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I've been looking high and low for a certain manga.
A girl and a crossdressing boy having Urethral sex with each other. the story went that, when they were kids, they thought that sex was when you put your dick in the peehole, and so they spent years stretching out their holes to the point where they have to wear tampons in their urethra's to keep from constantly pissing their pants. they also suck on the tampons to taste each others pee.

the comic consists mostly of them drinking each others piss and fucking each others urethra's. and I believe the boy was crossdressing too.

It has been a few years since I've seen it floating around so I may be off on some points. I think they may have also been siblings, but they could have also just been childhood friends.

the image is unrelated (its from - Mitsuha-chan Change (Kimi no Na wa)


I would like that stuff, but I did not even found a manga like that and cant find anything like that on exhentai either

How long was this manga and what was age of the characters?


it was fairly short. like, 15 to 20 pages
and the characters were kids in the first few panels but they're teenagers for the rest of it.


The story you are looking for is called "A way to be a bride" by Horihone Saizou. It was released in the Tankoubon Niku No Ana (The Hole of the Flesh) and there is an english translation available on exhentai.


wow! thanks!

I've been looking for this for so long!
I guess I kept skipping over it because it was missing a few key tags.

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