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It's a hard vore (I think) restaurant story which involved a mother and her children getting eaten by anthros. I believe it was posted on this version of gurochan a while back as:

"Table for 2 (loli, snuff, torture, rape, hard vore" by Napoleon88

But the archives don't have it.

Picture unrelated.


"Table for 2" by Napoleon88 [2015]

"Hello Mrs Fawn! Welcome chez du la mange!" The pantheress greeter said cheerfully. She was wearing a fairly eloquent black dress that complimented her glossy black fur and stood behind a beautiful mahogany podium in the dimly lit restaurant foyer. "It has been quite some time since I've last seen you here. How are you doing?"
"Oh I'm doing just fine, honey." I said while smiling happily. I smoothed down my dark blue satin dress and placed my paw on the shoulder strap of my purse.
"How have you been Sarah?" I replied. "How are your cubs doing? I heard that they just started school this fall."
"Oh? Oh, yes little Chelsea and Marlon are going to first grade." The waiters replied, her eyes shining with that look only a mother could have. Her pride shone in her pupils like the brightest of stars. " their growing up so fast. How about you? How's your little girl doing?"
Oh shes just fine!" I replied looking behind myself at the little white Siberian tiger cub. I had put her in a pretty green shirt and skirt outfit that made her light green eyes even more expressive then usual. She was casually walking around the grand restaurant lobby, looking at their intricate paintings and the large tank of fish. The main area of the restaurant was magnificent with high ceilings, and beautiful gold and diamond chandlers. The walls were painted black and a rich brown that, together with the low lighting, gave the entire area a very sophisticated, aristocratic feel.
"Come say hi, Nalia." I said, knocking the cub out of the trance the the quickly circling fish had put her in. She quickly walked over to where I stood, a big smile showing off her gleaming fangs and teeth.
"H-hi!" She said cheerily, her hands locking in front if her and swaying slowly.
"Oh, aren't you the cutest little thing." The waiter said while leaning over the perfectly polished podium to look at the little girl. "I swear you white tigers make the cutest cubs. How old are you, hmm?"
"Ummm," Nalia putting her hands in front of her face and counting in them, before throwing nine fingers up. "This many!" She said happily, proud of her achievement.
"Awwww! Is this your first time here?" The panther cooed. Nalia just nodded and then walked over to hold onto my dress.
"She's so sweet! I could just gobbler her up." The waitress said making the small tiger giggle a bit her tail swaying casually with her pleasure.
"Oh she's not on the menu, Hun." I replied chuckling at the cute little display Nalia was making.
"Oh! Speaking of which, what will you be having?" The pantheress said while grabbing a pen and a small notebook off of the podium, her black furred ears twitching slightly.
"Hmm, three smalls and one baby meal." I said, my long white, striped tail twitching in anticipation.
"Three smalls and one baby..." The greeter whispered while writing on the small piece of paper. "OK! Will that be all for you today?"
"Oh it should be more then enough, thank you." I replied gratefully, excitement present in my voice. I'd always loved this restaurant and could remember fondly when I used to come here with my mother as a child. I was glad that I finally had enough money saved up to bring my own daughter.
"Alright," the waitress said before closing the notepad and placing the pen on the podium, "we actually have a room open now. If you will just follow me, I'll show you to your room."
We followed the panther as she walked behind the desk and down a very ornate, hallway. The long corridor was lined with several wooden doors that had quaint little signs on them, most of which were red and said busy.
The one we were led to was near the back, and, upon opening the door, we found ourselves in a small dressing room.
"Here we are!" The pantheress said, an overly large smile on her pretty muzzle. "If you need anything, be sure to let us know. Enjoy!" With that, she left the room, leaving my daughter and I alone.
"W-What do we do now?" Nalia said while lightly tugging on my blue dress. Her face showed question and excitement, which was to be expected with how much I talked about this place.
I offered her a smile while rubbing one of my paws one her head, ruffling her head fur and jostling her cute black and white ears.
"Now we have to get ready." I told her while walking towards a small locker in the corner of the room. "First we take off our clothes and put them in here."
"Take off our clothes?" She whined as she watched me start to casually remove my dress. "But, it took so long to put them on! Why are we just taking them off?"
"Because, sweety," I started while bending over to push my dress towards the ground, freeing my torso and thighs from its confinement. "We don't want our nice clothes to get dirty, now come over here so I can help you get out of that." She looked around a bit while walking towards me, her eyes taking in the entire room with youthful skepticism.
"I eat really neatly mommy" she said as she stepped in front of me, her arms up, "you said so!"
"Yes you do honey," I replied as I stood up and began to gently tug on her shirt, the green garment sliding neatly over her arms. "It's just hard to eat here without making a mess. Even mommy's getting undressed too." I gave her another smile, and after offering me a confused look, she smiled back and continued to undress.
After we finished undressing and storing our clothes, I gently grabbed Nalia's small paw and walked her towards the door in the center of the room. I could feel the nostalgia and, just for a moment as I opened the door, I felt as if I had gone back in time to when my mother had first brought me here.
I closed my eyes as I entered the room, letting the scents wash over me like a palpable wave, a force that brought a smile to the corners of my mouth and a twitch to my ears. I could smell them and through their scents could picture them; the four humans girls we had ordered. Each little girl brought its own savory sent and their combined aroma made my mouth water. I could almost feel their supple skin and almost taste their sweet, sweet blood. The mental image sent a shiver through my body, a shock of anticipation that all but forced me to purr in satisfaction.
Slowly I opened my eyes to see everything that was to be expected in the medium sized white room. Well almost. There was a small table filled with an assortment of items, a large light that illuminated the entire area, and in the center our soon to be meal. There was also, peculiarly enough, someone sitting a small ways off to the side, in the corner. The middle aged, brown haired human woman was clutching what, I assumed was the infant we had ordered, her brown eyes focusing on me an my daughter.
Frowning a bit, I walked a few paces into the room, and closed the door. The interior was a immaculate, something to be expected of a restaurant of such high standing. The pristine walls were unscathed by the countless exposure to blood, save for a small yellow note on one of the walls. Walking over, I quickly picked up the note, looking at how beautifully the hand written words were formed.

"Our sincerest apologies,
The mother of the four children you ordered insisted upon being present, despite our warning or threats. Law dictates that, as long as she takes no action against you, that she is allowed in the room. She will not interfere and is yours to do with as you please.
Sorry for the inconvenience."

"Well then..." I said out loud turning to look at the five females at my disposal.
"Mommy," Nalia said from my side. "Are, are they going to eat with us?" Her tiny features were looking to me with uncertainty, a myriad of thoughts coursing through her young mind.
"Oh no dear," I replied, shaking my head slightly. "We will be eating the little girls. They are our meal for today."
"Oh." She said simply, before turning and examining the for children again. The older three were roughly the same age as Nalia, their fair, doll like skin seeming so tender that all I could think about was what it would taste like...
I looked back towards the woman, her shivering body radiating with the scent of fear. I tilted my head to get a better look at the woman before walking towards where she sat.
"What is your name?" I asked as I stood over her, her eyes shining into mine with fear and aversion.
"Sharia." She replied softly, her voice cold and hard, like talking to a long since forgotten rock.
"Well Sharia," I said offering her a reassuring smile. "Your daughters all look delicious. You have done a fine job in making then for us and I thank you." I reached out my hands towards the child wrapped I'm her quivering arms, towards the small giggling baby that looked so sweet and succulent.
"May I please have her now?" I asked as nicely as I could. "She is for my daughter and I would really like to finish up before it gets too late." I had herd from friends how unwilling mothers could be to releasing their young, an unfortunate side affect from when they lived free and weren't used as livestock.
The human looked at me with what could only be shock, before slowly leaning down to kiss the baby's head and whisper something to the infant. Much to my relief, she stretching her arms out, and handed the baby to me.
"Thank you very much!" I said gratefully as I wrapped my hands around the tender morsel in my arms. "I'm sure Nalia will enjoy her immensely."
I quickly turned around, and saw my daughter talking excitedly with our prey. The sight made me utter a small laugh as I slightly shook my head.
"Come here Nalia, I have a gift for you." I said happily, watching with pride as my little cub quickly made her way over to me.
"A gift?! What is it?!" Little Nalia said excitedly, her bouncing making her fur wave and shimmer in the well lit, white room. I quickly held the bumbling infant I my hands out towards my enthusiastic little cub, watching with a proud smile as she took the baby in her arms.
"Oooh, Mommy! She's so cute!" She squealed as she held the soft child in her arms. She started to squeeze the supple baby creamy white skin against her furred cheek, her face lighting up every time the baby made a happy gurgling sound.
"She's the first part of your meal, honey." I said reaching a paw down to run at her soft head fur.
"She's, so soft and tinny mommy," Nalia said while slowly rubbing an index finger against the baby's smooth chest, eliciting a happily giggle from the infant. "She is smooth, like one if those cute little dolls you got me for Christmas last year! Only now I get to play with her and eat her!"
"I'm glad you like her." I replied while walking towards one of the smaller girls sitting in the center of the room. "You may play with her if you wish, but do see that you begin to eat promptly or I fear we will be here all night."
"OK I will!" I heard Nalia reply as I picked up one of the smaller girls, probably being six or seven years of age. I held her between my arms, her legs and hands facing forward and her back flush with my stomach, as I began to rub my cheek into her soft hair. I took a sniff at the little girls head, purring at the scent that brought saliva to my mouth.
"Oh darling how I have missed one so sweet as you." I whispered into her tiny ear as I ran my long rough tongue across her cheek.
Her taste exploded upon my oral organ, the soft skin slightly rubbing off against the abrasive surface of my tongue. I could taste her so clearly from that one lick, the sweet taste of youth graciously lining my palate. I could not help but take another lick at her smooth, smooth skin, reveling in the way that she squirmed in my unyielding grip, desperately trying to get away.
I licked her slowly, long trails of my spittle glistening against her pale complexion, until her cheek was red and nearly raw. I stopped mid lick, as I heard a pained wining coming from where my daughter stood. Turning I saw, much to my pleasure, that Little Nalia had one of the infants tiny digits in her maw and was sucking on it softly. The doll in her arms was trying desperately to coordinate its small muscles enough to remove her tiny hands from my daughters eager muzzle, to no avail. I watched as my daughter slowly closed her eyes, her small body shivering with pleasure, before a soft -pop- was heard, the small sound echoing of of the walls in the room.
The baby began to wail its pain at the removal of her finger as a crunching sound spread throughout the room, my beautiful cub eagerly chewing on the little morsel in her cute maw. After a moment a soft gulp was heard as she swallowed and I smiled with pride at my daughters first taste of human. She smiled back before looking to the crying baby in her arms, a small frown forming in her muzzle at the sight of the bloodied infant.
"Mommy why, why is she crying?" She asked me, her tongue licking up to remove a small fleck of red that was staining her gorgeous white fur.
"Oh, humans scream when their happy." I told her, a smile forming on my face as I remembered when my mother told me this very same thing. "They are meant to be eaten and love it when you do so, honey. This is just their way of thanking you."
"Oh." My little cub said before looking back at the screaming plaything in her arms, the tigers tail displaying her happiness. "Your welcome, my little baby doll! I'll make sure you scream a lot when I eat you!"
I smiled at that, absentmindedly stroking the wreathing arm if the girl I was holding while watching my daughter stick another of the wailing infants squirming digits into her suckling maw. A small purr formed in her throat as she suckled before another small -pop- resonated through the room.
I looked down and saw that the little girl in my arms was looking up at me, her beautiful green eyes flashing several emotions, the chief of which fear.
"Don't worry darling." I started as I lowered my maw towards her plump lips. "I love you, yes I do. I love your soft skin, I love your delicious scent, and I most definitely love your sweet, succulent, taste." I emphasized my last words with a soft pecking kiss on her lips. I let one of my soft furred paws run down he stomach until it was nestled into her smooth crotch, my finger lightly finding her immature vagina. She gave a small gasp as my finger rubbed across her most sensitive area, a gasp in which I capitalized on.
As soon as her mouth opened, I pushed my muzzle down and met her in a sideways kiss. My tongue invaded her tiny mouth, my undulating organ exploring and lapping at all the little girls curves and corners. I moaned slightly at the taste of her on my tongue and the way she squirmed in a desperate attempt to escape me. Slowly, I ran my tongue across her much smaller organ, felling the differences in texture as my rough tongue scraped harshly across her softer one.
I continued to rub my finger across her tiny folds as I drew the child's tongue into my mouth. Centimeter by centimeter, her organ came from her mouth into mine, her tongues constant quivering sending jolted of pleasure through my body. Slowly, ever so slowly, I placed one if my fangs into the center of her tongue, my sharp incisor pinching her fleshy organ. She whined at this, a sound that made my ears perk up and focus in the small girl. Oh I do love that sound, but I love the sound of their screams so much more.
Swiftly I bit down, my fangs sliding neatly through her soft tongue, eliciting a blood curdling scream from tiny child, a scream that was muffled by our loving oral embrace. The combined saliva in our mouths was became tainted with the sweet, coppery taste of her blood as it spilled from her punctured oral organ.
After a moment, I pulled back from our kiss, opening my maw just enough to release her tongue, before licking the girls soft for head. My stomach gave a audible growl as I put my head in the crook of her neck and gave her shoulder a long, sensuous lick. Her short huffing breaths came faster and faster as I opened my maw and slid it carefully over her shoulder, my four incisors resting snugly against her skin. I could smell her so clearly, her youthful perfume that clouded my mind drove me crazy. I closed my eyes, focusing in in my lesser senses, before I sank my teeth into this delectable child.
She screamed long and hard at that, a high, ear shattering wail that made me shudder. That taste of blood I had earlier was nothing compared to the flavors exploding in my mouth now! Each struggle that the little angle in my arms made only served to shoot another gush of her warm blood that coated my mouth in its delicious taste. I swallowed eagerly, enjoying the feeling of her life's essence as it tracked down my throat. I bit down harder, feeling my teeth pass through and severing her joint, before I leaned back.
A loud spatter of blood against the ground could be heard as I ripped a small chunk of the small child's tender flesh from her shoulder, the morale resting heavily in my maw. She screamed her beautiful scream for me once again as I chewed on the piece of meat in my mouth before swallowing, moaning at the feeling if meat sliding down my neck and into my eager stomach.
"Oh Sharia!" I said after licking some of the blood from the corners of my face. "Your daughter is so sweet! Like all of the most delicious confections in the world were rolled up into one small, succulent package." I gave the little doll a squeeze, loving how beautifully she fit in my arms.
I leaned down and lapped at her gushing shoulder before taking another small chunk from the whimpering girl, when a loud -crunch- drew my attention in my daughters direction. She had eaten the baby's fingers and hand, and was now gnawing on its forearm. Her tail flicked happily every time a small white bone shattered. After a moment, she looked up and met my gaze, her reddened muzzle turning in the happiest of smiles.
"Thank you mommy!" She said as she walked over towards me. I watched as she carried the small bundle of life in her arms so carefully, as if she were a little doll that would shatter if she dropped her. A doll so special that Nalia must protect her from all the worlds evils, until it was time for another bite.
"I really love this baby so much!" She said as she squeezed the infant to her face. "She's so cute and, and tiny, and she tastes so good! I never want to eat anything else."
She gave the little infantile girl that was cradled in her arms a soft tender lick along the side her face, her pink tongue sliding slowly across the child's baby smooth skin. She kept licking until her frivolous tongue scraped across the infants small ear, the tiny rounded piece if skin and cartilage tinted red with the small girls screaming. Little Nalia licked the ear a few times, her sand papery tongue making the small girl squirm and contort in an effort to get free, before wrapping her maw gently around the auditory organ. She gave the small baby in her arms a conforming squeeze before quickly slamming her teeth together, the click of her fangs making all of the humans in the room jump.
The infants wail sounded loudly in the room as my daughter slowly chewed on its severed ear. She watched the tiny child scream like a banshee, the baby human flailing its arms in blind protest. After a moment, Nalia swallowed the tidbit in her maw and drew the pleading infant close to her body, her cheek rubbing slowly on the child's forehead. Nalia's cute little ears swiveled to towards the baby wailing mouth and twitched as she slowly grinned.
"I'm having fun too!" She said excitedly to the baby as she pulled away from her embrace and began to lap at the infants bleeding face.
I gave a small humph as I looked back down at my meal. One of my hands had moved to idly rub at my vagina as I watched my daughter, and now I was starting to feel all hot and bothered. The little girl in my arms had slowly stopped struggling as I nibbled down to her bone, the blood loss from her wounded shoulder and tongue starting to effect her. I frowned at this as I continued to lightly rub my sensitive folds. the child was defiantly not going to last for any sort of sexual release I thought with disappointment as I watched her slow breathing get more and more labored.
The Little girl, much to her credit, lasted for quite some time; long enough for me to snap a white bone in my teeth and suck on her still living marrow. That was always a treat, but it was too much for her tiny, young body and, soon after, her heart slowly sputtered before it stopped beating. I sighed before slowly placing the child on the ground. As I bent over, I noticed how messy the little girl had been. Her blood had dripped across my chest and stomach, staining my white fur with randomly shaped red blotches.
Shrugging my shoulders, I stood up and quickly searched the room for the second part of my meal. The little girl was hiding behind her mother, her small face wedged into the crook of the woman's arm with her dark brown hair falling to shield her eyes. I quickly walked over towards the woman and child, but, before I could grab her, the mother stood in my way.
"May I please have your daughter, Sharia ." I asked gently, smiling at the wide eyed woman. I saw her grip tighten on the small girls arm, and my smile slowly turned.
"Y-You have yet to finish...eating my, my other child." Sharia spoke slowly, tears welling up in her eyes. "Why take this one? When you have only just finished her." I turned as she pointed to the partly consumed carcass of the once beautiful little girl.
I could feel my face scrunch up as I gave her a curious look.
"Well they are more fun when their alive." I told her, completely surprised that she hasn't known that. "They can't scream or squirm when their dead, and what fun fun is that? I can have all of the pre-killed food I want when I go grocery shopping." I gave her another wide smile and a small chuckle as I tried to portray the gratifying feeling of this experience to her with mere words. "The killing is the fun part, the reason I spent so much money for your children. The way they wreath so helplessly like defenseless little dolls to be cuddled and hugged until their ready for the first bite creates a feeling beyond mere words. Have you...never experienced this? I don't know much about human life."
The woman just slowly shook her head, her eyes glistening with held back tears. She had obviously been deprived of the joys of hunting, and needed enlightenment. I turned around and walked over to the small table. On it were an assortment of tools to help improve the experience of our meal, the objects ranging from small knives to little vials of acid. I quickly grave one of my favorite ones, a small blue lighter, before turning back and walking towards the two quivering females.
"Here, hold this." I said handing Sharia the lighter before I quickly grabbed the tiny girls hand and pulled her to me. The child elicited a small scream as I grabbed her other hand by the wrist and held it out towards the mother.
"Use that on her." I said nodding my head towards the lighter that was being clutched tightly in the woman's hand.
"W-What!?" Sharia stammered, taking a few steps backwards until she was against the wall.
"Go on!" I said excitedly. This was always my favorite part, but I was willing to be a good person and let Sharia have the experience for the first time. "Ill Le you do it! Go on, try it." I smiled at the woman as held the struggling girls hand out and waved it a bit.
"I-I-I" the woman started stammering, her entire frame shaking. Oh, she must be nervous and stricken anticipation. I thought as I watched her mentally struggle.
"Wow mommy! What are you doing?" Nalia interrupted while walking over, the half eaten baby still being held tenderly in her arms. The other human girl was standing next to her and seemed just as interested as my own daughter in the happenings between Sharia and I.
"Well, Mrs. Sharia has never killed prey." I explained. "So I decided to let her help me. This way she can have some fun too. Now, Sharia, go on and try it."
I could see as several thoughts went through her mind, before she closed her eyes and took a step forward. She said a few inaudible whispers before looking at me and the struggling child in my arms. I gave her a reassuring smile as she slowly flicked the lighter until a small red flame spouted from the tiny device.
A small chorus of ooos came from the two spectating girls as the lowered the lighter with shaking hands. Slowly the flame encroached upon the little girl, the girl that was struggling so very hard to pull out of my grip. Sharia clenched her eyes as she brought the lighter to the girls finger, a single tear rolling down her face to fall unnoticed to the ground.
The scream the little girl made was glorious! A high pitched cry that resonated deeply inside me and made me shudder with delight. The burning, though, was not. Sharia barely let the flame touch the girl before promptly dropping the device to the floor and taking several steps back.
"There!" She yelled tears streaming down her face.
"Oh, well, you didn't do it right." I said, pouting slightly. "Your going to have to do it again." I tightened my grip on the squirming, screaming little girl before bending down to pick up the discarded lighter.
"I-I can't." She stammered as she sobbed her head shaking back and forth. I gave her a curious look and opened my mouth to ask again, but a small voice stopped me.
"M-May I?" The voice said, and upon turning my head I saw that it had come from the human child standing next to Nalia.
"No Chara!" The woman yelled, the outburst eliciting a small growl from me.
"She can try if she wants." I said giving the mother a cautionary glare before turning to the girl. "Here you go."
She graciously took the lighter from my paw and uttered a small thank you before standing in front of her squirming sister. She started flicking at the lighter, taking several tries before finally getting it to light. She slowly moved the red flame towards her sisters hand and, soon enough, the glorious scream was heard once more.
The little girl did a much better job than her mother. She held the flame steady, letting the searing heat lap against the younger girls palm and fingers. The sounds and smells of cooking flesh rose quickly to greet my senses, making me giddy like the smallest of cubs. I truly did love burning the girls. The way they screamed and squirmed was something else, like a beautiful dance that only the little girls could preform. It always made my loins heat up, their wails always seeming to expedite my lusts.
Chara kept waving the lighter until the little girls hand was red and black. Blisters had formed along her now shiny skin, giving her hand a bumpy texture. I gave the girls cheek a quick lick, before bringing her hand up to my face and drawing in a deep breath. Oh, Chara definitely did a better job then her mother. I opened my mouth to bite one of the deliciously charred fingers when I was interrupted again.
"Mommy." Nalia said slowly. "May I have another baby? This one stopped moving and I think she's dead."
"Oh, Is she she now?" I replied looking into my daughters at eyes. "Well, my little cub, I got this human for you as well." I pointed to Chara. "You may eat her now, if you wish."
"But, I like her." Nalia said giving me a sad look. "Do I have to eat her?"
"Well, yes." I said offering her a nervous smile. "I did pay good money for her. You could just play around with her a bit before you eat her."
"Play around?" She said while giving me a rather curious look. She looked to Chara then back to me before her face lit up.
"Oh! You mean like you and daddy do!"
That... Shocked me, to say the least.
"No,no honey," I said quickly a blush forming in my ears, "That's different."
"Are you sure?" She pressed on, "because you two always 'play around' and then you ask daddy to eat you, I heard."
"Darling, please," I said as my ears burned red. "That's when mommy and daddy are, uh, mating. When I told him to...'eat me' I meant for him to lick me...down there. Just please honey... Play with your friend."
"OK!" came Nalia's chipper reply, before she turned and grabbed Chara. She pulled her in for a big hug and then, to my horror, gave the girl the biggest kiss I had ever seen coming from children under ten.
I turned around, groaning slightly an shaking my head, as I pulled the freshly seared girl. We would definitely have to talk about that later. I thought, laughing a bit at the idea. After we took a few steps away from Nalia and Chara, I quickly turned the little girl in my paw until she was facing me and gave her a swift push. This sent her to the ground and onto her back. I quickly crawled over the prone little girl, my body straddling hers, until my face came to hover above hers. I then quickly wrapped an arm around her and rolled over.
A purr formed in my throat at our position, her soft tiny body and face being held snugly to my furred chest as I laid on my back. I squeezed her and wiggled a bit until I was comfortable. As I moved I could feel the cold air in the room washing cruelly over my moist opening and, despite Nalia being in the room, I intended to do something about it.
"Sharia," I said, peeking over the little girl in my arms to look at the woman in front of me. "Could you please... Help me, with a little problem I'm having." I wiggled my rump a bit and giggled. I'd have some explaining to do what with Nalia watching, but, oh, how this will be so completely worth it.
I watched with a happy grin as the woman looked at me, her eyes widening at m words and position.
"I-I Can't, I'm not..." She trailed off as she quickly looked away.
"Oh, neither am I." I told her plainly. "I have a husband after all. I just require some assistance, something I'm sure you can handle." I squeezed the girl in my arms, forcing her face into the crook of my neck. I rubbed my cheek against her soft, baby smooth face as I stared at the mentally struggling woman.
"I promise ill make it up to you!" I said, a purr forming as I held the squirming girl lovingly to my body, reveling in the feel of her flailing arms and legs as she struggled to break free of my grasp. "I won kill you like I had planed if you do this for me."
Sharia visibly flinched at that, her eyes widening as the scent of her renewed fear permitted the air. She looked at me, and then to her two deceased children, before clenching her eyes shut and taking a few steps forward.
"Oh great!" I said, my body heating up with anticipation. I wiggled a bit more and then spread my legs out with my knees rising slightly in the air, so as to give the human plenty of room to work. She slowly approached and then kneeled down until she was nestled between my legs and hovering overt crotch. I watched her expectantly as she lifted a hand up, her fingers clenching and rubbing together, before she reached a shaking hand towards my loins.
I gasped when her fingers lightly trailed across my sex, my hip reflexively thrusting upwards to meet her. She slowly, tentatively ran her delicate fingers along my sensitive vulva sending bolts of pleasure coursing through me. It felt so good, but I knew something that would feel even better.
"Oh, please use your mouth." I moaned.
"My, m..." She started, her hand cruelly removing from my snatch and quickly pulling me from my blissful stupor.
"Your mouth." I said again as an agitated growl started to form deep in my chest. I heard the woman gulp lightly as her face blanched. She slowly moved her wide eyes from my green globes, to my needy vagina and said a few inaudible words under her breath.
Much to my excitement, she did not hesitate long before lowering we head into my crotch. I squirmed in anticipation as I felt her hot breath puff against my moist and exposed opening, my arms now all but crushing the little child into my chest. I could feel my ears swivel forward upon hearing the sound of her mouth tentatively opening and her glorious tongue sticking out.
And then I felt it. One slow, long lick across my hot, and puffy vagina that made me yowl my pleasure for the whole world to hear. The touch made me squeeze my arm even tighter, eliciting a chorus of small cracks from the girls back as she screamed her fear and discomfort. Sharia's tongue rubbed beautifully against my most sensitive parts, that one pass felling better then anything I had felt in a long, long time. And then there was another slow lick. And another. Soon the woman had. built up a rhythm of licking that had me wiggling more then an upturned earth worm.
Taking quick huffing breaths, I looked to the girl struggling in my arms and smiled. She was so pretty with her flawless, smooth, creamy skin, and she smelled so divine. I gave her one more squeeze before I used one of my paws to grab her burnt hand and bring it to my face. I closed my eyes with her charged fingers in front of me, honing in in the sensual overload I was experiencing a the moment. The smell of burned human flesh and the sound of the little girl whimpering was coupled amazingly with the feel of Sharia's tongue and the lewd sound of her voracious slurping. I moaned loudly, wishing deep in my heart that I could stay here forever, as I brought the little girls delectably smelling digits to my smiling mouth.
With with my eyes still closed, I let my long, rough tongue snake out and wrap tenderly around one of the girls fingers before drawing it slowly into my maw. I held her hand steady and suckled on her seared flesh, her unique taste filling my muzzle as my saliva washed over her tiny morsel of a finger. I let my jaws close slightly, my teeth coming to rest heavily in the little girls knuckle joint.
I had meant to take her first finger of slowly, to bath in the sound of her screaming and slowly let the coppery taste of blood fill my maw. I meant to, but Sharia's tongue changed that as it delved into my depth, the fleshy organ twisting and contorting in the most amazing of ways. Her probing made me gasp and bite down in ecstasy, effectively severing the human child's finger. The girl screamed and cried, her body and arms pushing and wreathing, as I slowly rolled her finger around in my maw. Her sweet blood complimented the taste of cooked skin nicely and made the feeling of Sharia's ravishing tongue so much more gratifying.
I gave the finger in my maw a few more turns with my tongue before swallowing it down and bringing her hand back up to my mouth. The next finger was removed swiftly, more for the sound of her young high pitched screams then for the actual need to feed, though the feeling of her digit sliding down my throat was an added bonus. Each one of her screams made the next lap of that human tongue on my sensitive folds that much more pleasurable.
After all her tasty digits were devoured, I began to gently lick at the little girls face. Her soft skin was now marinaded in her salty tears, making for a most excellent flavor. Her taste coupled with the look on her pained face made it feel as if each drag of my tongue was licking youth itself. It felt as if I was holding innocence between my arms, to hold and cuddle and bite at my own discretion. As if each taste I got of the tiny doll in my grasp was a bite out of her childhood, and that, that is why I loved this place. Here, not even the innocent could hide from my hunger and my lusts.
I began to lightly nip at her skin as I turned my head, wondering at what Nalia was doing. To my complete surprise she was... Well, doing more than a good job with the human. She had pinned Chara with her head hovering over the humans exposed crotch an was licking at Chara's vagina vigorously. The pinned human, who looked more happy then fearful, was eagerly returning the favor, her head raised up and tongue outstretched to meet my daughters folds. Each child was licking as if their lives depended on it, their young tongues sliding rapidly over each others love tunnel in a surprisingly passionate embrace. I could see how close little Nalia was as her body trembled and from the little trails of blood that could be seen from where her claws had extended into the humans legs from her clenching paws.
The sight was... Very arousing, to say the least. I watched the two girls wreath against each other as I myself continued to be ravaged by Sharia's tongue, my peak quickly approaching. I squeezed the girl in my arms closer to my body and drew her young mouth close to mine before kissing her deeply, my long tongue invading the depths if her quivering mouth. Slowly I began to hump into Sharia's persistent licks, trying to plunge as much of that gloriously wet, undulating tongue as deep inside of my body as I possibly could. Each time she probed her tongue inside me to massage my innermost depths, I felt a jolt of pure euphoria shoot through my body.
I heard soft grunting and then loud panting coming from the pair of Young girls, and, upon glancing over, saw as Nalia hit her peak. She huffed in a deep breath before leaning her head back and uttering a small, cute roar as she came. She pushed herself back until her tiny vagina was all but smothering the human girl underneath her. Nalia's paws clenched even harder causing her claws to go from making tiny streams of blood to large wide gashes in Chara's legs and thighs. I could hear as the tiny human struggling for breath as her screams of pain were muffled by my daughters clenching sex.
That was more then enough to push me over the edge, my orgasm hitting like a freight train. I removed one paw from around the little girl in my arms and placed it on the back of Sharia's head. I pushed her down as I thrust my hips up, snugly smashing her head against my crotch as I humped frantically into her face. I could hear her groan in disparity as she was held firmly to my gushing tunnel, my female essence spilling onto her face and into her open mouth. I closed my eyes as I continued to kiss the little girl passionately, my tongue dancing gracefully around her long muscle and slathering against her inner mouth. As I continued to hump her mothers face, I slowly pulled the little girls tongue into my mouth, my teeth pressing firmly against the thickest part of her organ. I opened my eyes and saw the beautiful eyes of the girl who was staring so fearfully at me, obviously remembering the fate that befell her sister. I took a deep breath, squeezed the girl tightly against my chest, and then bit down.
The scream she emitted was by far the best one yet. So full was it of pain and desperation that I couldn't help but purr my satisfaction. Her mouth flooded with her blood and mixed with our combined saliva before I quickly swallowed it down along with her still quivering severed tongue, shivering at her divine taste. Her entire body struggled with a new found vigor in an attempt to get out of my crushing grip, much like her mothers struggle to pull away from my smothering hold of her head. Both the females struggled and wreathed against my body in a way that pushed my orgasmic bliss to new heights.
I held both of the females firmly against my body until my orgasm slowly died down. I released Sharia's head and she quickly pulled away and gasped for breath, her eyes wide with shock and fear at what had just transpired. She quickly crawled backwards until her back was, once again, in the corner as she stared at me and my newest toy. Slowly, I pulled my mouth from the little human girls, audibly swallowing that last bit of blood I had let pool in my mouth. Her delicate face was quivering and fresh tears streaked across her face as she quickly gulped in an effort to prevent from drowning on her own blood.
I chuckled a bit as I looked at her face. Two small streams of red streaked from the corners of her mouth and gave her a rather amusing appearance. I raise the white paw that I had held her mother with up to her face and rubbed a finger across one of the streams and then tenderly against her cheek. She uttered a tiny sob at my touch, a small bit of her blood escaping her mouth to land wetly across my chest and seep into my fur.
Slowly I rolled over until I was hovering above her and stared into her eyes. After a moment, I scooted down and lowered my head until it rested against one of her outstretched thighs. I slowly began to lick her, my tongue tenderly scraping against her sensitive skin until it passed over her tiny vagina. She uttered a tiny whimper as my tongue probed her depths, her body to weak from blood loss to do much more then shift her weight and cringe. After a few passes, I moved up to lap tenderly at her hips. Periodically, I would nip at her skin, taking small pieces of her flesh into my mouth to chew fondly before swallowing. After each bite I would tenderly lap a her wound until the small lacerations stopped bleeding, before moving up her body.
I kept licking and biting the small girl until I had reached her neck. Glancing up at her face, I saw that her color had completely drained telling my that my time with my precious doll was swiftly coming to an end. I slowly lowered my head down until my muzzle touched her soft, warm neck. I the began to lick her, a purr forming in my throat as I slid my tongue across her throat. Her pulse was still present as I lapped at her vulnerable neck, the little girl still fighting. She uttered a small whimper when I licked the underside of her chin, her eyes focusing in my and drilling into my own.
"Don't worry my precious little doll." I told her as I hovered over her prone body. "It will be over soon. You have been such a great little toy for me, such a good little girl. Oh and how you taste! I will definitely devour your flesh first once you die, my dear. You may pass knowing that your delicious body will make this cat very, very happy." I smiled as I gazed fondly into those mesmerizing eyes, trying to remember every vivid detail before they faded, the color draining and the pupils glossing over with the coming of death.
She moaned softly before shakily lifting her unbitten hand up and placing it softly in my muzzle. The smallest of smiles graced her beautifully tiny face before she huffed her last breath, her hand falling heavily to the ground beside her. Her eyes stared lifelessly at me, her vacant gaze forever unmoving.
Sighing, I slowly stood up and dusted my self off. Looking around I spied Nalia lapping at several puncture wounds in Chara's neck, her tiny feline face showing nothing but happiness and contentment. Catching my gaze, she stood up and walked over to me and gave me a large hug.
"Thank you mommy!" She said, rubbing her red stained muzzle into my stomach and smearing my white fur with blood. "This was so much fun!"
"Oh yes honey, it truly is a gift." I replied returning my daughters hug, glad to have made my cub so happy. "Eat your fill darling. Wee need to get home before it is too late. We don't want your father to worry."
"OK mommy," she said before giving me a dastardly grin. "But I think you just want some alone time with daddy."
"Honey, lets not... Mention that to your father." I said groans slightly to myself. " Le it be out little secret, OK?"
"OK!" Nalia said excitedly before walking over to the deceased baby.
After we ate as much human as we could stand, Nalia and I made our way to the door of the room. As I opened the door, I saw Nalia quickly turn around and walk towards Sharia who was huddled in a corner.
"Thank you miss Sharia for the meal!" She said to the woman before walking forward and hugging her. The woman only stared in utter shock as my daughter nuzzled against her neck briefly before returning to my side. I gave her a soft pat on the head and smiled proudly at my cub as we left, leaving the room to the sobbing mother and what remained of her four beautiful children.

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