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I'm looking for any stuff where a monster or beast cums so much/hard in a girl she bursts.

That or anything where the girl gets her head bitten off.

Both of those just do something for me for some reason.


I did a long search for any hentai that could contain guro a while ago, you can find all that I've found in the thread I linked.
I think I forgot to link devilman and violence jack, but those don't contain the stuff you mentioned as far as I'm aware.
I'd suggest using saucenao to search for the gifs that you may already have, to find the anime source.




Doesn't have to just be anime either. I've searched through most and gotten what I'm pretty sure exists.

Manga is where I'm haaving trouble searching since there's an awful lot of it.

Death Panda is a great one but other than that I haven't had much luck.


Heads bitten off? There's one I'm looking for as well. Do you know it's name? It's some girl with a monster holding her, her arms are already ripped off, then it bites off her head. It's memorable because it has a nice super up close shot of her eye as the monsters teeth are a fraction of an inch away.


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The one you're thinking of is a resident evil one. I don't remember the name, but it's on E Hentai, so search there for RE + guro and you'll find it.





Holy shit! Thanks! I've been wondering what this was for like... 12 fucking years.


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