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anyone could translate from russian pls ? rest art on pixiv


Nameplate on the door: "Principal"
Man: I've looked through your tests. You pass.
Woman: Oh, good!
Man(continues): In this workshop we feed our cattle ("meat" in original, not sure if that is acceptable in English), so it could obtain class no less than F-grade.
Man: You will be fully conscious and feel everything while being butchered. You haven't changed your mind, have you? If not, worker #3103 will tell you everything! There is no escape, so you will become A-grade meat.
Woman: No, I haven't changed my mind! And I won't beg you to stop either! Btw, do you butcher your employees as well?
Man: Yes, of course! New employee must butcher the previous one upon the expiry of contract!
Worker (badge on the folder: "Case #3217 S-A"): We can begin once you are ready. Now you are my piggy! I'll try to be gentle. Letter 'S' means grade ("сорт" in russian). You have S-A - this is highest grade! You are my last little piggy. I will go under the knife right after you.
Woman: Okayy~ It seems, I am ready. I can't wait to begin.
Woman: Alrighty, let me braid my hair in the end!
Worker(probably): I will cut you along this line =) I will handle the saw gently! Honestly!
Worker(probably): Why are you worried so much? Don't worry! You will hardly feel anything. Just a little bzzzt... and it will be over.
Worker(probably): So, let's begin? By the way, you are the most calm piggy I ever had!
Worker(probably): Phew... So... that's all! And you worried so much. Though you didn't even scream! That's my girl!! And your meat is really good! Oh, you got dirty ... all covered in blood.
Worker(probably): Well! That's what I'm talking about! Now got to the others. Your head will be cut off, and you'll wait until you'll be eaten.
Worker(probably): So, my little piggies, now it's time for you to rest awaiting to be served as dish! And I'm off to prepare myself! Today I will fill up your piggie-ranks! And I will hang upside down beheaded in the fridge! OH, I'M TOTALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!

Something like that. My English is not *that* good, however, so it would be great if someone could review this.


*now go to the others
And I fucked up the markup, sorry.


thanks when i got time il put it in comic


You are welcome.


can someone edit the comic so that it has text in english? would make it easier to read rather than go back and forth. thanks!


Bump for edit

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