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I can't recall the name, but it was about a prisoner forced to scout a weird alien entity that had attacked a colony of miners. What it was is a weird alien worm that assimilates the women and breaks them down into pretty much just vital organs, and uses their wombs to birth young. They exist in a mind realm of their own control that slowly gets more and more twisted and depraved.

I couldn't find the story looking through this board, /lit/, and any archive I could find. Anyone who saved it I would appreciate a link.


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I really wish there was a better archive for /lit/.


I'm the author of that story (It was called Heather, the cradle of life, by the way). If you are still interested let me know via email (right there up in the name) and I will send you the full story in pdf. And yes, the /lit/ archive is crappy as hell.

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