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File: 1501475488312.jpg (332.57 KB, 1200x1200, black_booty_bomb_2.jpg)


I...really like the idea of a hot girl converted into a sexy living bomb. Is that concept remotely popular, like, anywhere?


>Is that concept remotely popular, like, anywhere?
It's quite popular in the middle east.


File: 1501492654008.jpg (122.23 KB, 714x900, Gronc-365772-Nitro_Tits.jpg)

I wonder how is that even supposed to look like. How do you convert human into bomb?

If you are merely satisfied with exploding girls and their holes stuffed with explosives, I also like that idea.
here are examples:


File: 1501492671909.jpg (244.19 KB, 900x630, Gronc-365771-Explosive_Gir….jpg)


That idea's kinda cute, and pretty hot in and of itself, but I admit I prefer the idea if it's like...incorporated into her. Like ticking time bomb breast implants, or fuses sticking out of a big round ass, or a countdown timer display somewhere on her body, or...something like that. If that makes any sense...


That does not make much sense because human flesh cannot explode by itself, you still need to stuff some kind of bomb into the live body.
If you want to make body explosive by itself you need full story which will explain how is that going to work and if bomb is incorporated too deep it will not be visible in the picture.

Anyway I would like to see that kind to story too, just because it is pretty original idea.


I'm fully aware it doesn't make sense. It's a fetish. I usually envision it as magic transformation of flesh to something of similar consistency that is also explosive, or like, maybe she's a sexy android built as a walking bomb. Or something.


I do not say that it has to make sense in real world terms, but even if it is fantasy it has to be imagined in some way even if it is totally impossible in reality.
So only thing what matters if it can be imagined and if it can be presented to audience in away to make it clear what is going on (and this is the biggest problem for your fetish.)

If you have some interesting ideas how to do that I can even make 3d picture for you.


I mean, again, the easiest is 'sexy android girl built as walking time-bomb', can you do that?


Yes I probably could do that but just make more detailed description of what it should be. Like how humane/mechanic you want it. etc.
Or you just want picture of the woman with digital clock embedded ?LOL


Eh, I like having robot features, like light-up eyes, whirrs, maybe NieR: Automata's A2-style joint definition? Like. Keep soft T&A but make it clear that she's a sexy robot girl?


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