” given to her. Brie went over to Becky’s left side, holding the arm up.

“Where should we cut?”

“It’s the humerus that’s hurting her. That’s the upper part of her arm. I’d say we take the whole thing off.”

“Well…let’s get started, I guess. Hold her arm for me.” Brie felt around the arm, looking for where the joint was, before cutting a thin line around it with her scalpel. Retrieving the saw, she took a deep breath before she started. It was much easier sawing someone else’s bones at least. Becky didn’t even flinch as Brie sawed through just beneath her shoulder, and soon the arm dropped free. Brie placed the severed arm on another table, resisting the urge to wave it at Michelle-play could come afterwards.

“Well, that solves the issue of the broken arm. Now what?” Michelle gazed at the raw, bloody wound, before snapping back to reality.

“Sorry…You’re the expert. You tell me.”

“You’re literally a medical student. You’re the expert, I’m just a gifted amateur.”

“Well, I invite you to use those gifts again. I made the first call, now it’s your turn.”

Brie joined her friend by the side of the operating table.

“How about cutting her tits off?”

“You’ve already done that.”

“Yeah but now I’d be doubling it.”

“Point still stands.”

“Fine, fine…ok then, how about I cut the other arm off?”

“I don’t think that would be practical. What if she gets in trouble?”

“If she gets in trouble now she’s dead anyway, regardless of how many arms she has. So are we. That’s the point.”


“We’ll come back to the arm then. Even if we cut it off, she wouldn’t look like a zombie. We need something really gruesome, but something new. Let’s think…”

They thought.

Eventually, Brie placed a hand on the side of Becky’s chest, tapping her ribs with her fingers.

“Remember when I asked you to touch my heart?”


“That’s right, it’s time to test my theory”

“Brie, this is kind of a risk-“

“Becky’s a risk-taker. She’ll appreciate it. Come on, it’ll be fine. I mean let’s face it, we really should be dead by now.” Said Brie, pointing first at her entrails, then her brain. “I’ve actually got another theory about that too, I’ll talk to you both later. Right now though, I’ve got some surgery to do. Saw, please.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this…” muttered Michelle, defeated, before handing her friend the saw. She hadn’t wanted to say it, but Brie was right-they really ought to be dead by now, never mind perfectly fine. Why would opening a ribcage be any different?
Brie placed the saw between Becky’s breasts, resting on her sternum. She began to saw through the bone, taking care to use enough force without going too hard. It was painstaking work, and she could feel herself sweating intensely. The nerves that had not been present before were now here, perhaps because she was being watched now, and because in her heart (no pun intended) she knew that this was perhaps the craziest thing she had done yet. But she persevered, summoning up all of her strength both physical and mental, until finally she reached the top of Becky’s chest. The tough breastbone had now been divided in two.

Brie squeezed a hand into the tight space, and could feel something soft touching her knuckles slowly expand then deflate-the lungs. Giggling, she gave the left side of the ribcage an experimental tug. It shook, but it was tightly secure. Frowning, Brie retrieved the hand and picked up the saw again.

“I was hoping I could just kind of…make a little door out of her ribcage…” she muttered.

“It’s ok. You might as well just remove the whole front of it though”

“Yeah…shame, she could have kept her tits my way. Oh well.” Brie proceeded to saw through individual ribs on each side of the chest. After cutting through the final rib, and checking that the front was now loose, Brie placed one hand on each breast, before thinking about Michelle.

“Grab one. Let’s do this on the count of three.” Michelle pinched the right nipple in her hand. “Ok. One…two…three!”

They both pulled up, yanking the entire front of Becky’s chest off of her body. Two purplish lungs were now exposed, and just behind them, beating audibly, was her heart. Placing the chest pieces down by the arm, they returned to stare at their own work. Michelle was wide eyed, staring intently down at the exposed organs. Despite everything, they kept on pumping, organic machines working to a quiet, steady rhythm. Some of her lower organs such as her liver and stomach were also visible. Brie was tempted to cut all the way down towards her pelvis and free all of the other organs, but removing her ribs seemed like a pretty good place to stop cutting. At least on her torso.

“Ok, so. That looks awesome. Should we stop there?” asked Brie, stepping back.

“Well…she looks great in front but, how does she look from the back?”

“Oh yeah, that’s a good point actually. Turn her over.”

“I don’t think turning her over onto her lungs is a great idea.”

“Oh she’ll be fine.”

“How about I just sit her up?” offered Michelle, who pushed Becky up into a sitting position by holding onto her sides. Moving behind her, Brie seen that her friend still looked in pretty good shape if seen from behind, not including the missing arm. She and Michelle debated whether or not to strip some muscles from her back, perhaps exposing her lungs and hearts from the back as well. Ultimately they agreed to leave it alone; it was dangerous enough having one end being so open, never mind both. Brie also pushed for taking off the back of Becky’s head, but that would make lying down even more difficult than it now was. In the end, they settled for making a criss-cross of nasty looking cuts, scrapes and gouges.

“I still feel like we need to do more.” Said Brie, eyeing up the future pretend-zombie.

“Something to do with her head.”

“Such as?”

“Well…she probably wouldn’t want to lose her tongue or jaw…how about an eye? We could have it hanging outside by the nerve. Any spoons in the kitchen? ” Michelle fetched one for her. Opening up the right eyelid, Brie was able to push the spoon behind the eye and work it out of the socket, accidentally snapping the optic nerve.

"Uh, woops."

"Smooth, Brie. Out, vile jelly!"

"Hey, everyone's entitled to one mistake. Besides, probably easier for her than having to be staring at the floor with one eye all the time." She picked up the eyeballl, turning it this way and that curiously, before setting it aside.

“Well, that's probably a good sign to stop. We’ll wait for her to wake up, see if she likes it.”

“What exactly do you plan on doing if she doesn’t like it?”

“Uh…do we have any glue?” They laughed, still staring at the open chest cavity. Brie felt much better now that the hard part was done, and felt the elation of a successful procedure. Feeling bold, she suddenly kissed Michelle on the lips, which was returned with interest. They had a lot of time to kill now after all. She looked over towards the table to the side, her gaze lingering on those once-prized breasts, and the pale arm. How interesting…



Becky woke up feeling very wrong. This wasn’t the first time she had woken up in a strange place feeling like she had just went ten rounds with a particularly irritable gorilla, so she wasn’t panicking. But this felt even more off than usual. OK then Becky, time to shake off the cobwebs and remember where the hell you were last night. It was quiet and it was dark, and the familiar stale smell of Malone’s came back to her. Ah yes, another wild night in here. Ol’ Pat was here. Who else…Barry Harkins? No, not seen him in a while. Or his wife. Michelle? Her face was floating around in her mind, but she didn’t really come down here too often...

Becky tried to sit up, but her left arm wasn’t moving. Of course-she had broken it, hadn’t she? There had been a chase. A fall. The details were on the tip of her tongue, but the memories shimmered like a mirage in her head. She looked down to her left, expecting a cast. It wasn’t there. She stared at the stump, then sighed, realising all at once that she had not, in fact, gotten hammered, and that she may or may not have agreed to losing some parts so that she could pretend to be a zombie. Well, shit.

As she wiggled the tiny stump of her arm, bringing the meat and bone up to her face, wondering why she couldn't seem to see out of one eye, gradually she became aware of something…alien, somewhere below. Something that shouldn’t be there, and yet something feeling missing. The implications were, she had to admit, a bit scary. Oh Christ, they had cut off her tits hadn’t they. God dammit, she should have said something. Well, no use crying over split milk, she thought. She laughed a croaky laugh at her own dumb joke, and felt better. Then she sat up, good arm still a bit wobbly, and still putting off the act of actually looking down to see the damage done to her. After a pregnant pause, and thinking she might as well get used to being flat chested then, her eyes slowly trailed downwards. It probably won’t be the worst thing done to her-

Becky leaned forward, and her lungs dangled out of her chest.


She rocketed off the table stumbled around a bit, and then fell over, landing on the side where her left arm would have broken her fall. As it was she lay winded on the floor, her lungs visibly working hard now. There was also a faint beating sound. That was her heart, wasn’t it. She looked down at her chest. Yup, there it was, tucked away just behind the lungs, beating hard now. Yikes. Then there was her eye. A hand flew to her face and felt around in her socket. That was all it was now-an empty socket.Becky was considering her options when she heard footsteps coming from the next room. A very red-looking bald lady appeared, a look of concern on her meaty face.

“Oh, Becky, you’re awake! We thought you would be asleep for longer than that.” Said Michelle. Becky blinked a few times before clarity returned.

“Michelle! Oh man, you guys…you did this!” She exclaimed, pointing at her chest with her good arm, which caused her to fall over again. Somehow the loss of her arm seemed a minor detail now.

“Well…yes, we did. We told you that we would, and you agreed to it.”

“I know, but still…this is happening! It’s real! Look, it’s my freakin’ heart!”

“I know, I’ve seen it.” Becky was getting a little annoyed at how matter of fact her friend was being. She supposed body mutilation like this was old news, especially to a medical student.

“Well, help me up a second. I’m technically disabled now you know.”

“I think we all are.”

“You’re both still…abled. I’m not as abled. I'm barely abled at all really” Michelle hauled her up, her bony hands feeling hard on Becky’s skin.

“Where’s Brie?” she asked. Michelle looked away.

“She’s, uh…sleeping.”

“Oh. Can you maybe wake her up now?”

“…can you wait?”

“Not really? I feel like this is the sort of thing we should talk about. You know, her opening my chest like a clam and all.”

“Uh, ok. I’ll just go wake her up…”

“We’ll both go.” Said Becky, feeling suspicious. She marched past Brie into the side room, which was a small little extension where people could eat with a little privacy. There was Brie, sleeping on her side on the floor, on top of the bed of ripped-off seat cushions Becky herself had made for her week-long stay here. Something fleshy covered most of her-Michelle’s skin, draped like a bed sheet, blond hair splayed by the side. She nudged her friend with her foot, and Brie’s eyes immediately flickered open.

“Wakey-wakey, lass.”

“Oh…Oh, Becky! H-hi…” grinned Brie sheepishly. Becky stared down at her, arm on hip.

“We have a few things to discuss.”

“Of course, of course. Just let me get up in my own time, I’m a bit tired you see-“
Becky grabbed hold of the skin-blanket by the hair and pulled hard, whipping it off and exposing Brie to her. He arms instinctively tried to cover herself, but there was no hiding what lay between her legs. A thick stump had been wedged inside her pussy. Becky could see that her womb was bulging visibly out of her stomach womb. Becky put one hand on her hips, trying not to smile too hard.



“You used my arm as a mega-dildo, didn’t you.”

“Yes. Yes I did.” There was a laugh from behind as Michelle entered the room,
covering her mouth with her hand.

“As I said, we thought you would be out for at least another hour.”

“So while I was sleeping, you two thought you’d have a little fun, eh?” asked Becky. She nudged her severed arm with her foot, and Brie moaned in response.

“You’re not angry with me, are you?” asked Brie.

“Not technically, no. I mean, I’m still alive, somehow, so I guess you did good. Where are my tits?”

“They’re in the kitchen. Actually we kind of wanted to ask you about those…” said Michelle, rubbing her arm nervously.

“Oh really?”

“Well, it’s just…we don’t really have anything to…eat.” The thought hung in the air for a precious few moments.

“I see.” Said Becky, with icy calmness that made the other two wince. Becky was known for being an exuberant and emotional person, not prone to hiding her feelings. This was much worse. This was focused rage.

“Well…uh…B-Brie back me up here.”

“Becky, this is about hard choices.” Said Brie, sitting up and making soothing motions with her hands. She made no effort to remove the arm buried deep inside her. Becky stared down hard.

“Ok, before I say yes or no, why don’t we all take a moment to admit that this isn’t just about “hard choices” or whatever. You like this. Both of you.”


“No, let me speak. It’s true And look I know it’s the end of days or whatever and “normal” doesn’t exist anymore, and that your plan has worked and will probably save our lives, o I’m not judging. I get it, honestly I do. But be honest with yourselves, yeah? This shit gets you horny. You can tell yourself that you had no choice but to take your skin off, cut my ribs away,or your own skull off, or that you just had to lose your clothes, and blah blah blah. You had choices. You chose this path, you chose getting freakier than any of us could believe possible. You want to eat my tits? Admit that to me, right now.”

Brie wanted to protest, but the words didn’t come. She looked across at Michelle, who was nodding her head.

“I know I shouldn’t, but when I seen what Brie had done to herself, or what she done to me…I’ve never felt anything like that. It’s all true what you said, and I want more.” As she spoke she caressed Becky’s side with her hand, her fingers stretching towards the opening in her chest. Becky let her continue, still waiting for Brie to admit her true feelings. Brie sighed, rolling her eyes.

“Ok, fine. I like this kind of stuff. I shoved my friend’s severed arm inside my pussy, I’m not hiding the fact that I’m a perv-“

“That’s not what I asked you to admit, Brie.” Smiled Becky.

“Urgh…ok, please let us eat your boobs”

“Still not what I asked you. This isn’t about what you need, it’s about what you want.”

“Ok, I want to then”

“Want to what?”

“I want to eat them! I want to eat your tits!”

“There, see? That wasn’t so hard.”

“Also the rib meat. Good eating on ribs, you know.” Added Brie. Becky continued to smile.

“You can have it all…if I can have my arm back.” She grabbed the stump and pulled suddenly. Brie yelped as her womb visibly sank down out of view, and she slid across the floor as her friend pulled. Michelle held onto Brie’s arms to give Becky leverage as she roughly pulled on the limb. The arm was slowly revealed all the way down to the wrist, glistening in Brie’s juices. As the end came out, Brie’s womb came with it, hanging out by a good 6 inches, cervix gaping wide. She panted on her bed of cushions as Becky whistled, impressed by the sight.

“I can see where you girls are coming from. That was pretty hot.” She lowered her detached arm down to her own womanhood, rubbing the hand across her lips.

“Mmm…missed you, lefty.”

“And you say that we’re freaky…” muttered Michelle.

“I never said I wasn’t freaky.” Replied the redhead, dropping the arm to the side. She raised a hand to her chest. “You know me. I’ve always worn my heart…”

“Becky, wait-“

Becky reached a hand inside her chest and grabbed her own heart, pulling it past her lungs and into view.

“…On my sleeve! Woo!” she exclaimed, heart now beating manically in her hand. Michelle gasped, blown away by her friend’s daring. She leaned her face towards the pumping organ, fascinated.

“Go on. Take it” whispered Becky. Michelle’s hands automatically rose up. She cupped the organ between them, and Becky pulled her own hands away, letting her friend hold it. They didn’t speak, both woman enraptured by the though and sight of their actions. Even the recovering Brie was awed, although as she had rubbed cum into her own brain, she had already been in this territory. Once again, a train of thought ran through her mind suggesting that this was more than simply luck or medicine. But it was hard to concentrate on the mechanics when such striking sights were going on; Brie simply lived in the moment, the grotesque and wonderful present.

Becky kissed Michelle full on the mouth as the skinned student held onto her friends heart. She gasped as she felt a tongue lap at her labia, Brie having now recovered. Her good hand traveled down towards Michelle’s opening, which was all it was now really. Not great for foreplay, but interesting all the same, as she rammed two fingers inside, sliding them in and out in a steady rhythm. Michelle moaned into her mouth, eyes closed. Brie continued her oral assault, now spreading her friend wide and sticking her tongue in as far as she could. Becky pushed her ass back, could feel the hole where Becky’s nose used to be rubbing against her cheeks.

Michelle suddenly let go of the heart, letting it dangle in front of Becky’s lungs, Then she shoved her hands past her friends lungs, deep inside her. One hand stroked up and down the spine, practically scratching the bone, while the other explored the mess of organs down below. To cap off her new aggressive mood, she placed her mouth over the newly-vacant eye socket, kissing it hungrily. Becky shuddered with excitement as she felt a tongue explore inside her own head. As Michelle’s hand brushed against her womb, she couldn’t take it anymore. She came hard, and once again Brie’s brain was sprayed with cum-Brie made a mental note to stop being so eager to give oral if it meant her open skull was now a cum depository. Michelle withdrew her hands, grinning manically as Becky collapsed. Picking up the arm, she quickly fingered herself into an orgasm.

The three girls lay on top of each other and various body parts. The now very sticky fingers of Becky’s former left hand lay by her head; she licked them clean. Michelle lay tangled up in her own skin, and Brie was covered in all three ladies various juices, brain to toe, womb still hanging between her legs. She still had sense enough to speak:

“I don’t know about you girls, but I’m starving.”


It had been a few days, and the whole “escape” part of the plan had taken something of a backseat.

Sitting cross legged on the mattress, Brie considered the past few days. A lot seemed to have been learned while doing not a whole lot. For starters, there had been the first cooked dinner Brie had eaten in ages. Eating Becky’s newly superfluous breasts (with a side order of arm, because there was good eating to be had on a human arm) seemed a fantastic idea, using the criteria that had come to dominate the previous week (“Is it hot?”). The kitchen oven and microwave had long since stopped working, but they had matches and plenty to burn. They had sat in the gloomy basement of Malone’s, roasting human meat over an open fire, still coming down from the heady heights of their orgy. They held hands, smiling and giggling at each other-3 survivors in the city of the dead.

It turns out that breast are mostly made of fat, and that they don’t actually taste that good. Brie and Michelle had tried their best to be game about it, but there was just no escaping the fact that tits were not great dinner. Becky was actually a little offended at first-“My tits are the bomb! What the hell, you cut ‘em off and now you don’t even want them?!”-but she too had to admit that it wasn’t a premium dining experience. The arm and rib meat went down much better, much to Becky’s relief-it seemed embarrassing, somehow, to be considered untasty.

Feeling fuller and happier, the group had went to bed, and Brie thought about herself and her friends, and how they were still alive after all they had been through. She had a theory that she didn’t want to believe-that they were in the midst of turning without realising it. How else could they explain their increased durability and resistance to pain? She twirled her entrails with her finger as she through, as if she was subconsciously proving her own point. They may have suffered outrageous injury…but they were still acting human, right? Brie certainly didn’t think her mentality had changed much; she was still Brie, and her friends were still her friends. Maybe more than friends now actually, but the point stood. It was a puzzle she was simply unable to solve at that moment, and she had resolved to bring it up with her friends the next day. After they discussed their next move, which was very important, obviously.

They spent the next day fucking.

They spent more than a few days fucking, actually. Other priorities just seemed to take a backseat. It was hard to focus on making more cunning plans when two naked, perverted, wonderful freaks of nature were making eyes at you from across the room. It helped that they no longer seemed to be in immediate danger. A zombie had once gotten in through an unlocked backdoor, watched them standing around in the main room talking about something or other, then turned back around and left. After reprimanding Michelle for being careless-she had fessed up to peaking outside once, out of apparent curiosity-they had carried on their merry way. Zombies just weren’t a big deal anymore, such was the plan’s success.

As an aside, Michele had confided in Brie that the truth to the unlocked door was grimmer than she had let on to Becky. The night before, she had heard a consistent scratching sound from somewhere in the dark. She almost left it alone until she heard a low voice moan, and realised that it was coming from inside Malone’s. Investigating alone so as not to panic anyone, she discovered that Ol’ Pat had reanimated in the cupboard, and had been trying to get out. She had wheeled the old man outside, near the entrance to the nearby national park, and simply left him there.

“That was brave of you, going out alone in the dark like that with a zombie.”

“I wasn’t afraid. I’m not afraid of anything in this city anymore. Apart from humans, I guess…”

“Uh, sure. Deep, man.”

The question of how Ol’ Pat had zombiefied without any apparent contact with the undead remained a complete mystery. Michelle had hypothesized that the virus, or whatever it was that was causing all of this, was airborne. This raised even more questions-did it only affect those who were dead? Had they contracted it already? All they had were questions.

“If only there was some way to find out for sure. Like, maybe there’s a secret lab or something like in Resident Evil. We could go and find out what happened.” Brie mused.
“I haven’t played those games.”

“Oh. Well basically its always because scientists did science. But in a bad way, and then zombies happen? I dunno, it’s been a while. You’ve really never played them? Jill sandwich, “I hope this isn’t Chris’s blood”, those two dogs in the hallway…nothing?”

“We didn’t all waste out lives playing video games indoors, you know. Some of us read.”

“Whatever, Professor Noskin. Anyway…what were we talking about?”

That was about as deep as conversation went during the next three days. There was just too much fun stuff to do with each other, so many buttons to press and limits to find. Becky was particularly carefree with her heart, trying to rub it against everything and anything-hands, pussies, brains, skin, and so on. One she had wrapped Michelle’s skin around her heart so that the face was throbbing to the beat of the organ, staring out with red eyes and mouth. It had also become somewhat common to give her lungs a little squeeze whenever she was getting a little to rambunctious. She would be gasping and wheezing for a while, but she took it in good spirits. Becky had outwardly worried that the clearly functioning heart and lungs would tip off zombies to her real status, but the intruding zombie that had wandered into the bar didn’t seem to notice. After that, she was particularly fearless-not just with herself, but with the others, pushing them on to test their own capabilities when caught up in the moment.

As the most intact of the friends, and also the most naturally calm and intelligent, Michelle was often the “controller” of the three, dictating how and when they acted on their urges, and often being the one to dish out “punishments” whenever some unspoken code of conduct had been broken. Lung squeezes were a proven and effective weapon against Becky, but given that she had an extra arms advantage, it was easy to simply hold her down and let Brie met out justice. Justice often took the shape of a humerus up the asshole, often accompanied by Michelle tracing a finger inside her empty eyesocket, tapping away at the thin bone that lay between finger and brain. She had considered breaching the bone, but that might end up lobotomizing her friend, which was maybe taking things a little too far.

Brie was not beyond a little punishment herself. Once, Michelle had caught her fresh from a trip to the bathroom (they used an old basin, given that the water was off), casually wiping herself dry with Michelle’s face skin, urine dripping down into the empty eyeholes. Michelle had seen her former covering go through a lot of abuse the past few week-cut off from her, worn, stretched, shoved inside various holes and so on. But in her mind, this was just plain rude. It was particularly annoying because there was plenty of toilet paper, but she had used the skin anyway, perhaps thinking that it would be taken as funny, or sexy. Michelle had smiled, left the room, and bid her time. During their next threesome, she had let Brie eat out her skinless pussy as normal, as Becky worked on her personal goal of fitting both arms into Brie’s pussy, all the time waiting for the right time. Without warning, she rose, staring into Brie’s eyes as she positioned herself, holding her friend’s skull from the inside and positioning it below her. Brie had time to make eye contact, and in that moment she knew what was happening, but it was too late.

A gentle golden stream drenched her brain, spilling into the tiny crevices between organ and skull. Accepting her fate, Brie stared flatly ahead as the remaining space inside were filled by Michelle’s piss-she swore some came out of her eye sockets. When Michelle was done, she calmly announced that she was away to clean up with some toilet paper, “of which there is plenty, might I add.” She graciously allowed Brie to follow her so that she could clean up, which mostly consisted of tilting her head into a tub and letting the pee run into it.

Brie was not a fan of water sports, but she was always willing to try new things, and so had let the incident slide without comment. This was also partly down to her eagerness to ruin her own brain. Perhaps this was why her thoughts had been so fuzzy recently. Something about her most fundamental organ-the centre of her own being-being used as a toilet, or a cumdumpster, turned her on something fierce. She would have dearly loved to have served it as a snack to her friends, to let them eat it right out of her skull until she was completely empty-headed, but again, there were certain risks the group new not to take, and the actual destruction of vital organs was one of those risks. Even Becky made sure to tuck her heart away carefully when it was not being used for sexy times.

Of course, there was plenty going on further south. Much like her pussy, the hole in Brie’s abdomen had grown even wider, with so many hands going in and out of it. Her intestines now trailed down to at least her knees at all times, often dragging along the floor. Michelle and Becky had each taken a turn fondling her kidneys, spleen, stomach and so on. Becky had managed to shove her whole head in there, once the intestines were out of the way. She had licked her friend’s spine and pressed her face against the skin on the back, poking an eye through the hole in the back where the knife had once gone.

Her womb had received the most attention of anything. Whether it was inside where it should be or dangling between Brie’s legs, it seemed like it was always being touched in some way, the cervix stretched way open to allow probing hands inside. It had been stepped on, bitten and even used as a very floppy dildo, which in all honesty was more entertaining in theory than in practice. Brie had considered just yanking the whole thing out entirely, birth canal and all. She would miss the feeling, though. It stayed for now, almost always gaping open, inviting more lust from her friends.

So the days passed. It may well have continued as such for longer, had they not been interrupted.

It started with the sound of machine gun fire, late in the evening. The rattle and boom of firearms had been a part of the background for so long that at first, it didn’t even register with the girls. They were also somewhat distracted with each other, entwined on the floor and bound together with Brie’s entrails. But the gunfire wouldn’t stop, eventually distracting Brie enough to halt the night’s fun.

“Sorry, but…that’s a whole lot of shooting going on.” Michelle instantly looked worried.
“Do you think….the army?” she asked, wiping her mouth with her fleshy arm. The thought was more distressing than relieving. A week ago they would have wept for joy. Now? Just more chance of them getting killed. They untangled themselves from Brie, who began to wind her guts back inside of herself, as Becky hovered nervously towards the windows.

“Let me have a look.”

“What? No, get down from there!”

“See anything?”



“Who the hell are those guys? Never seen a uniform like that before…” she muttered.
“Come here, have a look.”

The girls all huddled up beside her. Brie could see a dozen or so men dressed head to toe in what looked like a cross between riot gear and military wear, wielding assault rifles. Bodies littered the roads, blood and brains smeared across the pavement. The men had stopped, with one man apparently communicating with someone over a headset. The survivors couldn’t take their eyes off of the site-a mysterious, organized and well-equipped force had sprung from seemingly nowhere, risking their lives for some mysterious cause.

The leader nodded his head, taking his hand away from the earpiece. Then he looked in their direction. Maybe he made eye contact-it was hard to tell at this distance. All three girls gasped and sunk beneath the window. Becky’s heart and lungs were working overtime, the pink organs rising and falling rapidly, the heart beating out a tense rhythm. They dared not look back, dared not move.

When the door got kicked in, Brie screamed for the first time since this all began.


Brie and her friends sat side by side in cold leather chairs, cloth bags over their heads and hands cuffed behind them (Becky had her remaining hand tied to the seat). They had been told not to talk, and frankly they weren’t going to oppose the armed goons who were currently holding them captive. How long had they waited? It was hard to tell. It was probably only a few hours, but it had felt both an age and an instant since that door had been kicked down. They had been in no state to escape or resist-the mysterious soldiers had bagged them on the spot and led them into a waiting vehicle. After that everything was a blur of anxious waiting, with the occasional barked order. It was morally crushing. Just when it seemed as if a little order had been established, control had been wrestled away from them. It had seemed as if they had conquered the undead city; now they were prisoners.

Brie didn’t hear the stiletto footsteps echoing through the room, but she did hear a confident, feminine voice speaking to the guards. Then the bag was removed, revealing an impossibly white room, about the size of a large office. In front of her, a large black chair sat behind a desk, facing away from her. Besides a few stray pieces of paper, the only thing on the desk was a keyboard and no visible screen. Everything gave the impression hard and unyielding-even the florescent lights seemed to buzz aggressively.

“So sorry for the wait, girls. Had to get all the dull stuff out of the way before I could see you.”

The voice came from behind the chair. Brie looked around at her friends, who were doing the same. Brie spoke first.

“Who…who are you? Where are we?”

“What do you want?”

“Are you going to kill us?”

The chair laughed in a very practiced, swaying slightly.

“Kill you? Oh, sweety, I wouldn’t worry about that…”

The chair turned, revealing what could only be described as the smuggest woman Brie had ever seen. Peroxide blond hair crowned a tanned face that was grinning from ear to ear, eyebrows raised and eyes gleaming. She wore a very expensive looking white suit jacket with a grey shirt, fitted to perfection. She wore a smart grey skirt that showed plenty of leg. Their captor clasped her hands to her face and leaned forward, examining the trio at her leisure. She didn’t seem as disgusted as Brie initially thought she would find them. Brie shifted a little in her chair. The increased sexual appetite she had been feeling was still lingering, despite everything. Being naked in front of a clothed stranger that wasn’t a zombie was a new thrill, and she prayed to god that the strange woman wasn’t paying attention to her arousal. If she did notice, she didn’t let on.

“My name is Karen Korkorov. CEO of the Parasol Corporation. Heard of us?” It was a rhetorical question, of course. Parasol beauty products were well known across the world. Korkorov continued.

“We’ve been dabbling our hands in a few pies for the last two decades. A little chemical engineering here, a little biological experimenting there…all working towards the biggest prize of them all. My dream. You want to know what my dream is? A world where we don’t worry about winkles. A world where your hair is always this fabulous. A world where sagging tits are a thing of the past…” She stood up at this point, and started to slowly orbit her own desk.

“You want to…stop aging?” Asked Brie, carefully. “As in, you want to live forever?”
“Exactly! A noble goal, we can all agree. But sometimes…sometimes sacrifices have to be made. By test subjects. We’ve had a few…hiccups…”

Korkorov pressed a few buttons on her keyboard. From her desk, 3-D images appeared, showing various “test subjects”. Or what was left of them. Most were horrifically disfigured in some way-faces melted off, organs on the outside rather than in, bones sticking through the skin, and so on.

“Believe it or not, the physical malfunctions were the easiest thing to fix. The real problem was that whenever we thought we had a solution, the subject would go mad. Often violent. Like, super violent.”

The images changed to a woman in a green gown ripping out the throat of some unfortunate guard, a crazed look in her milky eyes. It seemed…familiar.

“The last batch was a real disappointment. Physical abnormalities down by almost 95% and incredible durability, but not only did it drive test subjects insane, it was actually contagious. Can you believe it? We had some “redundancies” in the science department after that, believe me-“

“Woah woah woah woah” said Becky suddenly. “You’re not saying…the zombies…You caused that?!”

“Well…yeah. Kind of. Personally I’d hold the science bay more at fault-“

“You crazy bitch! Do you know how many people have died because of this?” Snarled the redhead.

“Do you know how much this is going to cost Parasol to cover up? This could set us back decades! We’re all victims here.” Becky opened her mouth like a thoughtful goldfish, then closed it, seeing that this was not a woman who could be argued with. Besides, the room still had guards in it.

“How did it infect the city?” Asked Michelle.

“We believe one of the scientists we were going to…”let go” off…decided to take everyone down with him. Humans are the real monsters, and all that. Can I get back to my speech now, pretty please? Hmm?” Seeing that she was no longer being interrupted, Korkorov smiled and stood ominously stood in front of the three girls.
“Yes…a big setback…until our satellites picked up you, my dear.” She put a finger to Brie’s face and lifted her head, staring into her eyes. Brie started back. Korkorov looked like someone had explained the concept of friendliness to her once, long ago, and poorly at that. Her eyes were black as coal.

“Yes, you may have fooled those poor dears running around causing mayhem outside…but not me. Oh I could tell something was afoot the minute you were pointed out to me.”

“Really? How?” Asked Brie, genuinely curious.

“Because real zombies don’t hide down alleys and tuck their guts back into their bellies.”


“Also all the sex. I mean, wow. You guys are into some real freaky shit.”

“You…seen that…” murmured Brie, blushing madly.

“Yes. Maybe a side effect unique to yourselves. We’ll get to that in due time, don’t you worry.” Said Korkov smoothly, smiling as she said it.

“The real question that needs to be asked is…how did you know?”


“Oh don’t play coy. I know that you must have figured out that you were functionally immortal, and could therefore fake a disguise. You even kept your skullcap, knowing that your other parts could be replaced easier. We kept that, by the way, don’t say we’re not good to you.” She added, waving her hand at a goon who was holding a clear plastic bag with said skullcap inside of it.

“Er, thanks.”

“Did you keep my skin?” asked Michelle.

“Yes, yes, it’s all there. I’m asking the questions here. How did you know? Are you a scientist? How come we’ve never heard of you? Talk!”


“Don’t tell me you didn’t know. Only a complete idiot would cut themselves open like you did without knowing they would be fine.”


“I mean, that would be the worst plan in the entire history of terrible plans.”

“…It worked, didn’t it?”

“Eh? You mean…don’t tell me you really didn’t know?” Brie nodded, feeling like she was being very unfairly criticized. The plan was risky, but it had worked after all. Korkorov stared at her, bug-eyed. Then shook her head and shrugged.

“Hmph. That brain is clearly ornamental, then.” She poked it with a finger, then wiped it down Brie’s face, before turning away. Which was just as well, because Brie could feel the damp patch building between her legs.

“Nevermind. The important thing is that you’re here. We’ll be taking blood tests, tissue samples, stool and urine, whatever it takes to find out why you three managed to retain your sanity in a city of lunatics. Guards, take them to the cells.” Brie’s handcuffs were unlocked, and soon all three girls were being led to an exit.

“Oh, before you go, actually…let me just check something real quick.” Said Korkorov, walking calmly towards them. “Turn the redhead around.” They did so. She started Becky in the face, smiling that distant smile.

“We don’t need all three of you.”

Then, in one quick motion, she plunged her arm into Becky’s chest, holding her heart in her hand.

Then she ripped Becky’s heart out.

She raised the still beating organ triumphantly over her head, blood falling onto her pale face. Becky started in shock, gasping, as her friends screamed in horror. She looked down at her chest silently, then back up at her own heart. Then back down to her chest. Then the heart again.
Kokorov laughed.

“Hah! Not only have you all kept your sanity, you’re actually immortal! Well, so far. We’ve got a lot of testing to do. I for one can’t wait to get started. Think I’ll hang on to this for now though.” She squeezed the heart a few times, getting more blood on everyone’s face. “Thanks for the heart to heart, guys, hahaha! Laters!”

The image of the CEO holding the heart high, like some newborn Aztec priest, stayed with all three girls for a long time.

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