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Anyone knows where I can find a comolete copy of this? With english translation would be more awesome


It's not from a manga. It's a stand alone from an artist on Pixiv.


Thanks a lot!! Better than not knowing where it came from :)



Here is my attempt to translate that page using Google, without any real experience with Japanese.

Top right: [Incomprehensible. The characters are too distorted to recognize.]
Top left: Please! Help me! Forgive me!
Middle right: Yes, yes, I will go to the ball with the ball. [This seems wrong.]
Middle left: You are the last one to ejaculate? [The first character is unrecognizable, but I tried some close fits and this is the best result.]
Bottom right: We try to handle slow-growing boys regularly at our school.
Bottom left: This time there are only two first grade students, but there are more than 10 students who have many children, so please be sure to consider studying at our school. [This seems wrong.]


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