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I would like to ask you to share pictures and animations where animals / monsters / anthro creatures biting off penises. I have a few comics and pictures from Lenexwants but it's not a too common fetish so I have not much sources. Maybe you have and also willing to share these with a fellow fetishist.

I'm interested in hentai comics (manga?) also where animals/creatures are used to mutilate/torture the penis of a man.

The attached picture is edited (obviously) but it may give you an idea :)


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Maybe you could zip your stuffs and upload to somewhere like mega or mediafire. I think it would be easier than upload them one-by-one here :)


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Wow... Keep them coming they are awesome!!!


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A good one I think


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Your idea seemed interesting to me, and I decided to make a small comic. This comic strip matches your requirement, I suppose.
In the comic book there is a girl, a guy and a dog. The dog takes a bite of a member of a guy.


File: 1503878897455.jpg (459.3 KB, 1280x720, 013jr.jpg)

You can see more in /3dcg/ Penectomy and Castration thread.
If you are interested, you can download the full comics here:

Filename: HJMDCK.rar File size: 20.47 MB
Filling: 25 images (comics) + 1 image (Titles) + 2 bonus images.






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