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I was wondering if there is content of black girls getting dominated, killed or anything like that. Backbreaker or neck snapped most preferred but anything else from asphyxia and shootings and stabbings and body explosions and decapitations and other gory stuff is also wonderful. :)


I think this is bad idea right?


How is it a bad idea?


The concern is seen from racial perspective and uhhhh.


I think would be racism to think is a bad idea


racial perspective? what the fuck is this, the local gathering of the ACLU?
jesus christ



What we do here is fine guro sexy. My interest in guro is one of appreciation for and infatuation with the characters that I tend to snuff out. It's not about hatred.

But regardless, people should be able to enjoy whatever they want in fantasy for whatever reason they want, long as they can tell the difference between fantasy and real life.


well, then let's give a world try and see what happen next


Do you think "bad idea" because destroy the black seems unfair, or because you just don't want because it's black?


looking for the same thing too. decaps hopefully.


Wanna see one where a modern nerdy black girl is stripped naked and taken in to become a slave and ends with sad decapitation. A story like this would also be fine.


Seems unfair as I thought if a WHITE did that.


I would like to see Ryona black girl edition.


Emikochan, EeveE, Underrock, and I have all done in some darker-skinned girls over on /art/.

There are probably more than those I mentioned, too. Take a look and see if there's anything you like.


black girl ryona is underrated and extremely rare but it is also very delicious. No rasism intended.


black girl ryona is underrated and extremely rare but it is also very delicious. No rasism intended.


1.Install Hitman Absolution
2.Get perfect invisibility trainer
3.Get to the strip club level where there are a few black girls too
5.Cum all over




I'd say this isn't really racist since it shows he's into black woman? To be honest though, pulling the race card would just be really stupid.




i would love to see some black girl decaps

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