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I'm looking for images by the artist named DeadDino. He posted a couple guro images
in the art section in 2015 and I wanted to view them again and maybe find
if he still makes art.

This is an archive of Oct 4, 2015 that has the thread but no images saved.

I tried searching file names on google, checking other archives, but nothing has come up. If someone has an archive of images back in 2015, then these images are probably still in there. If you could share that with me, I'd appreciate it.

Pic unrelated.



Do you still had his decap-necro pic?



I don't have any images except for 2 that were posted on rule34 paheal.


File: 1497632776701.jpg (447.44 KB, 638x878, 1416974805205.jpg)


File: 1497632816563.jpg (292.94 KB, 774x1154, 1417844283765.jpg)


File: 1497632832910.jpg (258.68 KB, 970x916, 1418534355052.jpg)


File: 1497632850371.jpg (506.17 KB, 612x936, 1418794110467.jpg)


File: 1497632864219.jpg (826.26 KB, 954x1000, 1419041981687.jpg)


File: 1497632879538.jpg (871.54 KB, 1163x1000, 1419387169116.jpg)


Gotta say these 2 images are hot as fuck. Would love to see more of this artist too


File: 1497681660283.jpeg (395.64 KB, 637x833, 1466043577919.jpeg)

what about this one?



File: 1497681686845.jpeg (302.03 KB, 510x702, 1466043664810.jpeg)



File: 1497681709807.jpeg (1.28 MB, 600x910, 1466043801100.jpeg)



File: 1497681740929.jpeg (201.45 KB, 811x585, 1466044021458.jpeg)



File: 1497681764879.jpeg (490.46 KB, 638x878, 1466044163523.jpeg)

5/5 last one


If there are more pictures drawn by this DeadDino, I REALLY would like to see them.

I've been lurking online on guro boards for a while yet I somehow didn't know of this artist till now... and they say there's nothing new under the sun :)


Thank you very much!!!


He says on his deleted thread he quit making guro art. I wonder if he still makes art, guro or not. I doubt we'll find out.


The also legendary Carl said he quit, yet he came back to lurk on dolcettish. Nothing is final. I have my hope.

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