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for the second part as he release new
and suspended some of his project by himself because realizing Gumroad rule (No adult content allowed)

any cloud storage accepted!


List of Shin One Five Seven projects:

Not archived:

Already archived:
- Sleeping Ghost (swfchan no. 190443) ?
- Real Miki Arrow (swfchan no. 190441) SUSPENDED ON GUMROAD!
- Miki Arrow (swfchan no. 155235) SUSPENDED ON GUMROAD!
- Nurse Xray (swfchan no. 197712)
- Squeeze 3 (swfchan no. 130709) SUSPENDED ON GUMROAD!
- Tomoe N2 (swfchan no. 142123) SUSPENDED ON GUMROAD!

! No adult content allowed, he just realized and suspended them himself before Gumroad did.
? Shin did not delete this one on Gumroad, lol.


Already archived:
- Or|h|me (swfchan no. 197713)


anyone? please Heart Maid Mansion


Really? waht are you doing?


We have a problem. the software is not free. And it is better than before.


don't condone piracy


That's the problem. Why not to make software atleast freeware or even better, open source? Look, many DLsites fetish projects are paid and paid and paid. This guy who put this on Gumroad and PixivBooth and unless DLsite itself, does the thing that isn't unique and cliche, by making the software paid hoping worth a money like the other DLsite makers do.

Didn't you see what problem? Okay I can understand that these fetish can be overused and abused so making it paid could resist potential abuser to even considering buying it.

But now, this rule about resisting abuser should not be relevant anymore. Many people were hoping that they could get a way to pay those projects such as credit card. Unfortunately, this thing contains huge responsibility and be allowed only to matures. If you misuse it, comes a depressing consequences.

Okay, this been too complex for you. The conclusion about this piracy condonation is because the account has all his project were paid and inaccessible unless with complex credit card (the only option to pay beside of paypal or something...).


We want, atleast PASSIONATE FETISH SOFTWARE (how do I underline?) is zero cost. it's okay to has banner ad in it. Actually there been some of those but


For this kind fetish, the project that is PASSIONATE and ZERO COST is still few to none. Project we mean is that they are interactive, such as a game thing.

You can see that Sh*n e *e Se*** is the ambasador of CARDIOPHILE PASSIONATE INTERACTIVE FETISH PROJECT, but the guy isn't price it zero unless, the small, and maybe less intresting projects on his DeviantArt. Oh, he has a one unfinished concept and it is free to try until undefined release date of full development for certain price.


that is big talk and comprehensive. I agree with that.


Share the file pls, 4shared or any no survey



please 4shared


please upload free link



I noticed there is new update. now is V9 released!


moving on to new thread...


heart maid mansion


hello henlo


emofreako released his gameplay!:


People spend money making things. If you want free stuff, then dont ask for a passionate one. There a bunch of low quality free stuff for you cheapskates. Or wait for a passionate pirate.


I meant *spent money and time.


You would like to the read post on:

look's like you don't understand the problem we have been facing, and all you did is just blatandly shoo us from condoning. we understand, people spend time and money. But, never been before, what is above PASSIONATE, is ULTRA-PASSION like those guy on GitHub, SourceForge, OSDN, etc.


I mean,
(read: zero-cost)


like seriously, We can easily find things like that for simply a fetish stuff.

However though, even a f-ing single f-ing low quality cardiophille stuffs, is f-ing HARD TO FIND!

not going to exagerrate the context, but this is the fact.

We want. interactivity. sure, there is one, but RARE!

infact, about cardiophille related out there are video hacks, image hacks, furries related (and exagerrated), etc. unless the interactives.

THere is one or two SWF contents, but RARE are interactives.

We want interactives that contains an increasing rate of heartbeat when user does something to her. There is one. But EXTREMELY INSANELY HARD TO FIND!

no exageration mean for the word above, but this is also TRUE.


about "Passionate Pirate", there is a forum. let's just not mention any of those for now. But you can guess it.

But, a "Passionate Pirate cardiophille" I can found is mostly about voice actings! this is true. you can find "Heartbeat" on DLsite. you can see the definite fetish of cardiophille, guess what, is AUDIO VOICE ASMR!!! don't believe me? find it yourself there. Also download the pirate if you want it which some of us did in 3 days waiting for extra long download time of shitty download host.



Interactive, High Quality graphics and mechanics, Cardiohille fetish.

not anymore a simple video hacks, image hacks. those are becomes too boring.


One more thing. A Passionate who or not, in possession of Monetary expaction has another meaning. this type is hard to clarify because you need to read their actual intention of doing such project.

let me explain
- Electronic Arts, Valve, are Monetary Addict, because they are doing for money, not customer.
- those who love doing things and sell it, are Alpha passionate. High Quality that you can obtain either Freemium or require full purchase.
- Freeware project makers, are Passionate. High Quality, you can obtain for zero-cost, no Source code available. Some developers allows modding, and some are not.
- Linus Toralds, Mozilla, GNU, any other Open Source project maker, are Absolute passionate. High Quality, you can obtain for zero-cost even their source code. This is my favourite.


in conclusion:

Please, someone buy for us from

then, put that purchased files in your favourite cloud storage like
Mega, MediaFire, 4Shared, etc.

then share that share link and paste it HERE, on [Make New Post]


is that simple?
Because of that piracy action that seems bad, sometime there's an advantage where the author have deleted some of his lewd based project from Gumroad face because of Gumroad Rule.

even though, who knows somehow that can even gone more somehow by no mean.



Some project that has been deleted can be read at these posts:

fortunately, they have been archived on SWFCHAN. You can thank us later.







attack soon



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