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For some reason, I enjoy it when anime/manga/comic characters get a clean hole blown, stabbed, or punched through their abdomen. I saw some some good pics in the other forum and was wondering if anyone knew of other scenes that fit this. Here are a couple examples from the other forum


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And this one



Anyway, that's now got me wondering if it would be possible to deliberately work a piercing slowly into and through yourself, front to back, without causing any harm (pushing the parts in-between out of the way instead of steamrollering through and destroying them), then open it out wider into a large, out of place gauge...

Just for the odd, curio, extreme bodymod value, even without considering the suddenly obvious "whole new hole to fuck" angle.

And for the S&M and noncon freaks amongst you, it'd be a heck of a way of putting someone on a leash, chain... wall... front of a mega yacht... an anvil just before being kicked off a dock...

And of course, there's the nice symmetric option of one either side of the torso. Just got to be careful to avoid the lungs, diaphragm, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, other guts etc. So they don't end up getting spun around if unbalanced but more carefully held in place.

(or you could go for the single central hole, put some bottle rockets on their arms / legs / head, make a huge, fairly historically legit catherine wheel)


Yes, this is definitely possible and there is even one freak show performer who was doing that on his shows.
This kind of stuff quite often happens when people get impaled on various spikes without actually getting too much harm.

Essentially all you need is a relatively blunt thick rod.


I wouldn't be surprised if it is possible. If so, I bet people have tried it already. Anyway, I wonder if someone can find more of these pics tho.


Have you tried Mortal Kombat X? A lot of hot females and two fatalities (Erron Black and Predator) that leave a hole in their stomach.

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